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Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Chapter 18: Make Dreams Come True

Bella POV

It was all happening so fast, everything around me was moving in a blur and it was all I could do to just keep up with it all.

"Bella." I heard the deceptively innocent voice of Alice say from beside me.

I didn't know how long she had been standing there, for what seemed like an eternity I had been within my own bubble, just taking in what was happening around me.

"Bella, everything is ready for you." She said.

"Sorry Alice, I was away with the fairies, what did you say?"

"Bella are you alright?" she asked, her small hand reaching out to my arm, a small gesture that I could tell was meant to help sooth me.

"I'm fine Alice, I suppose I'm just a bit nervous, I mean that's normal right isn't it?" I asked, needing confirmation that what I was feeling wasn't crazy of me.

"Yes Bella, it's perfectly normal." She smiled, I simply nodded. "Good, well let's get going then, everyone is waiting." She walked a few steps in front of me.

"Wait, what if I'm not ready for this Alice?" I asked just as her hand when towards the handle of the door.

"Bella," she said sympathetically. "How long have you wanted this for?"

"Since what feels like forever." I answered almost instinctively, smiling.

"Exactly. I know this is a really important day for you and nerves are to be expected but this is what makes you happy. It might seem hard but just focus on those feelings and not the ones of nervousness and doubt."

Since the moment I met her Alice had never failed to amaze me, she could be so energetic, lively and become so excited over the simplest of things. Yet she was also one of the most insightful people I had ever met and when you needed her she was always there to help. I was so grateful to have met her.

"So are you ready?" she asked again, her cheeky little grin told me she felt confident in her work. I nodded, not hiding the fact I thought she was unbelievable sneaky. "Good, now let's go."

As soon as I entered the room I could feel every pair of eyes turn towards me, the expressions on their faces revealing nothing to me. To get over the paranoia I was feeling my eyes searched out the emerald green ones that had never once failed to calm me and make me feel like I was the only person in the room that mattered.

I noticed how his eyes were already directed towards me, the lopsided grin I loved so much instantly became a full grin when he realised I returned his gaze. The black suit he was wearing made his bronze hair and green eyes stand out more vividly than usual. Standing next to him, holding his hand was William, wearing a suit almost identical to Edwards.

I made my way towards them, walking faster than I was suppose to or what would be safe for me given the shoes Alice had selected for me.

"This is Bella Swan everybody, the photographer." the deep slightly croaky voice of the gallery owner said.

My head turned automatically towards the voice of the man, my ears suddenly becoming attuned to the slow yet steady outbreak of applause.

"You hear that Bella, they love your work, I told you there was nothing to worry about." The smooth voice of Edward whispered into my ear. I never even saw him walk towards me, I was too stunned by the fact people were clapping for me and my work.

"They really do don't they." I smiled, unable to hide my excitement by wrapping my arms around Edward's neck.

"They love you almost as much as I do." He chuckled. Gently releasing me from around his neck.

"Thank you."

"What did I do?" he asked, sounded truly perplexed.

"You made this all possible, I'd never have had the courage to show my pictures to a gallery owner."

"Well what can I say other than I'm here to make your dreams come true." He said, making me fall even more in love with him, if it were even possible.

Edward POV

I could tell as soon as I saw Bella that she was unbelievably nervous about the whole night, at the prospect of so many people judging her work, the work that she loved. The nerves quickly faded when she realised that almost everybody in the building was applauding her and her work.

I was so happy that I helped towards making one of her dreams come true, so happy that I had helped towards creating the smile that was now permanently etched across her beautiful face. But most of all I was just so happy that I was able to share this moment with her at her side.

"Daddy." William asked, the excitement of the evening evident in his voice.

"Yes little man." I asked, looking down at him, surprised his shirt and suit were still clean.

"When can I give mummy my picture?" he asked.

"You can give mummy your picture later, when she is finished talking to all these people, your mummy is very popular tonight, it's her night so we just have to wait for her." I explained, he nodded his head in understanding.

It really was her night tonight, I'd been unable to really speak to her the entire night, when I did finally manage to catch up with her we were interrupted and she was pulled away by the gallery owner who wanted her to meet everybody. It didn't bother me, it just made me eagerly await the end of the night when I would be able to take her home and have her all to myself and just hold her in my arms as we slept.

"Bella really is good at this photography stuff isn't she." Rose said as she came to stand beside myself and William.

"Yeah she really is, just look how happy all of this is making her." I smiled, my words may have been directed at Rose but my attention was still on Bella. "So how is Emmett?" I asked, unable to help myself.

"He's fine, the same as he was when you all visited him 4 hours ago. He's really annoyed that he wasn't able to make it here tonight but the doctor said he wasn't allowed."

"Understandable considering he only woke from the coma 2 days ago, I swear he thinks he's superman or something." Rose and I laughed at my statement.

"Superman, where's superman. I wanna meet superman." William screeched at the word superman, his hand unsuccessfully trying to escape mine in order to try and find superman.

"Superman isn't here tonight William, he's busy saving the world, maybe another night you'll get to meet him." Rose said as she knelt to William's height.

I smiled at my sons love for the comic book hero, I could see the disappointment in his eyes as Rose explained that Superman wasn't actually present.

"Guess who." The sweet familiar voice chimed, her soft hands placed over my eyes blocking out all sight, not that I needed it to know who was behind me.

"I told you not to come here tonight, my girlfriend is in the room, and she might see you." I joked, removing her hands from my eyes yet not letting them escape my touch.

"Would you like me to leave so you can get back to waiting for your mistress Mr. Cullen." She asked, unable to hide the amusement in her voice.

"You can stay, besides you're much more beautiful." I added cheekily, flashing her the grin I knew she loved.

