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"Devyn! Let's go!" I stood at the bottom of the steps, yelling for my daughter to hurry. We needed to leave before the apocalypse came. Bella's finger trailed down my spine, her effort to calm me. The finger dipped into the waistband of my jeans, and traveled around to my stomach, hand following. When her hand started to move lower, a door slammed behind us, and the sound of crying broke me out of my reverie.

Bella's hand shot out of my pants when she saw the state of our boys, covered in snow, and Tristan's lip was bleeding slightly. The same lip was trembling as he reached out his arms for Bella, soft whimpers escaping him, "Momma…Natey hit me!"

Our six year old rolled his eyes, as he pulled his shoes off onto the rug in front of the door, "I didn't mean to hit him. He just got in the way."

My eyebrow arched, and Bella looked over at me, as she coddled our youngest. The four year old rested against his mother, his cold reddened face pressed into Bella's neck. She shivered at the sensation, and the cold seemed to snap her out of her daze, "Come on Tristan, let's get some hot chocolate. Your sister is going to be a while."

Nathaniel tried to dart past me, wanting some of the drink, too, but I caught him by the hood of his jacket. Lifting my middle child, I carried him to the couch. After plopping him down, I stood in front of him, as he looked down at the carpet, "Either explain, mister, or go to your grandpa Charlie's while we pick out a tree, it's your choice."

He plucked the mittens from his cold hands and held the sopping material out for me to take. I chucked them at the front door, and they bounced off the wall before landing on the rug. I grimaced, hoping Bella hadn't heard, praying that she wouldn't see the dark, wet spot, "Tristan got in the way. I was pulling the sled out of the garage, 'cause you said we could use it later. And he wouldn't move, and I was tugging, and I told him to move but he wouldn't and then it hit him in the face."

I winced, calling out to my wife, "Bella, love, use some hydrogen peroxide on his lip. The sled hit him; I don't know what might have been crawling on it in these past months."

Tristan screamed, and I could practically see him squirming, "NO! MOMMA! No 'roxide!"

Nathaniel snorted, "He's such a sissy."

Even though my son had tried to whisper, he knew I had heard when I narrowed my eyes, "Go pack an overnight bag."

"No! Dad! No, I don't want to stay with Grandpa Charlie! I want to help you chop down the tree! Please! I'm sorry!"

Kneeling so that I had his full attention at his level, I pressed my nose against his, "If you misbehave again, kiss this privilege goodbye. Am I understood?"

"Yes sir."

Nathaniel looked dejected as I backed away. Tugging the blue hat away from his messy brown hair, I chucked that toward the front door as well. His brown tresses were as unruly as mine, but nothing close to the color. His chocolate brown eyes were filled with remorse, so I leaned forward to kiss his warm forehead, "Go change your clothes, you don't need to be cold when we cut down the tree."

As he ran out of the room, I sat down in my leather chair, gazing up at the ceiling, thinking about the past. Bella and I had been married when we were twenty, before I'd even completed college. Devyn Renee had come along one year later, with her mother's brown hair, and my green eyes. I knew as soon as I held her that we would have a heartbreaker on our hands, and boy, was I right.

Currently, she was 'dating' a boy named Scottie, at the young age of eight. Bella told me these circumstances were completely normal, and that both of our boys would be 'dating' by her age. Apparently, she and Jacob had 'dated' when they were eight, and she had even been with my best friend, Jasper for a short while when she was in fifth grade and he was in sixth.

What worried me was Devyn's current attachment to the phone, and the "I love you's" that she and Scottie were saying quite often. To remedy this, I had my six year old, Nathaniel Edward. He would listen in on their conversations, and even though his mother scolded him, he continued, so his dad wouldn't have a heart attack.

Nate was every dad's dream; he loved sports, and he played them well. He was currently playing pee-wee hockey, where he had a mean slap shot. He was a rough and tumble kid that wasn't afraid to get dirty. He also loved soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. The energy that he had was excessive, sometimes so much so that we told him to go run laps around the house, outside, of course.

Last came Tristan Charles, our resident momma's boy. It wasn't surprising, and even though I was a pediatrician with my father's practice, I didn't spend as much time with Tristan as I had with Nate. Lately, my dad was hiring new doctors to work alongside of me, and once things were more stable, I would be able to spend more time with my family. This weekend would be a test of the new guys' survival without either Carlisle or me.

My daughter had emerged from her room sometime during my thought process, and she was standing next to me, repeating my name, "Edward!"

