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The silence of the lift isn't uncomfortable, but there is definitely something unusual in the atmosphere. A strange shift that Matt can feel like a tingling on his skin like static, originating from somewhere to his right.

Curiously, he looks to the source and suddenly realises that the tingling is coming from the hand linked with Mello's. He looks down at their hands in awe, a blush spreading across his cheeks. He's touched Mello before – it would be kind of hard to avoid contact with someone you've spent practically your whole life with, after all - but this reaction has never taken place before…

Mello seems to notice the green-eyed stare, squeezing the redhead's hand in response. The gamer silently curses when this causes his blush to deepen, begging any higher power that may happen to be watching to please not let the blond see his raging blush.

His prayers seem to be answered, as his friend (can he still be called that? Matt doesn't know) doesn't comment on it.

The gamer can't help the butterflies he feels as the metal doors part, the pair exiting the lift and walking hand-in-hand to Matt's door. Without missing a beat, the redheaded teen uses his free hand to work the handle and let them into the dark room.

Their hands separate when Matt turns the light on and notices what a pigsty he has been living in, following up this realisation by a futile attempt at cleaning it up. This cleaning consists simply of the younger teen sweeping all the odds and ends off his bed and kicking them somewhere more inconspicuous... Like under said bed. The empty packets of fast food littering the space are hastily shoved into a small bin.

When his living space is looking less like a robot and Ronald McDonald had some kind of hybrid lovechild, Matt turns back to Mello, face burning in embarrassment. "Erm… I wasn't expecting visitors?" He offers with an abashed smile.

The blond just frowns, a slight smirk ghosting over his lips. "Oh come on, like our room at Whammy's wasn't a million times worse than this place." He jokes, waving his hand about and taking a seat on the now clean bed, looking like he owns the place.

Matt doesn't know why he feels awkward in his own room. In all fairness, he decides, he hasn't ever really seen this as his home. His home may always be that tiny room back in England that he shared for the majority of his life with the cranky, competitive, hotheaded, gorgeous blond staring at him even now.

Shaking away the random memories, Matt sits himself opposite Mello, not really knowing what it is they're here to 'talk' about. The blond pulls a strange face but hides it before muddled green eyes can identify what it was. Matt decides to let it go when the blond opens his mouth.

"So." A hand gestures at the space between them, "this."

Wow… is he the only one feeling this awkwardness?

Huh. If he goes any brighter a shade of red, the gamer thinks he will probably suffer some kind of health issues involving the explosion of his own head.

Mello always has something to say on a subject, even one bizarre as this one, so of course he can't stay quiet for long. "Well, what… is this exactly, Matt?" The redhead avoids those piercing eyes, for the sake of his own health.

"Uh… air?" He says weakly, for once not knowing how to express himself.

A blond eyebrow twitches. "For fu-" He swallows, taking a breath with a scowl as he tries not to snap.

Matt realises with a jolt that Mello is the one in control here, when normally the older teen is absolutely terrible at controlling his own emotions. He guesses that it must have something to do with how Mello has obviously thought more about this than he has allowed himself to, and therefore has a much better reign on his emotions right now.

Weird crap.

"I mean…" Matt begins again, trying to be mature about his, like his friend. He curses his blush, and it calms quite considerably. It's harder than it looks. "I did… uh, kiss you Mels. A guy kind of assumes that should get his message across, you know?" He twists his fingers together, wringing them nervously. What has he got to be nervous about? Mello had obviously been kissing him downstairs; there is nothing for him to worry about.

A red tinge crosses the blonds' cheeks, making Matt feel slightly better about his own tomato-coloured face. "That's true. But usually the one the guy is kissing isn't another guy Matt." The redhead cringes. "Or his best friend since childhood. I'd say that kind of twists the message a fucking bit, don't you?" The gamer lowers his head at his best friend's tone, ashamed and not wanting to face the other's anger.

