Today was the day that we bid Isle Esme farewell for another year. Neither of us were too sad, though; to us, a year was like a few months to humans. We'd be back in a blink. I sighed and clutched my wonderful wife to my side.

"All ready?" I asked her.

"Yep," she answered. She tried to be cheerful, but I could hear the tone of regret in her voice.

I lifted her chin so that she was looking at me. "Are you sad, precious love?"

She shook her head. "No…it's just…just that I'll miss the comforting privacy. I'll miss spending a few hours when it's just us."

Knowing exactly what she meant, but at the same time believing that she was just overreacting, I chuckled. "Our cottage isn't that bad, is it?" I asked her. "Look at it this way – Jasper and Alice don't even have their own private place, only a room! Neither do Emmett and Rosalie, nor Carlisle and Esme. We're extremely lucky."

Taking my hand, she nodded. "We'll come back here next year, right?"

No longer able to rein in my need, I kissed her fiercely. "I wouldn't dream of doing so otherwise," I murmured against her lips. "This will be our tradition."

She seemed satisfied, and sighed, taking one last glance of the house. "I sure am going to miss this place…but there's no place like home, right?"

I laughed. "Right," I agreed.

Just like a gentleman – I chuckled silently at the term – I carried all of our luggage with one hand and took Bella in my other arm. We all got into the small boat and set out back to Rio. It was slightly overcast today, so we shouldn't have any trouble going to our flight unnoticed. Bella leaned against my shoulder contentedly. We both looked at Isle Esme, disappearing into the distance.

"Guess what, Edward?" she whispered.


She locked both her arms around my neck and forced my lips on hers. "I love you."

"As I love you," I replied, my mouth caressing hers in gentle, tender, passionate ways. "I will always love you."

Our lips stayed on each other's for the remainder of our boat trip, and my hands – hers as well – locked into each other's hair.

I quickly returned our boat, wanting to spend as little time without shelter as possible. When I was back at Bella's side, we had no problem flagging down a taxi. In the vehicle, we maintained a slightly distant physical relationship, only holding hands. The taxi driver, a young man in his early twenties, glowered at me with death in his eyes. Stupid, young boy, I bet he's not even eighteen. He was right…and wrong on that statement. How could she be with him? He spotted my wedding ring. Ugh! They're United States-ens, they must be here on their honeymoon! And so his thoughts became more and more disturbing. I cringed.

When we got to the airport, I threw a wad of bills at the driver, and told him to keep the change. My nerves were at an end, and that made my English accent creep strongly into my normally decent Portuguese.

Of course, I forgot about my irritation as soon as soon as her lips were on mine, and my brain was incapable of any coherent thinking until I heard our flight come up.

"We'll continue this later," I promised.

Our return flight was like the coming one; only we had an excellent seat this time. We were in the back window seat. The passenger in front of us was sleeping most of the time, and the one to the right of us always had headphones plugged in to his laptop.

I engaged in much heavier make-out sessions than on the coming trip, too. She would always be in my arms, and I would always kiss her. Sometimes she'd allow me to receive a glimpse of her mind, and it would always be filled with her overflowing love for me. I always thought myself so lucky. She wanted me. That concept was still hard to wrap my mind around, and Alice had smacked me and called me an idiot a good many times for that.

Our flight was smooth, and before we knew it – our preoccupation helped – we were back home. The whole family was waiting there, plus Jacob. Nessie ran to us with her arms outstretched.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

Bella and I drowned in our daughter's embrace. "Oh, Nessie," Bella crooned. "I've missed you too, sweetie."

We were home.

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