A young girl walked down her street to her bus stop. She was not looking forward to having to listen to her history teacher or any other teachers yelling at her. She missed so much school that she never looked forward to getting out of the house for school anymore.

"Why does everything seem to get worse each day?"She asked herself. A S&R truck drove by for the third time since she left the house. The girl looked up as the S&R truck drove by for the fourth time.

" What is this guy doing?" Another girl at the bus stop asked. She turned to look at the young girl. "Well what do you think he is doing Sarflight?" She asked. Starflight looked up in surprise. No one ever asked what she thought about something.

" I don`t know. That was the fourth time it went by." Starflight replied. The girl nodded in agreement. Suddenly the S&R truck slammed on its brakes as starflight suddenly hit the ground . No none else paid attention to starflight as she whimpered in pain from the sudden lash of memories came once more.

(S&R, Ratchet`s p.o.v.)

I drove down the same street four times. Each time as I passed a young girl the energy signal I had picked up got stronger. I noticed that the girl seemed to take her time to get where she was going. I listened as a nother girl spoke to her about me. She looked surprised that someone had spoken to her. I Slammed on my brakes when the girl I been watching crumbled to the ground whipering in pain. The energy level coming from her increased. I turned on the street next to the bus stop. I activated my holoform, and exited my alt mode. I was instantly at the yound girl`s side. No one there seemed to notice she was in pain. I watched as they entered the bus without looking back. The bus driver called out of her window to get her on the bus. I shook my head and said. "She needs medical attention. I`ll get her help you just get them to school." I growled. The bus driver left without looking back. I returned my attention to the girl Starflight he rememberd the other girl call her.
A/n If you like this part I may right more to it This is just the prolougue of how my oc met ratchet. This will be continued later plaes no flames unless you have to.