However, his face is quickly turned back to face Mello's ice blue eyes, the touch of fingers beneath his chin surprisingly gentle. Acid green eyes look at back in confusion.

"I'm not mad at you." The voice is low, almost as gentle as the fingers, but the anger is still there, contradicting the actual words. Matt's face clearly shows how little he believes this friend. "No, really." The blond scowls, thinking at the speed of light. He sighs harshly, pulling the redhead into a bone-crushing hug. The gamer freezes, fighting the vicious urge to push away again as he automatically turns off at the stolen contact.

"Mello?" He asks against the blonds' shoulder, refusing to call the noise he made a squeak.

"Listen Matt, just hear me out you dick." The grip on his back tightens, making his heart rate speed up, but even he can't tell if it's from fear or happiness. "I know that you have some kind of… thing, going on. You're spacing out in the middle of conversations, barely eating that I know of, I'm still hearing you screaming at night-" the blond breaks of, burying his face deeper in the listening redhead's hair. "… I'm sorry about that. I didn't come to you again," he whispers harshly, "I didn't know how you'd react so…" He trails off, lessening his death grip slightly.

"Anyway," Mello continues, "You're… shying away everyone, Mail. I guess I fucking miss you." Neither of them notices the name slip up, so it isn't mentioned. "…I'm not going to ask about it though." He suddenly declares, moving away from the other teen to look in his face again. "It'll kill me, but I fucking won't. I promise."

Matt feels something in his chest hurt. He thinks it must be his heart. "I'm sorry…" He says, barely above a whisper. "I've already told you that I want to tell you everything. I just fucking can't Mels." Almost as an afterthought, the redhead adds "yet anyway. Maybe some day… some day soon, I can?" He knows that's hope in his voice, and he knows Mello hears it too.

The blond smiles slightly, his lips pulling up in one corner to form a half-smile. "Ok. I can live with that." He replies. Matt feels like a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders, making him smile ecstatically at the blond. "So… back to that kiss thing." Matt's smile turns sheepish, and he rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"Yeah… about that," the redhead is feeling a bit more like his old self, confidence blooming like a flower waking up from it's sleep. "You must be stupid to not have noticed I like you Mello." Despite his teasing words, the gamer can't stop how red the whole situation is making him.

The blond scowls. "I'm not stupid you prick." He protests, making Matt laugh lightly. "It's not exactly the most obvious thing in the world," he continues, "I mean I know you're loyal to a fault, but I just figured it was something akin to hero worship."

Matt just about dies laughing.

"Oh God." He gasps, clutching at his sides, "you're so f-full of yourself!" The older teen pouts at the hysterical redhead, obviously resisting the urge to punch him in the face.

"Whatever, gay-boy." He huffs, crossing his arms. Matt calms down, swallowing his laughter.

"You jumped me. That's a bit gay itself you know." He points out.

"You started it!" Mello retorts. "Besides, I was just returning the favour," he grumbles. Matt stops himself from worrying over that statement, knowing Mello doesn't mean anything by it.

"Yeah but you also punched me in the face. Are you expecting me to return that favour?" He asks instead. The teen regrets it as soon as the words are out of his mouth, watching as Mello's face scrunches up in shame.

"Erm… sorry about the whole 'punching you in the face' thing by the way… it was kinda a knee-jerk reaction, you know?" The blond reaches a hand out to touch the wound on his face guiltily. Matt tries not to wince at the pain, but Mello must see something in his expression, because his hand drops away.

He waves it away, "don't worry about it. I've had worse Mels, if it hadn't been for the wall, it wouldn't have hurt at all!" He grins, still on a kind of high at everything that's happening. The other teen glares at the jab to his masculinity, but doesn't mention it.

Matt can't help but use this chance to stare at Mello. He takes in the bright blue colour of his eyes, sparkling with intelligence. His golden hair, that so often gets him insults about femininity, cut into practically a perfect line at his chin.

