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This plot came to me while doing homework so naturally I stopped what I was doing and just started to type. I'm going to fail if I keep this outlook but it's too hard to stop once I have an idea! So yeah, once again I have idea where this plot is going and will be fleshing it out while I should be concentrating on everything else in my life.

The title is from the song I'm listening to right now that I figure works for this story more or less. You should check it out :) 'I Dare You To Move'. I might change the name if I have a poetic brainwave but it's unlikely.

On with the story!!!

Cold. It's so fucking cold.

These are the only thoughts running through the mind of the young man lying in the deserted alleyway. He lies completely still just out of view of the street. Not that this matters anyway, since it had started raining not ten minutes ago and people with half a brain cell had all ran to the nearest shelter.

This doesn't mean he is lacking common sense, quite the opposite actually – he is a natural born genius. So really, he knew the fact he has been lying in the rain for so long (an hour? Two? He can't be sure) is one of the stupidest things he had done to date and really, he should get his idiot arse home.

But he can't… Move that is.

Unfortunately, the young man's train of broken thought (that nevertakes a bloody rest) turns full circle back to what transpired early on.

The clouds are rolling in now and the redheaded man curses no one in particular that he is nowhere near home. Or base. Whatever it was been called these days. He better get back soon, or the blond won't have any chocolate, the older raven-haired man will be lacking in his sugar and that bastard will have to deal with them.

Put the duo together and he is pretty much screwed. Despite what his inner-monologue may suggest, Matt actually quite likes the brunet bastard and it would be a shame for him to be killed by the others.

Entertaining yes, but not worth it.

The teen idly swings the carrier bag full of unhealthy foods as he walks down the fairly deserted pathway, humming the Mario theme tune randomly.

He doesn't know how he ended up being the one to make the trip to the store, but its really obvious now he thinks about it.

There are two possible reasons. First off, they could think he's the stupidest out of them all and thus should do the minor jobs. Second, it could be because he was playing his games and not actually working like the rest of them.

The blond wouldn't go because he would cause trouble without a doubt. The black haired man never went out and was technically the one doing most the work. The brunet wasn't allowed to go anyway unescorted because of reasons Matt wasn't supposed to know.

The redhead is pulled from his thoughts when he notices a shadow lurking at the mouth of an alleyway up ahead. Furrowing his brow, he carries on as if he hasn't noticed the impending danger, changing his hum to a more upbeat song whose name escapes him.

He supposes that it's meant to be a surprise mugging of some sort, but with the surprise being lost, Matt figures he can easily subdue the jerk-off and carry on his way.

He's at the alley opening when he realises how wrong he was, but it's too late now.

The shadow isn't alone. One man sucker-punches Matt straight in the face, catching him off guard and making him drop his precious bags of food. Before he can recover, the other giant kicks him in the gut and the redhead keels over coughing.

He tries to fight back, but it's been too long since his last street fight and Matt quickly discovers how far he has fallen physically. At some point, his goggles fall to his neck and he receives a fist to his face, one that will no doubt turn into a black eye. He manages to get a few lucky shots on the bastards but over all, the redhead can tell he's screwed.

He's knocked down on to the concrete when one of the men decides it must be over and picks up one of his fallen bags. At seeing the contents, he throws them to the floor in rage and stomps on the strawberry cake and dairy milk chocolate bars.

Matt can't help but imagine what the genius' would be doing if they had witnessed such a wrong doing upon their sweets, but the thought is quickly gone as the angry men step towards him. They can't be serious. It's not his fault that they didn't want his sweets, but he was going to pay for it huh? Not cool.

The smaller of the two (but he was by no means small- maybe as tall as himself. The other guy was just a fucking mountain in comparison) turns and whispers something in the giant's ear. Said giant gives the smaller a look that could only be described as horrified.

Oh shit. He knows this can't be good.

Matt considers making a feeble attempt at running. A coward's choice maybe but he really doesn't care at this point. Just as he gathers the courage to lift himself to his forearms, a heel comes down painfully on his back.

He cry's out in pain as he collapses back to the ground, making the man above him chuckle darkly. Matt opens one eye and looks to the giant. It's hard to make him out but he can see the clear grimace on his face – a sight that chills the redhead to the bone.

If this were on of his many games, Matt knows this would be the part where he gets an unexplainable power up and unlocks a new special skill to kill the enemy. Like any other protagonist would.

But this isn't a game. He has no super power, and even if it were a game, who's to say he would be the hero? No. He bitterly thinks about how he would be a sidekick at best.

The man's next words are spoken straight in his ear as his head is jerked upwards and his neck exposed. His eyes go wide at the hissed words and the redhead tries to feebly struggle, although to no avail as the man has a knee in his back to stop him escaping, and his arms are pinned beneath himself.

