The Man, The Machine, And The Madman
By The Inimitable Enigma Cypher

A/N: This poem is based on a story of mine, "A New Beginning." I wrote this last night and, personally I like it. But in order to understand it, having read the original story is highly recommended.

Oh, and no flames. This is not something I normally do.

You came here from far away
Knowing from that fateful day
That your life was changed forever,
But in America you wanted to stay.
You met a friend by accident,
a man you're later glad you met.
He saw in you what you denied,
"I do not like her," you unconvincingly lied.
She was the first woman you knew you loved,
but were too afraid to talk to.
She saw in you what you'd never admit,
and to her apartment, she invited you.
A scientist, you said you were,
your work, the only life you knew.
Your fear of love was known to her,
a tormented soul, she thought of you.
She saw in you what no one else could.
She asked you to stay, and you told her you would.
You worked in a lab for a man you despised,
whom one day would nearly cause your demise.
The tension in you continued to build,
then one day you found out the man wanted you killed.
He said, "A slight misunderstanding," but you denied his story.
You spent many a night in that laboratory,
perfecting your experiment that you had in mind,
which would bring about great change for all of mankind.
You got home late almost every night,
and your love for the woman was steadily growing.
Then came the day you got into a fight
with the man, and unwittingly caused that explosion.
The next few days you fought for survival
with the city's police force hunting you down
and the woman who realized she can't live without you
and the man you called friend searching all over town.
The enemy of yours stuck you with the blame
for the incident, trying to ruin your good name.
You showed up that night at the house of your friend
and swore to him that you would be avenged,
while your enemy's pride went straight to his head,
and he swore to himself that he would see you dead.
He abducted the woman that would soon be your wife
and struck up a deal: her freedom for your life.
You showed up for a battle on top of the world,
many blows were dealt before the battle was through.
He finally fell, but not before hearing
"When you get to hell, tell them Octavius sent you."
You descended the building, the woman in your arms,
thinking your time together was through.
The entire police force was standing below;
they must surely be ready to come down hard on you.
But to your great surprise, you walked away free,
while the man you despised was finally locked away.
Your life was in order, and the woman proposed,
and you thought, "A new beginning has come my way.