Christine stood there in dumb horror as the blade slashed through Raoul's fair skin. She needed to stop this, she needed to end the battle, but she found she could not move. Erik lunged again and again at Raoul, and as the blood spattered onto the fair snow from her beloved's arm. Once more Erik pushed his blade towards his enemy, and this time it fell true; Christine watched as her fiancé and childhood sweetheart fell to the ground at the hands of her twisted tutor.

She suddenly felt cold, and the world shattered about her in a dizzy swell of torment and emptiness. She could not feel the white hot tears stinging her cheeks, nor could she feel Erik's strong hold about her as he carried her into the mausoleum. Christine still stared and stared at her cold love lying at the base of her father's grave. She stared even when the doors shut and all she could hear were the rats scurrying feet and Erik's ragged triumphant breathing. Down the steps he led her limp body into the flickering light of the secret rooms underneath the cemetery. In the cold, dimly lit room was a stone platform, a single rose lying in the gloom. All around were tunnels and entrances, varying in size and darkness. Erik dropped Christine lightly on her feet standing beside the platform. Erik hurried into one of the tunnels, as she watched him in a daze. She heard his almost silent chuckle coming from the black as he returned with a large black cloak. He draped it over her shoulders tenderly and set her onto the risen block of stone. She blindly obeyed, still stunned into a semi-reality. Erik pushed her head back until she was lying on her back, and stood away. She turned her head to see the victor, and he smiled at her, staring at her, into her. Christine's eyes closed as Erik stood staring, staring, staring…

Hot red snow invaded Christine's sleeping eyes and awoke her with a deafening scream, the image of Raoul's corpse rotting in her head. She leapt off the platform, sending Erik's rose crashing to the ground. She ran desperately through a blackened tunnel, not caring where to go. Her enraged sobs echoed through the labyrinth under the mausoleum, and it was not long before she heard the manic yells of the Phantom following her. "Christine!" She could hear his feet grinding at the ground as he searched the tunnels. "CHRISTINE!"

Christine's heart sank as the footsteps were just a few metres behind her. She felt a strong arm wrap around her waist and pin her close to a strong body. She screamed and pounded at anything she could reach. "No! Let me go! Raoul? RAOUL?!"

Erik laughed and held even closer, squeezing the breath out of her small waist. He flung her to the cold ground once back in the chamber, catching her just before she hit the ground. "He's dead, Christine. He's dead! And you have no one but me, once again!" She squeezed her eyes shut, willing the wretched face of her captor to vanish, replaced by the loving, handsome face of Raoul. But she could feel his breath hot on her cheek, and sense his face close to her neck, smelling her hair and stroking her fair skin. Christine let out one last hopeless sob, as Erik lowered her to the ground. She opened her eyes, and she saw the man she loved underneath the manic facade of her gaoler, his soft black eyes burning into her soul. Her heart began to melt at the sight of him, but then she saw the blood, the snow, the handsome face of her lover, and Erik again changed into the demon murderer and the obsessed man he was seen as by all others. She rolled away and stood, looking at him defiantly. Erik backed away from her, and smiled demonically. "You're with me now, Christine. And that's all you'll ever be."