"That's Dad to you. Thank you for gracing us with your presence."

Devyn giggled, dropping herself into my lap. Her long brown hair was curly, and her green eyes sparkled as she looked into mine, "Sorry, I was talking to Scottie, figuring out what we're doing for Christmas."

"About that…" I let my voice trail off when I heard knocking at the front door, making me smile, "Go get the door, Dev."

My eight year old daughter walked gracefully toward the front door, and I heard Tristan squeal from his spot in the kitchen. They both knew who was at the door, and I smiled when Devyn was engulfed in a hug from her uncle.

"Emmy!" My sons raced toward the front door, and after Emmett was done hugging Dev, he scooped up his two young nephews. Standing next to Rosalie was Emmett and Rose's son, Andrew.

He had his mother's piercing blue eyes, and his father's dark hair. Shaggy locks fell into his eyes, and ear buds were plugged into the sides of his head. I chuckled as he smiled sheepishly at Devyn. For being Rose and Emmett's son, he was extremely soft spoken, like his Uncle Jasper.

"Hey Dev."

"Hey Drew." Devyn smiled, she and Andrew always had fun, and she was the only one allowed to call him Drew. I sighed and stood, going over to greet my brother and sister-in-law.

"Edward, my brother, how's it hanging?" I rolled my eyes when he crushed me in a bear hug, as the four kids chattered excitedly.

"Wish it wasn't, to be quite honest with you." Rose laughed, as Bella came in from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel, "If anyone wants hot chocolate, there's plenty in the kitchen."

Rosalie embraced Bella, kissing her cheek and the two women moved toward the kitchen, Rose wanted some hot chocolate, the kids tagged along. Emmett raised an eyebrow at me, "So, not giving it to your wife enough?"

I glared at my brother, shoving him lightly, "You're an idiot. I've just been really busy."

"Not busy in the right ways, little brother. Not busy in the right ways."

"You know what?" The door bell rang and I shoved Emmett playfully, "Go get some hot chocolate, you child."

Jasper and Alice wandered in, my sister rubbing her very pregnant tummy. I embraced her gently, not wanting to hurt the child living inside her, "So, how's Finn?"

Alice smiled, leaning over to kiss my cheek, "He's good; active, but good."

Jasper's hand was on his wife's stomach, rubbing soothing circles into her sweater covered flesh, "He's a kicker, this one."

After giving Jasper a one armed man-hug, we stood in the living room, talking quietly about the upcoming holiday. Nate ran out of the kitchen, chocolate across his upper lip. I could tell that he had become jittery from the hot chocolate; I just hoped it wouldn't cause a problem.

"Hey Daddy, hey Jazzy, Mom gave us hot chocolate, and it had marshmallows, and it was good, and I wanted some more, but I dropped the cup, and it chipped, and Mom said I couldn't have anymore and…" My son kept rambling even as Jasper pressed down on his shoulders to stop his incessant bouncing and I covered his mouth.

"What was your Momma thinking, Nathaniel Edward Cullen?" He giggled into my hand, sending vibrations across my palm. His tongue darted out to lick me, and I grimaced at the wet warm feeling of spit in my hand, "Do you have a death wish, boy?"

Nate giggled, "Maybe I do, and maybe I don't. But Momma wants you."

After scooping the dark haired Tasmanian devil from the floor, I went toward the kitchen with Jasper following me. Bella walked over to kiss my lips, then she kissed the tip of Nathaniel's nose, "Thanks baby."

"You're welcome, Momma! When are we leaving? Hmm? Hmmm? Hmmmm?"

I glanced at Andrew, who was talking to Devyn, and he glanced up at me when he noticed that I was staring at him, "First off, do you have any duct tape in your book bag, and second, where in the heck is my hug?"

Andrew blushed, hurrying toward me to give me the hug I'd asked for. I tousled his hair, before fixing stray pieces that I'd knocked askew, "Tape?"

He shook his head, and then backed away from me to stand next to Devyn, "Do I smell?" I asked.

Bella walked over to me, and pressed her nose into my neck, inhaling slowly. Her tongue darted out for a quick lick that no one could see, and then she backed away, smiling at herself, "Nope, he smells good to me."

Alice grinned, "And how does he taste, Isabella? Hmm?"

My wife blushed; her cheeks seemed to be forever tainted red as she looked down to the tile floor. Alice smiled, wrapping her arm around Bella's shoulders, gently jostling her, "Oh Bella, we all know that you've licked every part of Edward."

