Snape's song
Part 13
The oddly talented Miss Rose
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The 20th May. Voldemort still had control, Snape was headmaster, the order were less and Harry Potter was still on the run. Somethings didn't change. But life for one young witch did. A loud scream came from a room in St. Muggo's hospital, followed by a baby crying. A man in black robes arrived outside the door and could just see a young mother with a baby in her arms, wrapped in a pink blanket. She had a daughter and he was her father and he could but look in from afar at his wife and child, knowing she wouldn't have the strength to do what he had suggested,

"He'll use our baby against us. One way or another one of us is sure to die in-front of her. Neither of us want that. I think we should give him or her up. At least until the war is over,"

Rose had hated that idea. It caused many arguments and nights were, although she had returned to him, he ended up on the sofa. But the closer and larger Rose became, the more she thought and the more she realized, he was right. A baby was a baby, not a tool to be used for Blackmail.

Rose looked up and saw just for a moment, Snape's dark eyes shine with pride until he vanished from view. She held her new baby close to her in comfort and protection, as friends entered one by one to give her their best wishes. However nobody was prepared for what happened to the baby next. Rose over a period of around a week, clothed her and wrapped her up well, even gave her a name 'Jasmine Eileen Snape', but took her to what she knew as 'somewhere safe' with a note addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Hunter about her situation, knowing that they would not be able to turn their backs on their only, first grandchild.

Unfortunately for Rose, she got caught outside the house by her mother. She saw her estranged daughter and the baby in her arms. To begin with she expected the worst,

"I knew that man..." she began.

"Please! We're in danger and I can't bring her into it. Her name is Jasmine. I need you to move far away and keep moving. There is money in the bag for you all to keep moving every two weeks. You mustn't stay any longer, anywhere. Severus and I have decided we will take the wrap for keeping her away, even if it means our lives, because they aren't important anymore. Please. Take her and go!" ordered Rose.

She didn't give her mother chance. She left her holding the baby and ran a few yards before vanishing. She made a long journey to Hogwarts and ran around the school because it was chaos. The teachers and pupils were rebelling against the death-eaters, including Snape,

"Minerva!" cried Rose.

Snape and McGonagall turned to Rose in shock. They both thought the same thing at the same time and spoke together,

"The baby?"

"I gave her up to save her. To save my family from anymore pain and suffering," replied Rose.

"You agreed?" asked Snape.

"You were right. We're in enough trouble between us without involving our child," replied Rose.

"What trouble? Rose what are you talking about?" asked McGonagall.

Rose calmly walked to Snape's side and put her arm around his and turned to him before kissing him on the lips before the head of Gryffindor's eyes. She then turned back to her,

"I've never left him and never stopped loving him. Because he didn't just murder Albus Dumbledore, but I'm the only one alive who knows this other than him," replied Rose.

McGonagall raised her wand at them both. Rose refused to fight her and made it clear. However Snape wasn't ready to die, least of all by the hand of a Gryffindor. He took them both through the window, and Rose thought he was going to kill them both, however she noticed that they were flying into the grounds, were they could not be seen,

"Severus! You never told me..." began Rose.

"We're wanted. He will want to know where she is. We both decided this, so we will both be punished, rather severely I don't doubt," added Snape.

Rose followed her husband to Voldemort's presence. They both bowed and Voldemort glared at them both,

"Well? Where is your child? I trust everything went well?" he asked.

"Thank you my Lord, however my wife and I decided that now wasn't the right time to play the parents. We have hidden her, my daughter until the war is over. The Order are getting worse, they know about Rose after the battle at Hogwarts," replied Snape.

Voldemort glared at Rose,

"McGonagall was going to kill him. I had to do something to move her away from him..." she began.

"You need not have troubled yourself," began Voldemort.

Rose saw there was a snake on the ground and how it began to slither towards them. Rose took out her wand but Snape wrapped his hand around her wrist. He was ready to die,

"Wise move Severus, you see this is nothing personal, though I am disappointed with your decision involving your daughter. However that is not the reason for your death. You see this wand won't work for me, but it will work for the one who killed the previous owner..."

Snape turned to Rose, her defenses lowered and she saw something that shocked her. He wanted her to kill him before the snake killed him. She shook her head and started to weep. Voldemort rolled his eyes at the display of such emotion. Snape then looked at her, almost crying himself and said,


Knowing she was sealing her own fate and without knowing that she was being watched, Rose managed to hex Voldemort from stopping her and flung the snake across the room, before turning her wand to Snape, who smiled at her,

"Do it. If you do it...I'll know I've been with the right one," he said.

"I'm struggling...but I made a promise a few months ago. I love you...AVADA KEDAVRA!" cried Rose.

The Gryffindors were shocked where they were hiding. Voldemort cancelled out the green light and raised his wand,

"With him gone, I have no obligation to keep you alive. Least of all after your little display," began Voldemort.

