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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words


Edward POV

So this was it, this was the place I would now be calling home, I thought to myself as I walked through the new apartment I was officially the owner of. I sat the box that was in my arms down on the dark wooded sideboard that resided in the hall.

The smell of freshly dried paint still lingered in the air, I would need to give my younger sister a very large thank you for her work. I was by no means the most unstylish man on the planet but my sister just had a flare for things such as decorating and clothes, if you were to ask her she would say her flare is for making anything look beautiful.

I continued to walk around my new home, familiarise myself with it. Yes, we would be very happy here.

Well, we would be when I unpack the vast amount of boxes that sat waiting for me in the living room. It's hard to believe that my entire live in Washington was able to fit into no more than 30 large brown boxes.

After staring at them for more than 5 minutes, I'd come to the conclusion that they were not going to unpack themselves, much the pity. I went to collect the box I had left in the hall, I placed it on top of the pile, that's when I noticed the silver photo frame that sat on the unit next to where the television would go.

I walked over to it, upon picking it up I realised that it was the lasted family portrait. All of us were stood outside of my parent's house, smiles on our faces. On the corner of the frame was one of those large yellow post it notes.

Hey Edward

Just thought I'd start with the unpacking, I'm so happy you decided to move to New York.

Glad you're here big brother.


I couldn't help but let out a small laugh upon reading it, at the bottom of the note was her trade mark lipstick kiss, which she had been putting on the bottom of all her notes or lists since she was old enough to realise what lipstick was, which for my sister was unusually young. I placed the photo back in its place.

That's it. I couldn't put it off any longer, the little pixie that I called my sister had started all ready, one photograph, I just had to do the rest, all 30 boxes.

"There you are"

Finally, after 12 unpacked boxes I had eventually come across the one thing I wanted to unpack. My CD collection, now I wouldn't have to continue working with only the sound of the busy New York roads. Countless horns beeping as the owners find themselves stuck in traffic jams. Now I'd be able to fill the apartment with the soothing sounds of Mozart, Beethoven and if the mood promotes it maybe even a little Michael Buble. Hopefully it would make the monotonous of task of searching through boxes and boxes of possessions pass more quickly.

Bella POV

Home at last, well not home exactly more like the elevator that would take me to my home. I just wanted to walk into my apartment and head straight for the shower, my feet hurt, my back hurts and I knew I was going to drop the grocery bags that I had in my arms, why to the always insist on filling them to the top, do they not consider if the person carrying them just happens to be a small bit of a klutz.


I placed the bags on the floor, deciding that this was probably the safest option, whilst I dug through my handbag looking for my keys, I triumphantly pulled them out.

As I put the key in the lock I thought I heard music, not just any music but classical music, coming from the apartment next door. It had been vacant for a while but I knew somebody was moving it because this little dark haired woman had been coming and going every other day for the past 2 weeks to decorate it.

I strained my ears a bit more to hear if it really was classical music coming from the apartment, I was right and if I wasn't mistaken I think it was Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Just from this one little bit of information I had narrowed down my ideas of who was now my new neighbour.

Whoever they were they were clearly interested in classical music. This to me suggests an older person, probably educated. If it were a man, he probably had grey hair coming out of his nose, if it were a woman, she probably wore a bun on the top of her head. They more than likely just encompassed all of your stereotypical views of principles.

Oh well, meeting the new neighbour would have to wait, right now the shower was calling to me and I had a meal to prepare. I glanced down at my watch and saw that I had 2 hours, in which time I needed to shower and get dressed, put the roast in the oven and get everything else ready by the time Mike walked through the doors. Ok maybe I had 2 and a half hours, I knew my boyfriend and if I knew anything I knew he was hardly ever on time.

I turned the key in the lock and entered my apartment.

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