Title: Forbidden

Summary: Hi, my name is Casey McDonald. My life is pretty much average except for one thing. My stepbrother is a…well, you'll just have to find out.

Full Summary: Casey McDonald didn't think her life could possibly get any worse – her mother remarried, forced her to move to a whole new town, and now she is stuck with new brothers and sisters she doesn't want a single thing to do with – especially Derek. Too bad she's falling crazily in love with him and he has a dark secret, a secret that could place her very being in mortal danger. Now she must chose, life or love.

A/N: I thought of this idea after seeing Twilight the other night. This is basically a cross between Twilight and Life With Derek.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight (sadly) and I do not own Life With Derek. But if someone wanted to give me Edward Cullen for Christmas, I wouldn't mind…oh and some of the characters are OOC. Just a warning.


Rain pounded at the glass windows of the gaudy, yellow, taxi as if it were trying to break in. The clouds loomed ominously ahead – more rain. Casey McDonald closed her eyes and leaned her head against the cushion of the headrest. Rain, rain, rain. She hated rain – so cold and gloomy. Already she missed the sunshine and she had only been in Forks, Washington for about an hour. Casey could tell she was not going to like Forks. No matter how much her mother tried to force it on her. Like she was forcing this new husband and his children on her.

"What do you think, sweetie?" Nora McDonald – now Venturi – asked eagerly.

"Too much rain," Casey answered without even opening an eye.

"You'll get used to it. I know it's not exactly Canada but…"

"Really, Mom?" Casey asked sarcastically.

"Case, please be nice about this. George is a very nice man with a nice family. You'll love them!"

"I still can't believe you did this to me."

"I did this to you?"

"Yes, Mother, you were the one who went on the business trip, you were the one who got married without telling me until you came back!"

"George and I had been corresponding through the dating service for over a year. I thought it was appropriate that we met finally and there I was, in Forks Washington. How could I pass that up? We spent lots of time together and decided to get married…"

"Without telling anyone!"

"His kids knew."

"Oh, that helps so much, Mother. His kids knew and we didn't!"

"I'm sorry, Casey. You know if I could redo it, I would. I would have waited, I would have had you be the maid of honor, I would have…"

"Mom, spare me."

"Casey, give this a chance. You might like it here."

"I highly doubt it."

"Well, we're almost there. Now I want you to be happy to see George and the kids. Give them hugs. Play the nice daughter part and I'll play the nice mother part, okay? After you act happy to see them all, then you can go up to your room and sulk all you want, got it?"


"Alright then. Here we are!"

Casey looked out the window at the house before them. The red brick was too red, almost blinding. The house was two stories but even being a story bigger than her old house, it looked too small, too small for her plus three other children. Four if she included Lizzie but Liz didn't take up too much room. She'd be content in a cardboard box. Sighing, Casey grabbed her coat off her lap and swung it over her shoulders and wiggled her arms inside the sleeves. She never had to wear a raincoat back home. Sure, it rained every once in a while, but nothing like this.

"Lizzie dear," Nora was gently shaking Casey sleeping sister awake, "We're here, baby."

"Already?" Lizzie asked sleepily.

"Already. Now, I told Casey to be nice to the Venturis and I expect the same from you. They are nice people, darlings and I want you two to be very nice to them. Understand?"

"Alright," Lizzie yawned.

She was easy. She didn't care too much about this whole remarriage deal. Not like Casey did anyways. Besides, she was too young to even remember their father. The taxi lurched forward to a stop in front of the blinding red brick. Nora handed the taxi driver his due and swung the door open, popping open the umbrella as she did so. Casey yanked her door open and sulked over to the covered porch out of the rain. She knew she was being difficult but honestly, she didn't care. Her mother was the one that had run off and gotten married to a family she knew nothing about. She had every right to be difficult.

The taxi driver helped Nora with the bags as Lizzie ran to stand undercover with Casey. Three bags – one for Nora, one for Casey, and one for Lizzie. That was all they had been allowed to bring with them. Nora had called it a "starting over" period and insisted that they only bring along what would fit in a single suitcase. The driver dropped the bags off at the porch, tipped his hat to Nora, and hurried back to his taxi.