Rose didn't look at him, her eyes were fixed on Snape's body. He didn't look at all shocked or scared, he looked satisfied. Rose still didn't look at him as she spoke,

"You know, being a spy with death-eaters taught me one out for yourself. This war isn't over yet- Tom Riddle! And I'll be damned if I'm done fighting it!" she snarled.

Rose turned Snape's ring into a portkey, knowing were it would take her to being with. Voldemort tried to kill her but he didn't get very far before she was gone,

"Avada....! NO! Rose Snape! I will get you! You will not be the one the elder wand responds to!" he cried.

As Rose travelled to Spinner's End, the trio were confused about Rose's status and state of mind. Harry was forced into a flash back, the incidents that had occurred reminded him of last summer. It was then he realized that Dumbledore wasn't begging for his life, he was begging for his death, just like Snape had done,

"She had no choice. He didn't want to die at Voldemort's hand and he didn't want him to have the elder wand at full power. Snape just helped us, Rose..." began Harry.

"Is brilliant, but a pumpkin less of pumpkin juice," added Ron.

Meanwhile Rose was heading back to Hogwarts. As far as she was concerned, Professor McGonagall could do to her as she pleased. A thought going through her mind was, what to tell Jasmine when she was older. She had killed her father, a mercy killing, but a killing none the less. Some how she had to get the elder wand from Voldemort. But what came next, Rose didn't know. Harry could kill her and use it for himself to defeat Voldemort, but some how she couldn't see that happening, unless she baited him. Baited him to hate her just like Snape had done many times. It was a plan. The only plan she had left. Although the thought of her daughter being orphaned hurt her more than ever as she reached the burst gates of Hogwarts and took out her wand and aimed it at every black-cloaked, masked figure she could see, until as she expected, Professor McGonagall attacked her and looked ready to curse her were she stood, against a wall on the second floor,

"Where is he?" she snarled.

"Dead. Dead for this side of the war. Voldemort has the elder wand that belonged to Dumbledore. Who killed Dumbledore? Severus did. But Voldemort didn't kill him. We made sure that Voldemort didn't have ultimate power," replied Rose.

"Then who did kill Severus?" she asked.

"I did. I'm the one the elder wand will respond to. Do you know what this means?" asked Rose.

"Potter has to kill you...Rose..." began Professor McGonagall, lowering her wand.

"It's too late. We made up our minds. But I will ask that you take care of finding my daughter when this is over. I don't want her raised by my parents. Do you understand?" asked Rose.

Professor McGonagall nodded and let her young friend and widow go. Rose went tearing all over Hogwarts looking for Harry Potter. She had searched what felt like the whole castle, until she went back to find that she had been too late. Voldemort told them that Harry Potter was dead,

"And now that I'm can also give up the life of Rose Snape!" ordered Voldemort.

Rose saw someone in the crowed, who she had never forgotten. The origional Jasmine Gibbs, her best friend looked confused until eventually she caught her eye, as Rose stepped forward, many tried to stop her but Jasmine stared at her in amazement,

"Rose? married him? When? How? Don't give up now!" she begged.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. We had a daughter, I named her after you. But I think I need to bow out gracefully. I've done a lot of growing up since Umbridge was slicing my hand open," said Rose.

She continued to walk over to the death-eaters. She took her time and her wand was loose in her hand, ready for surrender. She looked upon Harry's body which had come with them and then to Voldemort,

"It should have been him. I'd have welcomed it more if Harry would have killed me for the death stick," she said.

"You went to great lengths to stop me, an almost valuble apponant, if not for the fact you are but a mud-blood. A murdering mud-blood," added Voldemort.

"Like you said, I'd go to any length to stop you. My efforts are not in vain. Death stick or not, you'll never win," said Rose.

She was watching Harry get up and the grip on her wand tightened for a moment. Voldemort saw this and smirked,

"Are you going to fight for your life?" he asked.

Harry looked at her and no one spoke. She cast her wand aside and looked through Voldemort. Harry took a wand from a near by body and she smiled and nodded, Voldemort assumed it was to him and did nothing,

"You know it's the right thing to do. With me gone, you have the power to end this war. It's just my life standing in your way. Just take the wand after you've done," she said.

Harry nodded in understanding. Meanwhile Voldemort smirked and looked at her wand, assuming that was what she meant,

"I don't think so. My regards to your husband when you see him in the land of the dead...once I win this war...I will find your daughter," he said.

"I doubt that. Special arrangements have been already made. Just as now. You really shouldn't under-estimate anyone who is less than half blood. We get rather reckless. Now. I'm ready if you are, make it quick but mean it...because I know what my husband went through because of your precious family Harry Potter! Do it now! Go on Potter! What's the matter? Just like your father! Severus said he was all mouth! Wonder how long it really took for him to be able to get your mother to conceive you?" asked Rose.

"You're baiting me!" cried Harry.