He wonders what on Earth the genius sees in him. He's got red hair and he wanders around in goggles for Christ's sake! The kids at Whammy's used to mock him over his looks, but he never paid them any mind, because why should he care what he looks like? Looks were never important in his life.

Now however, Matt remembers the mocking and suddenly feels self-conscious. He diverts his gaze from blue irises, casting his eyes over his room for something to distract himself with. His eyes land on his Xbox, and he tries to remember the last time he played on it.

He can't. That is really worrying.

Feeling some sudden kind of urgency, the redhead leaps off the bed and collapses beside his piles of crap. "What is it?" He hears Mello ask in surprise. Gloved hands fly through the technology, their owner trying to cast his mind back and remember…

"Where is it?" He whispers, jumping to his feet and moving around the room, searching desperately.

"Where's what?" The blond demands, twisting to track the redhead's movement around the room. "Matt!"

Frantic green eyes turn back to his friend (friend?), "My PSP! Mello where the Hell did I put my PSP?!" A hand flies to his mouth in horror. "I can't remember when I last saw it. Oh God what if it's at the station?" Mello frowns at him.

"Big deal Matt. You can go pick it up in the morning, it might just be downstairs or something." The blond brushes it off. The redhead moves closer to him, putting his hands on his shoulders.

"Mello that's my baby you're talking about." He says lowly. The blond just blinks. "My baby has pictures on her. Pictures of everyone in this building."

Realisation flashes in Mello's eyes. "L?" He asks, the redhead simply nodding in confirmation. The other teen considers this before speaking again. "There's no need to get all worried, right? Anyone who might pick it up won't know who he is anyway."

Matt isn't sure if Mello is supposed to know, but he decides it's fine to tell him anyway. "Mels, the taskforce I work with is made up of the same officers that worked with L on the Kira case… They know what he looks like." He deadpans. Besides, he's pretty sure he snapped a shot of L in front of his insignia for a laugh… no need to tell the blond that though. Matt's mind whirls as he tries to think of the most logical place for the device to be.

It could be downstairs in the investigation room, or at the hospital with Near… But he has been spending a lot of time at the Police Station too, and like Mello said, he has been zoning out a lot recently…

He could have easily forgotten to pick it up on his way home one day.

"Well we'll check downstairs now then, and if it's not there, we'll just have to break into the Police Station and get it back. If it's not there we'll hack the cameras and see who took it." Matt supposes that he shouldn't be surprised that Mello is already more than willing to break the law over this.

Matt lowers his head slightly, ashamed that he has possibly caused a hell of a lot of trouble. Not only in regards to L's identity, but Light's too. He had never considered it dangerous to have the photo's he's snagged of them all at the hospital with Near, or lazing around (himself and Mello), or even working (L and Light) on his games console before.

Now he wants to smack his head against something hard.

He feels a hand on the back of his neck, automatically glancing up at the blond. "Calm down you idiot. Jesus it's nothing to be worrying about, I'm willing to bet that the bloody thing is on the couch. Besides," he adds, "worse comes to worse, we'll move. It doesn't exactly matter where we live dumbass."

The redhead's neck is tingling at the contact, but he doesn't feel too much better. "What about Near? We can't just bring him with us, it's too suspicious…" Something flashes through Mello's eyes, gone before it can be identified.

The blond teen suddenly makes a weird noise and pulls Matt forwards, claiming his lips. The gamer stills in shock, before relaxing into the kiss, opening his mouth for the questioning tongue there.

The redhead forgets why he had been so worried when he climbs onto his best friends lap, hands gripping hard onto his shoulders.

Hell, he forgets his own name.

Their tongues fight briefly for dominance, but the younger doesn't bother putting up much of a fight, knowing that Mello won't be giving up his control any time soon.

Matt suddenly finds himself on his back - having been flipped over – with a smirking Mello straddling his hips. The blond pushes his hips down, making the redhead cry out at the pressure. "Fu- Wha-!"