"Alright girls, remember what I told you about being nice and all…"

Her perfectly manicured hand reached out and rang the doorbell. Some cheap, annoying tune played after she pressed the button. Casey couldn't stand this place already. Sighing, she hoisted her bag into her hands and waited for someone to answer. With a suitcase in tow, maybe she wouldn't be forced to do any hugging. She'd just have to stand there and smile pleasantly. She could manage that…she hoped.

The door suddenly swung open and a man with graying blonde hair stood before them, a goofy smile plastered upon his face. His smile was so large that it appeared his cheeks could burst at any moment. The thought was sickening to Casey. What was even more sickening was the fact that her mother was currently throwing herself into his skinny arms kissing him wildly. Casey looked over to see how Lizzie was taking the whole thing. To her surprise, Lizzie stood there quietly, no sign of discomfort upon her face.

"Ah-hem," Casey cleared her throat, "Mom, don't you think you should introduce us?"

"Yes!" Nora broke away from the man, "Of course! George, this is Casey and Lizzie, Lizzie and Casey, this is George."

"It's nice to meet you girls," George smiled again but Casey was grateful that he made no motion to hug them. "I'll go get the others and we can all have a nice little get together. Nora, honey, I was thinking that we could all take the kids out to eat and get to know each other a little more this evening."

"That sounds grand, George!" Casey almost threw up. She hated it when her mom used the world 'grand.'

George led them into the house and into a cluttered, what Casey presumed, was the living room. There was a gaudy yellow and green plaid couch, a recliner with pizza cheese stuck to the arm, and a table buried beneath mountains of magazines. Casey wasn't too sure but she thought to she spotted a Playboy beneath the stack. Rolling her eyes in disgust, she made her way over to her mother's side to await having to meet the Venturi children.

Nora hadn't told her much about them nor did she really care to know. All she knew was that there were three – two boys and a girl. She knew their names but couldn't recall them. As Casey stood next to her mother, she cold practically hear her heart beating. She was nervous! What did she have to be nervous about! She had already met the Venturi kids!

"Alright," George returned a few moments later with three others trailing in behind him, "Alright I want each of us to introduce ourselves. Say your name, your age, and one interesting fact about yourself."

"What are we, in kindergarten again?" The oldest one asked.

"Excuse Derek," George laughed, "He gets this way when he's hungry. Alright, I'll have the oldest go first. Derek."

"Fine. I'm Derek Venturi. I'm seventeen. And I don't want to be here."

"Derek!" George snapped angrily.

"That's alright," Casey cleared her throat, "I'm Casey McDonald. I'm seventeen too and I don't want to be here either."

"Casey!" Nora was about to have a conniption. Casey really didn't care if she did or not. If anything, it'd be entertainment.

"I'll go next!" Another Venturi broke the awkwardness, "I'm Edwin, I'm ten and I can fart the alphabet!"

"Sick!" Casey grimaced.

"Pig!" Lizzie hissed, "I'm Lizzie Venturi. I'm ten too and I think people who can fart the alphabet are sick, disgusting, pigs and if they do it around me, I swear they won't live to see their eleventh birthday!"

"Way to go Lizzie!!!" Casey inwardly cheered.

"Lizzie!" Nora's eyes were wide at her normally quiet daughter's threat.

"I'm Marti!" The littlest Venturi shouted eagerly, "Smarti, but that's only if you're Derek! Anyways, I'm six and I'm a fairy princess. Smerek says so!"

"Aw, well remind me that I'll have to sew you a pretty fairy princess costume soon," Nora cooed to the little girl.

"Really?" Marti asked, her eyes wide.


"You're the best Miss Nora!"

"Alright, none of that!" Nora laughed, "You can call me Nora. And I presume, George, that my kids can call you George."

"That or The Great Punjab Hoo-Ha Of All Things Great And Cool!"

"I'll stick to George, thank you very much," Casey whispered to Lizzie causing her to laugh.

"Alright, enough of that!" Nora laughed, "George, can you show my kids their rooms?"

