"I'm guessing you don't understand the situation, Suzaku. I'm dead, remember?! I just can't spring out from the Underworld!"

"Emperor Suzaku, please talk some sense. It is getting quite annoying." C.C groaned. "You can't ask him to become Emperor again. It's impossible."

"I just can't do it anymore, you guys. I'm old and I get tired easily." Suzaku made a puppy face which caused all the wrinkles to come back.

"You have children. Make them do it!" Lelouch bellowed.

"I only have daughters."

"Well, get them married!" C.C sighed. This was getting too complicating. Lelouch would never be Emperor, not again. He had family now, and that is his number one duty.

"Lelouch… you created this…character. You are responsible for it now. None of my heirs are qualified to do it. Only you are."

Lelouch closed his eyes and to think. Suzaku was right. He did create Zero for the people. Now, he needed to finish what he started… even if it meant going back to the government. Lelouch shuttered at the thought.

C.C. scoffed. She knew her husband very well. He would never agree to such an unintelligent command.

She took a break from looking at her nails, and turned her focus onto her partner. Well?! Why wasn't he answering? Isn't obvious that it was impossible to be Zero again?

"Lelouch…answer Suzaku." C.C got all suspicious. He already told her that he can never be Zero again. He told her that he was sick of pretending, lying, and killing people for power.

Lelouch fell silent. Suzaku continued sipping his tea.

C.C glared at the Emperor. It seemed like if he knew what Lelouch was going to say. Like he was going to agree to his demands. She walked over to her husband and put her arms around his neck.

"You can't be Zero anymore." She whispered in his ear. "We have to go back to our cottage."

Lelouch still didn't answer her.

"Leloooouch." C.C grumbled at his silence. "Tell the Emperor that you can't do it."

Lelouch reached for her hands that around his neck and dropped them to her sides. "C.C…. I.. think we have to go back."

C.C smiled. Of course he would refuse. They were a married couple now, and they deserved to live quietly and happily together for the rest of their lives. "Let's go back right now." She whispered again.

Suzaku suddenly laughed. "C.C I don't think you and Lelouch are on the same page."C.C snapped her head toward the old man and glared. "I know him better than you do. Don't ever think for a second that he is going to agree with you."

Suzaku raised his eyebrows. "You know that I could arrest you for snapping at the Emperor?" He broke into a big smile.

"I don't care, Suzaku. Take both of us back now."

Suzaku didn't stop laughing. "I don't think Lelouch meant your home, C.C. Maybe he was thinking about home as in…" he pointed to the ground. "here."

"Bullshit." C.C turned her head back, grabbed his left hand, and headed toward the door. "Let's go."

"Wait." Lelouch finally spoke. "C.C, I can't go back."

C.C still didn't turn away from the door, but she breathed really heavily at his response. "You promised that you were going to start a family with me."

"I promised you that because I knew that it was the only thing I could say to make you my wife, C.C."

"Soooooo?" she turned to him. "I'm still married to you."

"You and I both know that we can't start a family. You can't birth a child, sweetie." Lelouch lightly smiled to lighten the mood.

"THEN WE'LL ADOPT!" C.C screamed to the top of her voice box. "You promised me that you would never ever be Zero again."

"C.C., I have no choice." Lelouch groaned.

"Of course you have a damn choice! You and I could walk away from this right now." C.C marched toward her husband. She calmly held his hands. "You and me… our cottage… it was everything you and I wished for since 50 years ago."

"Suzaku doesn't have a male heir. He needs my help." He tightened his grip on her hands. "Our help. Our duty to the government and the nation."

"NO." she snatched her hands away and bit her lips in anger. "You and I are going back. Pretending that this never ever happened."

"We can't forget the real reason of the existence of Zero, C.C. You and I created him together.""You created him because you wanted revenge on Charles and you thirsted for power." She rudely poked him on the chest.

"That's not true. I created him because I wanted to protect the innocent people, like Nunnally."

"Everyone is safe! This is the Golden Age! No wars, no fighting…, no nothing. The world doesn't need you right now. It needs Suzaku and his heirs."

"They are not suitable for these roles, C.C. I want to protect them. They are the only family I have."

C.C. lightly stroked his cheeks. "I'm the only family you'll need."

"I can't…"

The, C.C. loudly slapped him across the face and left the room.

"That went well." Suzaku commented as soon as she left.