"Well thank you." She said as she moved around to stand in front of me.

"So how are you enjoying the night?" I asked, wanting her to put into words what I could already see in her eyes.

"It's amazing, all the people I've spoken to say they adore my work. One woman would like to purchase a piece from me." She smiled ecstatically

"Bella that's amazing." I said kissing her, her happiness escaping her and filling into myself.

"I know, but sorry I haven't been around much tonight, it seems like everybody wants my attention," she released herself from my arms and knelt down to kiss William's cheek. "Hello Rose, how's Emmett?"

Rose sighed, probably tired of everybody asking.

"He is fine Bella, you know Emmett, it's as though nothing has even happened to him. Listen Bella I really need to go back, I only came to say well done and that Emmett and I are so happy for you." She said, surprising me and by the looks of things Bella as well, by pulling Bella into a hug.

"Must be the hormones." I explained as Rose left, Bella laughed lightly before she picked William up and placed him on her hip.

"Mummy, are you not busy now, daddy said not to speak to you until you're not busy."

"No sweetie I'm not busy. I'll never be too busy for you," she said as she gave me a slight reprimanding look, as thought to tell me not to tell William that she was too busy for him. "So are you having fun sweetie?"

"No." He said bluntly, making Bella and I laugh.

"Well don't worry, soon we'll be going home then we can snuggle up on the couch and watch a film, how about that?"

William gave a toothy grin and nodded so hard I'm surprised he never hurt himself.

Bella POV

At least 2 hours later than had originally been planned Edward, William and I walked through the doors of our apartment, each of us feeling the exhaustion of the night set in, but as promised we all picked spots on the couch and began to watch a film of Williams choice.

I couldn't help but think that this was the best part of the entire evening, being able to come home at whatever the hour was and simply be together, be a family.

"He's sleeping." I said to Edward, whose arms I was in as I looked down at William.

"I'm not surprised, it's been a long day for him, it's been a long day for all of us." As if on cue he yawned.

"I know it has." I gently kissed Edwards lips, careful not to wake William who slept in my arms as I turned my body towards Edwards. "Thank you." I whispered gently as my lips left his.

"You don't need to thank me, it was all you, all I did was show them the photographs. The rest was you."

"Not just for that," his eyebrow rose in confusion. "For this, for all of this." I explained emphasizing the word all. "This right now. You, me and William, our home, our family. For making me so happy that I know no words to describe it. I have everything I ever wanted. Thank you."

Edwards simple lay there on the couch, as though he was taking in the enormity of my words, the true meaning of my thanks.

I silently lifted myself and William off of the couch, taking him into his room to put him to bed. I, as softly as I could removed his suit jacket. Once he was undressed and wrapped up in his quilt I gave him a kiss on his forehead, I ran my fingers through his hair, reminded of how much he was like Edward.

"He's all tucked up now," I said as I returned to the living room, I was startled to see Edward sitting up rigidly on the couch, his eyes burning on me. "Edward, what's wrong?" I asked, unsure of why I did.

"Did you mean what you said earlier, about having everything you wanted, did you mean it?"

"Yes I meant it," I said as I made my way towards him, knelling in front of him, reaching my hands out to cup his face. " I have everything I've ever wanted." I smiled, hoping he felt the sincerity in what I was saying.

"Good." He stated simply before pulling out of my grasp and pulling us both so that we were both standing. "That makes what I'm about to do a lot easier."

Before my brain could grasp the concept of what Edward was saying and doing he was knelt in front of me. His hands holding a small black velvet box.

"Edward." I mumbled, unable to make a coherent sentence.

"Please Bella, this would be easier for me if you didn't speak." He smiled, a small nervous laugh present in his voice.

Edward took my hand in his.

"I was sure that when I did do this I would have an entire speech planned as to what I was going to say to you, all the things about how happy you make me, how lucky I am to have found you. But then I realised I would be here all night, that there isn't enough time in the day or enough words in the dictionary to describe how I feel about you. All I need you to know is that I love you and that I want to spent the rest of my life trying to make you feel as happy as how I feel when I'm with you and I want to do all of that with you beside me as my wife. Isabella Swan will you marry me?"

Edward POV

It felt like an eternity of silence had pasted between us since I had asked the question.

She just stood in front of me unmoving and unreadable.

"Bella I know it's fast, I know we haven't known each other as long as what's expected when proposing but I don't care. All I know is that I love you, all I know is that the short amount of time we have known each other has been the best time of my life. I know I want to marry you. So please Bella, let me out of my misery and answer me. Will you marry me?"

"Ye......yes" she choked, tears engulfing her eyes.

"Yes?" I asked, needing to make sure.

"Yes Edward, yes I will marry you." She practically screamed before launching herself down on me.

We began lost in the touch and feel of each other, our lips searching each others. The kisses shared showing nothing other than pure love.

Bella POV

It was the best feeling in the world to be so content with your life that it seems nothing in the whole universe can make it better. Now I truly did have everything I wanted and some of those things I never even knew I had wanted. Yet the idea of not wanting them now seemed ludicrous.

I had spent many of my years of reading the classic novels, the kind that show us and make us believe in a love that can make you soar amongst the clouds, the type of love that makes a dull day seem brighter purely because you know and are in the presence of such love. They showed the type of love that I had once believed to be unreachable, untouchable to anybody other than the characters within the pages of books.

It was the type of love that I felt right this second, a certain type of love that I had never known, seen or felt before. It was indescribable but all I knew was that I felt it, in every single part of my being . I felt it. At this very precise moment, as I lay in Edwards arms as his chest moving steadily against my back as he slumbers, my hand rested on his as I look upon the ring on my finger I felt it. I felt completely and utterly, soul flying through the sky, in love.

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