"Sure thing, darling. Alright, to the royal chambers!" George extended his arm and marched up the stairs as if on a great and glorious mission to find the Arc of the Covenant or some such treasure.

After leading them down a hallway of doors, George pointed to a room with a purple cardstock sign that read CASEY is sparkly pink letters. Casey smiled, instantly knowing who had given her such a warm welcome.

"Marti made you girls signs," George said, confirming Casey's thoughts, "She is so excited to have sisters. Ever since her mom passed away, it's been hard on her being the only girl. For Halloween, she's had to go with a sheet over her head and eye holes cut out. I'm afraid I'm not good with any girl stuff but if you two could help her, I'd much appreciate it."

"Of course, George," Casey smiled, the warmth of his thoughtfulness was wearing off on her and the ice queen inside was beginning to melt.

"I don't go for the whole girlie-girl stuff but Case can help her. That is, if you approve of lip-gloss and nail polish!" Lizzie smiled.

"I don't mind," George smiled at the two girls, "But I know you two are anxious to get settled. This is your room, Casey. I hope you don't mind but it used to be Derek's. His room got moved to Edwin's and Edwin's got moved to the attick…"

"I don't want to kick anyone out or force Edwin to the attic…"

"It's alright, Casey. Derek didn't mind…too much and Edwin likes having his own 'pad' as he calls it. There's a window seat over there, that's why I thought you'd prefer this room. Nora says you like to write."

"I keep journals," Casey nodded, glad he remembered something about her, "Thanks, George, the room is great."

"Nora and I have been talking and we've set the decorating allowance on two hundred dollars for both of you. I know it's hard leaving everything behind, but hopefully your rooms can be like an escape if you need to get away from Derek's moods and Edwin's…well, Edwin-ness."

"This is really nice of you," Lizzie said honestly.

"Yeah, thanks George."

"You're welcome. Now then, Case – you don't mind if I call you Case, do you?"

"Everyone does."

"Alright, while Case gets settled, I'll show you yours, Lizzie. I think you'll like it as much as Casey likes hers…"

Casey walked over to the bed with her suitcase and plopped it down on top of the comforter. It was pink – clearly one of Marti's. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, Casey mused, George was welcoming without hovering and Marti seemed like a sweetie. But what did George mean about Derek and his moods?

Derek certainly would be interesting. His standoffish behavior had mirrored hers but something about him told her they wouldn't be fast friends. As if on cue, Derek sauntered into the room. He leaned casually against the doorframe and began to chuckle, causing Casey to abruptly turn and face him.

"What?" Casey asked as he continued to chuckle.

"You think you can just march in here and take my room without a fight?" He asked, a smirk upturning his lips.

"I-I didn't mean to take your room…"

"Of course you didn't but you did and now you'll have to pay the price."

"Price?" Casey almost laughed at his immaturity.


"And what exactly is the price?"

"Can't tell you," Derek continued to smirk as he stepped forward, inching closer and closer to her by the second, "You'll find out soon enough."

They were almost touching now and Casey thought if this had been any other person in any other situation that a kiss might take place; however, the thought was instantly shaken from her head as his hand flew up to cover his nose and mouth. Casey's brow wrinkled in confusion.

"I-I got to…go," Derek said, his hand still in place.

"But…" He was already out the door before Casey could finish.

She rolled her eyes and began to unzip her suitcase. What on earth would have caused him to do that, she wondered. As she was unpacking, a strand of auburn hair grazed her cheek. She lifted it to her nose and sniffed. It smelled like her Vanilla Lemon shampoo. There went the possibility of smelling bad. As she placed neatly folded clothes in the dresser drawers, she couldn't help but wonder why he had ran from her with his nose covered.


Casey turned to see Edwin standing in the doorway now.

"Hi," Casey answered, shutting the drawer.

"I'm Edwin."

"I remember."

"Look, if you ever need something – stocks, bonds, cash – give me a call," he flipped a business card (technically a scrap of notebook paper with his name and phone number etched on it with pencil) and handed it to her.

"Uh…thank you?" Casey took the card and put it on the dresser.

"No problem. Anything for a pretty lady like you!"

As Edwin turned and left, Casey couldn't help but shake her head. It must be in the genes!

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