He darts furiously narrowed eyes to the man above him, turning fear to anger without so much as a thought. The admittedly handsome male just smirks and fucking pinches his cheek. Matt growls in response but goes silent in shock when the hand slaps him clear across the face.

He can't believe this is happening. He was going to the store for Christ's sake! A walk he has gone on countless times before without so much as a-

'Gamer, starin at that TV set

Play that, let me see that genesis

Gamer, starin at that TV set

Play that, I wanna that N.E.S-'

Matt freezes at the sound of his ringtone, along with the two assailants. He's been gone too long now and the others must be out of sweets, or worried. The man above him (now affectionately nicknamed Bastard) shoves a hand in the pocket of his coat and retrieves the bright red phone. Bastard observes it for a moment and glances at his prisoner. Upon seeing his face, Bastard seems to decide this might be fun and flips the mobile open, pressing the button to answer it and clamping a hand over Matt's face simultaneously.

"Hello?" He asks in a sickeningly sweet voice. There is a pause on the other end and Matt hopes for a minute Bastard will just hang up. Of course, he doesn't. He puts it on fucking loudspeaker.

The person on the other end of the phone can be heard loud and clear to the three in the alley. "I'm terribly sorry sir, I appear to have the wrong number." Light's voice is injected professionally with concern but Matt can tell the brunet is suspicious. He always answered his phone. He knew Light was too conceited to think he might have possibly dialled the wrong number.

"Well, who is it you're trying to contact?" Bastard asks without missing a beat.

"…His name is Ryuuzaki. I don't suppose this is his number?" Matt had to stop himself raising an eyebrow at the use of one of L's aliases. Couldn't he have been more creative? Matt didn't even LOOK like he was called Ryuuzaki. Oh well.

Bastard smirks at the redhead, "actually, this is his phone. Ryuu isn't available right now, mind if I take a message? I'll be sure to pass it on with the utmost care." Matt glares darkly at the black haired man and considers biting his hand, but restrains himself.

There's mumbling on the other end of the phone and he guesses the others are contemplating what's going on. It doesn't even take a minute for Light to formulate his reply, "Well it was nothing really. The kids are just getting irritable waiting for their surprise treat, please make sure to tell him to get the sweets could you?"

The two criminals look at the destroyed bags and strangely enough, the giant looks upset. Bastard just chuckles and replies with an ok before hanging up on the other young man. He takes his hand from Matt's face, his eyes gleaming, "Now then, where were we?"

The giant is looking really uncomfortable and Matt knows why. A cold hand is trailing itself down to places he REALLY doesn't want this guy to be touching. The thought of what he's planning on doing is enough to make the redhead want to gag and he almost does but stops himself in time.

Bastard turns to the giant and snaps at him to guard the alley and wait till he's done. He tries to buck the psycho off his body but it doesn't work and a lot of thrashing around and cursing finds Matt with his face crushed against the asphalt and the man working on his belt.

With his face flat against the ground, he let a few tears escape. They were merely a slice what was about to transpire…

Its at this point Matt forces himself not to think about the pain (unbearable, intruding, burning) and humiliation that he suffered (weak, pathetic, begging). Bastard has left his phone, threw it with a grin deep somewhere towards the back of the alley, and Matt can't bring himself to go get it.

If he moves, it'll hurt like hell. He knows this but he also knows he needs to get himself together. If he stays here he'll most probably die and that would be inconvenient because death is no fun and he lives for fun. It's what the games are for – fun, a challenge, and an escape.

After counting to ten in all the languages he can think of, he finally brings himself to roll over onto his back, triggering a chorus of throbbing pains. Rain pours down on his prone body but Matt doesn't mind because it washes some of the blood away. It takes a lot more counting and cursing before he decides the pain has subsided enough for him to get up. With a grunt, he pulls himself up the wall with gloved hands and stumbles into a rubbish bin before catching himself again.

Panting heavily, the redhead makes his way to where he thinks his phone might be and clutches around for it blindly. After finding the device, Matt has the joy of discovering the battery to be dead and shoves the offending device into his pocket once more.

Using the wall as support, the gamer limps to the street and looks around for any kind of help. Despite the road being deserted of any living being, various cars are parked along the roadside…

Technically, it won't be illegal if he brings it back. Besides, there was no way in fucking hell he was walking all that way to the base.

He surveys all the cars and decides that the closest car he could easily rewire is a beat up black thing that he can't get his fuzzed mind to identify the make of. He pulls his goggles back into place over his face, just in case anyone sees him.

It doesn't take long to hobble over to it and smash one of the windows to break in. Making quick work of the rewiring (his speciality isn't cars but he's not too shabby with them) the redhead climbs carefully into the drivers seat, hissing at the shot of pain up his spine.