His tormenter chuckles down at him, bending down to kiss his nose. "Now, now Matty. I thought you banned English?" Hazy green eyes blink back.

"When the hell did I do that?" He questions, not daring to move.

"Well, you're always speaking Japanese. Even when no one Japanese is around," Mello points out, leaving kisses across his captive's nose and cheeks, avoiding his lips.

"Uh…" Matt is finding it really hard to concentrate with Mello lavishing him with attention like this. "I just… guessed it makes more sense to stick with the language of the country we're in… I think?" His heart rate is going at a mile a minute. The gamer swallows thickly, "a-and it makes it easier for Near, since he's crap at switching languages so fast?"

The attention is suddenly pulled away from him. Mello is glaring down at him, and the redhead is at a loss as to why. "Do you have to keep doing that?!" He demands, scowling.

"W-what? Doing what?" Matt returns the gaze blankly, still out of it from the… thing Mello had been doing. "What am I doing?" He asks frantically as the blond pushes himself away from him. "Mello?"

"Well if you don't know, it doesn't matter does it?" The blond says bitterly, fixing his top for no real reason and patting his pants down. "Well, are we going to see if you fucked up, or not?"

Matt pushes himself off the bed, looking up at his friend (?) anxiously. He has no idea what's got the blond so pissed off so suddenly, but he knows he hates it when Mello's anger is directed at him. Even though it's quite the common occurrence.

The younger teen moves over to the blond, wrapping his arms around him in a potentially dangerous move. "Don't be mad Mels," he says, putting his head on the other's shoulder. "You should be happy now, right? We're like… together, right?" He asks, unsure.

He feels the slightly shorter male huff angrily into his neck. "Yeah, if you want to be." He replies, making the redhead's heart soar. "Now we really do need to check to see if we have to murder any officers of the law."

The smirk he feels against his neck should probably worry him, but Matt is too happy that he avoided the wrath of the potential killing machine in his arms to worry about said machine's state of mind.

"Of course I want to," he grins, moving out of the embrace and pecking the shorter teen on the lips. "Lets go see if I fucked up then…" The redhead sticks out his tongue at his new partner, repeating his own words back at him.

Mello's answering smirk is enough to tell him he's been forgiven for whatever it was he did.

The pair strolls down the hallway, bantering casually. Matt's previous stress over his PSP is practically gone, thanks to the surprising calmness of Mello.

The redhead is barely shocked when he is shoved against the back of the lift with another person's tongue invading his mouth. The teens kiss enthusiastically all the way down to the investigation room, before the doors open and Mello reluctantly pulls away. "I could get used to that," the blond says, still smirking, as he pulls the out of breath redhead after him.

The older teen stops just outside the investigation room, turning to his partner. "Ok. So, I vote we don't tell L or Light about this until we're sure we'll be needing their help." He says, "I can't be bothered dealing with them over it, you know?" Blue eyes bore into his, making the redhead nod dumbly.

One hand takes his own, apparently trying to keep him calm, and while Matt appreciates the gesture, he really thinks it's unnecessary. He's totally calm about all of this, after all. If anything, more than worrying about if the police have pictures of L with him and Light, the redhead has been thrown in a loop with this whole Mello thing.

It's not everyday you start to date your long-time best friend.

Mello opens the door a crack, freezing as soon as he can see inside. He abruptly slams the door shut again, face not betraying anything other than alarm. "What? What is it?" the redhead asks worriedly.

Blue orbs stare at the closed door for a moment before they turn – stunned – to face Matt. "I… I-I think L and Light might be dating each other." The gamer blinks, gaping.

"What the hell?" He frowns uncertainly, "L and Light… Mello there's no way…" the blond scowls at the doubt in the other's voice, jabbing a finger at the door.

"Oh yeah smart-arse?" He hisses, "then what were they doing, eating each other?" Both grimace at the thought, Matt watching the doors warily.

