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Sniper padded through the white fluff, his nose pressed against the ground. I stepped over his paw prints, just in case we got lost. Devyn hadn't gotten far, as I heard her sniffling, and Sniper nudged her with his nose, "Go away, Sniper. No one needs to find me."

"What about your Daddy?" Devyn groaned, pressing her face against her purple mittens.

"Especially not you. Stupid dog." I sighed walking through the snow, watching my daughter carefully, in case she decided to run.

"You know, running away never solves anything. Just makes people feel bad, and less likely to trust you."

She scoffed, "You already don't trust me, and I want you to feel bad. You took my phone, and hung up on Scottie."

Kneeling down in front of her, I rubbed her shoulders, as she sat, shivering, "But you never gave me a chance to explain."

"You didn't explain, you just took it and left." I grasped her hands, and pulled my daughter towards me, so that her butt was no longer sitting in the snow, but in my lap.

"I needed to put it away before it got lost or broken. Now are you willing to listen to my explanation?"

Devyn pursed her lips, and puffed out her cheeks, "Will it get me my phone back?"

"I'm not saying yes, and I'm not saying no. You have a chance to get your phone back. Sit there, and listen to what I have to say, okay?"

"Fine." Her tone of voice didn't give me any reason to give her the phone back, but I waited it out, sitting silently until she gave me the response that I deserved, "Please tell me, Dad."

"From what I understand, Scottie is using you, Dev. I know, but before you get angry with me, just listen. I was one of those boys, the one that used the girls, until your mother managed to saddle me up." I winced at the sexual innuendo, suddenly grateful that my daughter wasn't any older than eight, "They get pleasure," wince, "out of your pain. Boys like Scottie think it's funny to see how many girls they date, but they hate it when the girl does it to them."

Devyn let out an exasperated sigh, but waved her hand for me to continue. Her hair fell out of her hat and into her eyes, and she had to peak up at me from under a curtain of hair. When I reached out to adjust the locks, she brushed my hand off, "Come on, Dad. Finish what you have to say, please."

"What I'm saying is that you should dump Scottie before he dumps you."

She gasped, narrowing her eyes. Pushing herself away from my lap, she huffed loudly, stomping off through the snow, back the way Sniper and I had come. Apparently, I had said something wrong. Glancing over at Sniper, I rolled my eyes when I saw him marking a tree, "Let's go, Sniper."

Bella was hugging our daughter, and the boys were standing adjacent to the "hug-fest" unsure of how to react. I could hear Devyn's sobs, and I glanced over at Andrew who winced apologetically. He had nothing to be sorry for; he was just trying to protect his cousin. I waved off his apology, trying to let him know that none of this was his fault; he was doing what he thought was best.

"Daddy?" Tristan's hat was covered with snow, so I tugged it off of his head, and replaced his hat with my own. It was a little big, drooping slightly over his ears, but It was better than the soaked one that now resided in my pocket.

"Ya, pal?"

"Why is Dev-Dev crying? Did Sniper knock her over? Cause he did that to me once, and I got snow in my eyes, and it didn't feel very good, Daddy. Is that what happened?" Shaking my head, I bent down to lift my son up into my arms.

"No, buddy, that's not what happened. Your sister is just upset with Daddy right now, but she'll be fine soon."

"Okay, Daddy. I'm sleepy." I chuckled, kissing Tristan's cold cheek. His skin felt like ice, so I let my hot breath bounce of the pink skin.

"You're sleepy? You still have to help me cut down the tree. You can't fall asleep on me!"

Tristan giggled, "Daddy you're silly."

"I'm silly? Oh I'll show you silly!" Tristan squealed as I grabbed his legs, and dangled him upside down, barely dragging his head across the snow. Swinging him slowly, I began to move in circles as he held his hands out to touch the white fluff, giggling loudly. Soon, everyone was watching the two of us with bright smiles on their face, even my daughter.

"DADDY! LEMME GO!" Tristan was giggling loudly, so I settled him on the ground. His tiny chest was heaving as he breathed in and out, "You're nuts!" The two words made me smile, as I crawled over top of my son to kiss the now sweaty forehead that hid beneath his hat.

"You're nuts, Tristan Cullen."

"Edward, would you get out of the snow, please. I didn't realize that I had four children!" Tristan smiled up at me, his lips slightly parted.

"Ya, Daddy, get out of the snow, or you might in trouble." The way he extended the word 'trouble' made me grin. I liked Bella's kind of trouble.

"No, Bella, I think I'm quite content on the ground." My youngest squirmed out from beneath, hurrying towards his grandparents as fast as his little legs would carry him. I saw Andrew and Devyn talking quietly by a large pine tree, and Nate was play fighting with Emmett. I didn't notice my wife until her shadow loomed over me, her cheeks red.

She kneeled down next to me, her lips hovering above mine. Her breath ghosted over my mouth as I gazed up into her brown eyes, "Get your sexy ass off of the ground, or I'll make you."

I waggled my eyebrows, grinning up at her, "Oh? You'll make me? How do you plan to do that? Hmm?"

My first and last mistake was not watching as my wife scooped snow into her hand. Her other hand opened my pants, and soon the snow was sliding across my crotch. I whimpered, teeth chattering as the wet snow began to soak into my other layers of clothes, "Was that a good enough answer for you, mister?"