God he needs a cigarette. Matt pulls off the side of the road and starts driving automatically towards L's skyscraper. He's starting to mentally freak out over everything so he shoves a hand in his bloodstained pocket and gets his pack of fags (1) to calm down.

Oh joy, there's only one left. Sullenly, he takes the cig straight from the box and throws the remaining cardboard somewhere to his right. He lights up with a flick of his wrist and takes a deep soothing drag. Ok, so now he can think mildly clearly Matt needs to decide on what to tell everyone else.

The truth? No. He knows the chances of Bastard being caught are slim to none. What's the point in embarrassing himself for no reason? He doubts he would get the other's sympathy, since only Light is socially adept. But he still doesn't want them to know.

So it's a lie then. Matt sighs. It's true he's good with his words and can string a lie up a lot of the time with ease but not with those three. They were like fucking bloodhounds and could spot lies from a mile away – it's what made them good at their jobs. Damn. He has no choice though really because the only remaining choice is…

…Run away? The young man outright laughs at himself for even considering it. If he were discovered missing (funny way of phasing it) all hell would break loose. No, running away was a terrible idea.

But what can he tell them…?

The redhead swerves to avoid hitting various cars as he thinks it over. He knows he's breaking the law again by speeding and L is likely to go bat-shit crazy at him but he can't bring himself to care. His hands are sticky against the steeling wheel and Matt breaks out of his thoughts to notice his gloves coated in blood.

Lucky he did have the gloves, or his hands would most likely be torn to pieces from the fight. The rest of his attire is no better off, dirty and with rips in his pants and striped sleeves. Matt grimaces when he notices his belt and pants to be undone and hastily does them up one-handed.

For the rest of the drive, he completely zones out, relying solely on instinct to lead him back to the building. As the looming skyscraper comes into view, Matt curses loudly. He has absolutely no idea what to say when he gets in there. Oh well, he'd just have to improvise…

He wonders as he pulls up by the gate if the computer will let him in. He doesn't know how the system used to work but he's rewired the whole thing to be ten times better. If worse comes to worse, he can hack in fairly easily since it's his design, but he'd rather not.

This thought becomes unnecessary as the screen crackles to life and Watari's silhouette appears. "Name and business please?"

"It's Matt." He says simply. Watari is silent for a minute before a piece of the wall beneath the screen shifts and slides away to reveal a fingerprint and retina scanner. The redhead reluctantly pulls off a glove, placing it on the blue screen. Then he leans out slightly and lifts up his goggles, letting his left eye be scanned.

"Identity verified. Access granted." A computerised voice relays. Matt pulls his goggles back down before the old man can see his blackening eye. He flicks the remainder of his fag out the smashed window as the steel gates open.

He quickly parks the heap of junk in the underground parking lot and takes a minute to breathe. Watari would have told the others he is back now so they'll be expecting him to appear any minute and ask him a whole bunch of questions he isn't sure he can answer.

After pulling himself together, Matt opens the door and steps out onto the concrete. He doesn't have time to run upstairs and get changed, and even the thought of running anywhere makes the pain seem to increase. He ignores it though, and heads towards the elevator, pleased that his limp isn't as pronounced as it had been.

He jams his thumb into the button and tries to fix his messed up hair – not that it makes much of a difference – before boarding the metal death trap.

He blanks out on the ride up, seeming calm and collected when really he feels close to a breakdown. When the doors finally open with an obnoxious 'ding' Matt feels no better than he had back in the deserted alleyway. He walks to the doors to the investigation room, where they spend practically all their time and takes a deep breath.

As soon as he opens the doors, four sets of eyes whip around to him in surprise.

He knows he must look a sight for sore eyes. His hair is still messed up and dirty. His coat has blood spatters all over it, and his sleeves are torn in places. He has two holes ripped in his jeans just over his knees and one of his knees is bleeding quite badly.


"What the fuck happened to you?!" He turns his eyes to the blond. Mello looks furious and terrified at the same time, staring at his clothes. Matt feels something weird that he doesn't want to identify at the worry in Mello's voice, but he pushes the feeling down and limps forward a bit only to stop when all eyes follow the movement.

"…I fell." He replies.


(1) For people who don't know, since apparently it's a British word, a fag can mean a gay person or a cigarette. Matt grew up in England so I'm not going to bother trying to use American words I don't even know.

Yayyyy. I don't know why I wrote this. Boredom and procrastination played a part, I think. :D

Don't have any idea what I'm doing but I felt like writing some angst. It won't all be so sad, I hope. Matt will be acting kinda OOC since… well look at what happened to him.

See I was going to write the actual scene but then I was like "I CAN'T DO THAT TO MATTTTTTT" There will be like, references and memories though. It'll be broken up though because Matt is trying not to think about it.

Also, Near WILL make an appearance, so if you like him there's something to look forward to I guess. He'll probably be OOC though because I don't like all that much.