"…Let me see…" He murmurs, moving past the more-than-willing blond. He grips the doorknob cautiously, half expecting it to burn his hand. After a few seconds of deliberation, the teen turns it quietly, planning on having a quick glance into the room to determine how safe it is to enter.

At the last minute, Matt closes his eyes, hearing his partner huff at his dramatics as he cracks the door ajar and gulps. He peaks in…

…To see L and Light sitting innocently at their computers, not even acknowledging each other.

Matt blinks, turning with a raised eyebrow to the blond, silently conveying what he doesn't dare say. The older teen looks past his shoulder, a mixture of disbelief and anger washing over his face. Sky coloured eyes glance into grass green, their owner slightly red in either anger or embarrassment – Matt can't tell which. "I swear they were… you know!" He harshly whispers.

The younger teen smirks slightly in amusement, coming to a (likely wrong) conclusion. "Wow Mels, that's pretty kinky." He whispers back, "but really, those two? If you're trying to get me all flustered, all you have to do is show that pretty little face."

The blond stares at him for a second, spluttering in shock. "I am not pretty." He hisses back, scowling. "Call me that again and I'll stab you in the face with one of L's fucking cake forks." He threatens, trying to recover his masculinity. The redhead doesn't doubt the threat at all, so he motions zipping his mouth shut with a blank face.

The blond shoves past Matt, with the redhead automatically following. The other detectives turn slightly at their arrival, taking in the slightly rumpled clothing the teens are sporting.

"I assume Mello and Matt sorted out their differences." As usual, L doesn't sound questioning at all. He just always knows. Matt notices Mello move slightly away from him, feeling a stab of hurt at the action. Is Mello really that angry with him? He had only been teasing… but really, it's not like the blond didn't bring it upon himself with the 'L and Light' thing.

Seriously though. L and Light. There is no way in hell that the two geniuses feel anything towards each other. Well, sure Matt has considered it in the past, but that was simply covering all possibilities – he has found no proof to show that either man even have sexualities.

The blond is still scowling at the pair, so Matt decides it's best to step in while Mello tries to find evidence of what he apparently saw. "Yeah, I guess you could say that," he grins, stepping closer to the blond. He doesn't touch the walking time bomb, concluding it safer to just stay in his personal space for now.

The detectives are obviously not stupid. They clearly see that Mello is having some kind of issue with them right now, but after a quick glance (at which the blonds' head snaps up. Matt internally sighs at what his partner must see as 'evidence') they both seem to let it slide.

"Finally. You took your sweet time noticing, didn't you?" Light lets out a dramatic sigh, spinning around to face them fully in his chair. The redhead automatically takes in how the brunet's tie is slightly skewed, and his shirt un-tucked. His hair seems slightly less… perfect than usual too.

Blue eyes shoot him a smugly suspicious look that the gamer is sure the others noticed, but he ignores it, finally taking Mello's hand to drag him over to his laptop. "Yeah, yeah, like you noticed. It took us our whole lives together, I'd like to see you do any better, Romeo." He banters back, stubbornly ignoring the smug look that has passed onto L's fucking face.

The teens flop down on the couch, Mello now radiating self-satisfaction and the redhead himself trying to be oblivious for once and ignore the signs. Matt pulls his laptop onto his lap, paying no attention to how Mello has spread out on the rest of the sofa and is now poking him in the thigh with his foot.

The bastard is just trying to gloat. Well there's nothing to gloat about, there is no viable evidence to actually physically prove that L and Light are having any kind of romantic relations with each other. Maybe there are tiny, miniscule clues that could use some further examination, but that is it.

Matt tries to push all homosexual-related concerns from his head as he boots up his laptop to get some actual work done.

The playful foot making its way further up his leg and into more… private places is not helping matters at all, but the gamer just tries anyway.

He hears a noise to his left and glances over to see Mello starting up his PSP with a smirk on his face. The redhead blinks. The foot nudges up higher.


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