Clenching my eyes shut, I nodded slowly, "But you didn't have to be so violent. Little Edward is going to have to go through treatment before I can use him again. So guess who won't be getting any for a while?"

Bella giggled, pressing her lips against my ear, sealing her mouth around my lobe, "Well, if you use your hand, I can use mine too."

Groaning softly, I wrapped my arms around her waist, keeping her lithe body pressed to mine, "You are very distracting, Bella Cullen."

She giggled, and traced my facial features, from my forehead to my jaw line with her pointer finger, "I can't help that I married the sexiest man alive, now can I?"

"Four years straight!"

Bella laughed, rubbing her nose against mine, "More like twelve years straight, sweetheart."

Someone cleared their throat, interrupting my wife and my private time for the second time that day. Jasper smirked down at us, "As much as we would 'love' to watch you get down and dirty in the snow, we have things to get done. Besides each other."

I chuckled pressing my nose into the bare skin of Bella's neck, huffing with fake agitation, "Bella, I told you to stop, you never listen."

My wife rolled her eyes, smirking down at me. Her hand dropped below my waistband, and patted my crotch, packing the snow on my already frozen bits. I groaned, hurriedly scrambling off of the ground to shake the snow out of my pants.

Tristan and Nate stood staring up at the tree, their eyes wide. We'd finally managed to leave Christmas Pines without any more trouble. Devyn got her phone back, after promising she'd be careful. Bella was unpacking the ornaments, and I was laying on the couch, staring at my family.

Apparently, Bella decided that the decorations were unpacked enough, and soon she was cuddled up against my chest, as the children decorated the tree. My parents would be back soon to take the children out Christmas shopping for Bella and I, and we'd get our much needed alone time.

Our youngest flopped down next to us and Bella began to play with his soft hair. I smiled at the two, as Tristan's head lulled back, hitting the couch as his mother continued her comforting gesture.

A soft knock rapped against our front door, but my parents didn't bother waiting. Carlisle and Esme stepped inside; both bundled in winter jackets, shivering slightly from the brisk air. Tristan, who had fallen asleep while Bella played with his hair, was fully alert upon hearing his grandparent's voice.

Once the engine started, and the front end of my father's SUV exited my driveway, I glanced down the street, watching until I could no longer see it.

Bella pressed herself up against me from behind, her hot breath lingering against the warm skin of my neck, "I have an idea."

Her lips traced patterns on my flesh, and I had to bite my lip to stop a moan from escaping, "Oh, you do?"

She nodded, her hands moving to my waist, fingers slipping underneath the hem of my shirt. Her fingernails dug into my flesh and I hissed in pain, spinning in her arms, crashing my lips to hers.

My wife grasped at my back as my tongue slid over hers, tasting every inch of her mouth. Soon, her back was pressed against the couch, my hips rocking against hers. Our frenzied thrusting ended when Bella cried out, tipping her head back. Acting on their own accord, my lips attached themselves to her soft, pale neck.

The passion seemed short lived, as Bella nestled on top of me, hand skimming over my jean clad erection. Just as she was about to dip her hands inside of my pants, lights flashed across the couch, and I lifted her away from my body, obviously alerted.

Bella glanced down at the bulge in my pants, and jerked her head in the direction of the bathroom. Something bad would surely happen if anyone saw me in this state, so I growled, stumbling off towards the bathroom.

Loud voices filled the foyer as I decided whether I should get rid of the problem, or save it for later. When I heard Emmett's voice, I knew the answer. "Fat men tap dancing naked, Mike Newton kissing Jessica Stanley."

There was a knock on the door, and Bella's soft voice called out to me, "Are you alright in there, handsome?"

She jostled the locked knob, so I pulled open the door. Her eyes glanced down at my jeans, and a small smile tugged at her lips, "Don't worry. I'll make it up to you later."

"What are they doing here, love?" Bella winced at my irritated tone, and a blush decorated her soft cheeks.

"I forgot that I told them we'd wrap Christmas presents while Carlisle and Esme took the kids shopping. I'm sorry, sweetheart."

My sigh of disgust did nothing to remove the unwanted guests from my house. Bella hooked her fingers through my belt loops, pulling me from the sanctuary of the bathroom, "Come on, Edward, it won't be that bad."

I narrowed my eyes, "Yes, because that tone of voice makes me want to do leaps as I exit the bathroom."

She tapped my cheek, before turning to leave me standing alone in front of the bathroom door, "Just remember, later."

After taking a deep breath, I lifted my feet and started in the direction of my family members. This was going to be a long night. Sexually frustrated Edward was not something to be meddled with.

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SNEAK PEAK: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Scratching my head, I narrowed my eyes at the computer screen, trying to lessen the glare, "Quinlan? Bella, love, that sounds like the name of a country."

Libby, who had bounced into the room, giggled softly. She'd wanted a little brother and had made the fact very clear; never partaking in our discussions unless we were talking about boy names, "What about Princess, Daddy? Or Yellow?"

I chuckled, leaning down to tickle Libby's sides, wanting nothing more than to hold her. I had a few more weeks, and then the internal damage would be healed enough for me to do some lifting, "Nope, you're my princess."

"But Yellow, Daddy! My little brother could be named Yellow!"