"Uncle Lwu Lwu!" Catherine screamed while running down the long hallway as fast as she could.

"Catherine!" Lelouch spread his arms and caught Catherine again. "I missed you my baby." Lelouch cooed while giving her a wet kiss.

Catherine happily laughed. "Stoaaaap!"

Lelouch laughed along with her. It's been 2 weeks since him and his wife came to visit the grand family. C.C. was gone ever since she left the doors of Suzaku's office. Some people suggested to call the police, but the Emperor and the former Zero knew that she could take care of herself anywhere.

"Catherine?" He called the cute baby in his arms.

"Yes?" She looked up smiling more happily that her gorgeous grand-uncle called for her.

"Where is your grandmother?"

"Gwanny?" Catherine tilted her head.

"Yes." Lelouch grabbed her tiny hands and kissed each finger. "Could you tell me where Granny is?"Catherine sourly pouted. "I don't know whar she is. She's hiding!" the girl placed her index finger to her lips and whispered. "Shhh. I'm nwot allowed to twell."

Lelouch cleared his throat. She did know where, but she was ordered not to tell anybody. What possibly was wrong with Nunnally? Was Suzaku and his daughters ashamed to show her?

"Catherine, if you tell me where she is, then I would do anything for you."

"Mama said no. I am a good girwl. I hab to listen!" she threw her arms in the air and covered her eyes.

"Catherine." Lelouch chuckled deeply. "I need to find her. I have to see her before I go."

The Baby girl frowned, but then smiled few seconds later. She wiggled signaling her uncle to put her down and ran toward the direction they were heading.

"Catherine!" Lelouch yelled after her. "Come back!"

After chasing Catherine down for few halls, Lelouch needed some time to breath.

"Catherine, you've got your grandfather's power legs…." he groaned while his heart rate was slowing down. When he looked up, white grand doors that reached to the ceiling greeted him. When Lelouch Vi Britannia lived here, he used this room. Lelouch sighed heavily at the memories when everything seemed normal.

Stunned that Catherine led him to this room, he grabbed the long knob and pushed slightly. Just as he remembered, the room was very bright of sunlight. It was one of the reasons Nunnally and him always fought about when they were younger because they both wanted this room.

"Gwanny?" Catherine poked in also and called for her grandmother.

"C-Catherine…" a weak voice came from the direction of the bright windows.

The wild girl who loved to run approached the weak voice carefully and quietly as if it was a beautiful rare bird calling for her.

Lelouch carefully followed her. She understood commands very well. He was proud that it ran in the family.

When Lelouch took a careful step with less noise as possible. He was able to glance at Nunnally, his sister's face.

Lelouch's breathing stopped for a while when he saw her face.

Nunnally's golden hair was bleached with white with wrinkles severally on her forehead. He was wearing a pink gown with a crown in her hair to match it. She truly looked like a princess even though she was almost in her 70's. She was sitting on a grand chair that faced the beautiful garden outside. Judging by the movements of Catherine, it was obvious that Nunnally was unable to move. Rather than jumping up and down obnoxiously, she sat on the floor right in front of her.

Lelouch hid behind the chair which was tall enough to cover his whole height. His tears spill as he listened to Nunnally talk to her grandchild. What does he have to do now? Should he turn away and forget this meeting or face her like a brother who loves her dearly. Suzaku didn't want her to find out he was alive, but C.C thought it was the right thing to let her know that her brother isn't dead. She was right. Nunnally never knew the whole truth about himself and his life. She deserved to know after all these years.

Lelouch finally turned around to face the Queen face-to-face. To cover his tearing eyes, he kneeled down before her and faced the ground.

"Hello, young man." Nunnally happily greeted him. "Catherine, is he your friend?"

Catherine giggled loudly. "He is mwy uncle!"

"Uncle?" Nunnally sounded confused.

Lelouch slowly raised his head up and their eyes made contact. The ultimate Zero couldn't stop crying. He should've stayed with Nunnally all this time… he should've never left her.

Nunnally noticed the tears in his eyes and offered him her handkerchief. "Here you go, my boy."

Lelouch frowned and raised his head to face her again.

Nunnally, do you not remember me? he desperately thought in his mind. It seemed that the Queen's eyesight was fine.

Seconds passed by and minutes. Lelouch stood up and held her hand. "Nunnally, it's me. Your brother…"