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Author's note: This was originally a eulogy for my english class, and when I was looking through documents, I thought I might as well put it up.

Lennie Small

I would not consider Lennie and I friends, no not friends, we were much more than that.

I spent every day with that fool, and yet I do not regret a single moment.

Most of you picture Lennie as this big guy.

Well, I'll admit Lennie was huge, but so was his heart.

He could do the work of three men without breaking a sweat, and he would not complain.

He would do anything I said because he had complete faith in me.

Lennie was so trusting that I could tell him to walk into the lake, and he would, no questions asked.

He was a good man too.

You can tell Lennie all of your secrets and know that he will never repeat them to anyone.

He never wanted to hurt anyone, he just did not realize the seriousness of his actions.

Lennie loves to feel smooth things for the soft of the fur was so gentle in his fingertips.

He would try to keep mice, but he always ended up killing them not out of spite, but from being the fool that he is.

I remember one time on our way to Salinas, he had found a dead mouse and tried to hide it in his pocket.

Well, I found that mouse, and I threw it into the lake.

Lennie was so upset that he went into the lake and found it.

It shows how much he truly cared about living things.

We can learn a lot from Lennie; people should not judge other people by their size or mental ability.

My time traveling with Lennie, taking care of him, and just sitting and talking with him was precious, and I will never forget him.