Devyn and Andrew winced, and my daughter turned toward her cousin, "Too late, but do you want to get the heck out of the kitchen, Drew?"

Andrew nodded, "Yup… I think…" The doorbell rang, "that there's someone at the door. Let's go get it!"

The two eight-year-olds rushed out of the kitchen, and when the door was opened, it revealed my parents. Tristan and Nathaniel took off toward the living room, wanting hugs, candy, and money, or whatever else they could get from my parents' bribery. My siblings followed them.

I sighed, and took advantage of not having kids nearby to harass us, and kissed my wife. The kiss was soft, and slow, my tongue taking time to taste hers. I gently nibbled on her bottom lip, before pulling back, and dragging my tongue across her warm lips. Softly blowing on them, I smiled when she shivered at the feelings of warm and cold on her mouth.

Bella's warm hands slid underneath my sweater, gently fingering my nipples as we moved our lips together again. It was odd, but I had always liked to have my nipples touched, and Bella knew how I liked it. My lips traveled away from hers, and I began to gently suck on her neck, wanting to mark her, but not wanting to deal with the questions.

She bit her lip, holding back a soft moan, knowing that someone was bound to hear. Gently stroking her sides, I sighed against her neck, pushing her back into the counter.

Easy there, I warned myself. I thumped my head against Bella's gently, groaning, before letting my face slide down to the crook of her shoulder. She threaded her fingers through my hair, and I sighed against the top of her covered breasts.

I felt someone tugging on my pant leg, and I turned to see Tristan, holding a half eaten candy bar, "Are we leaving now, Daddy?"

I gazed down at my youngest, "Yeah buddy, go get the dog, and then we can go, okay? Nate, Dev, help your little brother so the dog doesn't drag him around the house, please."

"Aww Dad!" "But I'm busy!" Both of my kids argued, and I narrowed my eyes at them.

"First of all, Nate, you're on thin ice, pal, if you remember correctly." I turned toward Devyn, pointing my finger at her, "And if you can't listen, then you are too young to be dating Scottie, so act grown up or you'll lose your privileges."

With four kids, (Andrew had opted to ride with us) and Sniper, our German shepherd fastened into the SUV, I backed out of the long driveway in my black Lincoln Navigator, a hand me down from my father. We'd attached a tree holster to the top of each vehicle, since the three couples were getting one; my parents had a fake one…Geniuses.

Andrew was gazing intently at the DVD screen in the back of my headrest, and my boys were playing a game in the backseat. My daughter was texting Scottie on her cell phone…Yes, my daughter has a cell phone, which was originally only supposed to be for emergencies, and you see how well that worked out.

Bella stroked my knuckles as they rested on my gearshift, her warm fingers begging to intertwine with mine. When we reached a red traffic light, I leaned across and captured her lips with mine, needing to taste my gorgeous angel.

"Mmm…Bella, love, why do you taste like cinnamon?"

The car behind us beeped, and I noticed that the light had turned green. Bella giggled softly, as she stroked my knuckles, "I just added a little cinnamon to my hot chocolate. Gives it an extra kick."

"Hey Momma?" Tristan was peering in between us, trying to get his mother's attention. I glanced in the rearview mirror to see him licking his lips incessantly.

"Trist, don't lick your lips, Ace. You'll chap them."

"Sorry Daddy. Hey Momma?"

Bella turned toward Tristan, and I could feel the atmosphere in the car change as Tristan and Bella shared a silent conversation, "Edward. Pull over."

I pulled off the side of the road, and Tristan immediately climbed over the seats, rushing to get out of the car once it was stopped. Bella pushed open her door, and lifted him out.

"Gross…" My eyes went out the open door, where I saw my youngest hunched over, vomiting into the grass, "I told him not to play. It always makes him sick."

Nate was biting his lip as he watched his little brother puke, gripping Sniper's leash, but soon, he, too, was darting out of the car, chucking the leash at his older sister. Devyn and Andrew turned to watch, but I grabbed both of their shoulders, "Don't watch. We don't need four sick kids."

Andrew shuddered, turning his eyes back to the screen he had been watching previously, and Devyn went back to her texting. As we waited, I tapped my hands on the steering wheel, going with the rhythm of whatever song was playing on the radio.

Once the boys and Bella were back in the car, I pulled back onto the road, praying that we didn't have any more incidents like this one. Two puking boys were enough.

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