Voldemort turned to him in shock. Rose glared at him,

"If I live, he wins. They say you have the power to kill the dark lord, when you can't even take out me! You are weak Potter!" shouted Rose.

"Rose stop it!" cried Jasmine.

Rose turned to her friend and smiled and winked, before she turned back to Harry, who was fuming by this point,

"I'm not weak!" bellowed Harry.

"Then prove it! Make the death stick yours Potter! End the war and prove to us all that you are worthy of that prophesy!" cried Rose.

Harry raised his wand and Rose took a full glare of green light to her chest and crumbled to the floor, dead before her head even touched the floor. Jasmine struggled against many to get to her friend as the final part of the war broke out. Voldemort was defeated as Harry was able to aquire the death stick and all of the parts of his soul had been destroyed. Professor McGonagall, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Jasmine paid their respects to Rose, all finally realizing that she had been just as bigger war hero as anyone,

"To kill an enemy to end a war is one thing, but to kill someone you love and sacrifice yourself...I had no idea such courage existed even in a Gryffindor," said McGonagall.

"What about her daughter? Where is she?" asked Harry.

"Rose knew that you had to kill her. She told me to find her parents and take her from them after the war. I am too old to raise a child. She made it plain that she was not to be raised with muggles," replied McGonagall.

Jasmine looked at Rose and remembered what she had said. Rose had told her what to do and she hadn't realized it. Jasmine took a deep breath and looked at the old woman,

"When you find her, I'll take her. Rose told me to, that's why she gave her my name. Because I'd be sure to find her and realize who she was if ever I came across her. Rose was quite clever really, she just never wanted to show how until recently. I hope she is happy with Snape now. She deserves it, she deserves eternal happiness," she said.

"I'd like to help raise her, help out. Snape and I might have hated each other, but now I know why he did what he for Rose, I'll never meet anyone quite like her. Give her this, she knows how to insult a guy," said Harry.

Jasmine smiled warmly at the memory of her friend and how she had known her growing up,

"You got off lightly. You should have heard her one time with Roger Davis. Never heard so many swear words and interesting insults in my life," she said.

"Ron comes close sometimes," added Hermione.

"Hey!" protested Ron.

Jasmine and Professor McGonagall went to find Rose's parents. A copy of the Daily Prophet had been sent to find them. They could only hope that they were aware that the war was over and the same for Rose and Snape's lives. However when they arrived at the family home, Mrs. Hunter invited them in very calmly,

"Just feeding my grand-daughter. I don't know what my Rose was talking about danger..." she began.

The older Jasmine looked at the baby in a moses basket and smiled at her, then looked up in confusion at her late friend's mother,

"Mrs. Hunter, the war is over now. Not long after Rose gave you the baby...did you not receive the paper?" asked Jasmine.

"I stopped reading it when it was all about that Harry Potter boy...where is Rose? And her husband? I really should give him a chance..." began Mrs. Hunter.

Jasmine had to leave the room and let Professor McGonagall explain what had happened to Rose. When she re-entered the room, Mrs. Hunter was hysterical and Professor McGonagall modified her memory out of pity for the woman and Jasmine took the baby from the house and decided to make her self known as 'Auntie Jaz' to save any confusion,

"I won't betray Rose's memory by pretending to be her mother Professor, until she is older, Jasmine will simply know that her parents died in the war, just like Ted Lupin's," said Jasmine.

Professor McGonagall nodded in agreement of her young friend's decision and many came to see the young Snape child, providing clothes and money for her to help her guardian. Harry, Ron and Hermione became part of her family and Jasmine Snape grew into a fine, young Hogwarts' pupil who belonged to Slytherin as the sorting hat told her,

'A mind worthy of your father's- SLYTHERIN!'

Jasmine was about to leave Hogwarts before she learned the whole truth about Rose and Severus Snape, their relationship and their death was an amazement and comfort to her, that they had died to protect her from a world that could have been ruled by Voldemort,

"Auntie Jaz...killing is wrong but Mum and Dad...their deaths were for a good cause. Isn't that how everybody would want to die?" she asked.

"That's how Harry justifies his actions every single day. He saw Snape kill Albus Dumbledore and your mother kill your father. To begin with he didn't understand it like you do, but you have two brilliant minds rolled into one. However when your mother turned to him and insulted him and begged for her death in order to stop that war, he finally understood that it had to be done. Her death crushed us all, but she had done a lot in her young life. But the best thing she left behind, I am talking to now," said Jasmine senior.

Young Jasmine found her way for the first time to her parent's grave-side, deep in Hogwarts ground next to Albus Dumbledore. She brought Black roses, after seeing pictures of Snape in black, it only seemed fitting. With more understanding than ever, Jasmine traced the letters on the stone:


Severus and Rose Snape

Husband and wife

Mother of Jasmine Eileen Snape

Heroes of the second war

'Sacrifices that saved the world from darkness'.