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" Brennan and Booth will end up naked in the same bed somewhere at this season."

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She woke up slowly, which was very anusual for her. In a normal day,her already accostumed body would suddenly let her know that it was well rested and that was time to get up and start her beloved routin. She would quickly get out of bed,stretch,take a cold shower, get dressed, have breakfast and head out to the Jeffersonian. Oftenly, when they had a case, Booth would just pick her up directly at home,and they would just go to the crime scene. So,is was with great surprise that Temperance Brennan realized that her body showed a lot of resistance in even moving,let alone considering actually getting up of her bed.

Her head was heavy and unusually aching,and her eyes wouldn't open up without a lot of effort,even if the room was actually dark,as she noticed the courtins closed. Yet, it hurt to open them,and she let out one soft moan,rubbing her head more deeply on her pillow. And that was when she realized that the pillow was moving rytmicaly,up and down,up and down. And it was kind of hard to be a normal pillow,and large,and it had one amazing scent… she shot her eyes wide open,her head still a big blur, but slowly telling her that something was very,very different. Slowly, she raised her gaze still sleepy,honestly afraid of what she would found, and strangely already knowing it. And there he were,holding her as if they've done this forever, his bare arms encircled possessively around her ,one hand hidden beneath the sheets, the other resting smoothly over her nude belly.

Her best friend and partner,Seeley Booth, looked as if nothing could ever take him from his peacifull sleep,and Brennan mused for a while, getting lost on that view. It was very rare to see Booth so relaxed, sleeping so defenseless. As a former sniper, his body had accostumed to be always alert,and temperance many times saw that even when he was asleep, he would be in some conscious level tense and ready to move. But now, her partner looked truly passed, his face calm and with what it looked like a half smile on his lips. Brennan could have stay watching him for hours, his steady breathing coming and going…but then she remembered that,for the first time, she wasn't looking him from some distance. Nope, she was actually very much close,very disturbingly close,considering that her head was supported by his bare chest. Her blue eyes grew wider, suddenly realizing that his chest wasn't the only thing without clothes on that room. Her own skin was protected by nothing beyond the white satin sheets of her hotel kingsized bed. She took one deep breath and risked looking inside the sheets,making sure of what she already knew. They were both naked.

Temperance Brennan was proud of being one of the most rational people that were put on this world. She could explain and accept things that others would often find quite impossible. She could compartimentalize almost anything and deal whenever she felt like it. But right on that moment, she felt as the world just collapsed upon all reason and thought. Oh no, she couldn't deal with that,not at all. What in the world would they've done to end up in such a compromising,and not so say very complicated position? In her mind,the memories of the prior night seemed read to start showing, nagging and bitting like one carnivorous bug. But she didn't want to remember,at least not like this. Not alone. She couldn't face whatever had happened. So,she did the only thing that seemed the bit right for now. She started the process to wake up her partner,and apparently, bed colleague.

" Booth." She winced as her head complained in pain by the sound of her on voice, even if it was barely more than a Whisper. Yes,it was official: She had a hangover,one of the few in her life. Booth seemed to respond a little to the sound, but much to her dismay, his response was quite disturbing. He tightened his embrace,and his hand hidden , ran beneath the sheets,caressing her soft skin until stoping on her hip. She felt goose bumps all over her,and called his name again before it got more dangerous, for her body was screaming for her to respond. She spoke louder now, also gently shaking his shoulder. " Booth. Wake up" .

Seeley Booth as in a great, peaceful sleep. It was warm in there,confy,and so danm good. Something very soft was pressed against his body,and the feeling was amazing,as if his own body had found it's home. When one small sound came from that soft thing calling his name, he embraced it strongly,lulled by it,his fingers slowly exploring that smooth velvet,until rest on one well structures curve. Hell, that had to be his best sleep ever. So,when his name was again called with more strength this time and his shoulder was slight moving from the pressure of what looked like one small hand, he decided that wasn't fair to end up that moment, and refused to open his eyes,still half asleep. He moved his fingers again, gently and yet tauting, feeling one very firm and well worked butt agains his hand.

" Shhhhh, honey. Go back to sleep." His voice was rough and soothing. Yet he felt a pang on his head with the effort of making one sound. The fantastic dream woman in his arms seemed to freeze against his actions,but the moment was very short, for she started to move and struggle to escape his embrace. " Stop moving,or I'll have to do something about it." He kept his eyes still shut, squeezing lightly that wonderful peace of skin,and despite his body felt all the symptoms that he already recognized as a hangover,it still had the nerve to respond,and a rush of a adrenalin passed in his blood. This was one hell of a great dream, it felt almost real. And that was when the so called dream yelped against his " Butt squeeze" ,moving fastly and trying to roll over.

" Booth!" The voice came surprised and strangled, and Seeley had the first pang of panic. Good Lord, that voice was too real. And way too familiar to be a dream. He felt one long and feminine body start to struggle more against his arms,still closed over her. Two legs were moving against his,on top of his,disentangling from their previou position. Booth did one silent pray before opening his eyes, hoping that all was an crazy allucination from the previous amounts of alcohol that he obviously had been consuming,and for the first time in his life, he wished to wake up with one unknown woman by his bed. That would be one mistake,but one far less complicated than facing the scared big blue eyes that were staring at him now,and he quickly let his left hand go of her hip. Yes, that was his one and only Bones liyng in his hotel bed,in all her glory,her milky skin covered only by a very thin white sheet.

Booth saw one very quick flashback come across his tired mind,and what he saw made his blood pressure increase for sure. There was this very vivid memory of he kissing her senseless, one of her hands pulling him closer and closer while the other opened the bedroom room without any pacience,and now he was facing her against the hotel room wall,his tie already on the floor,his hands pulling her dress without hesitation. He shook his head in a way that made him actually whimper with pain and dizziness.

" Holly Lord. Bones." Booth's voice was now filled with utter panic,witch matched the one in her eyes as met his. He felt very aware,all of sudden,that they were both naked. At the same bed. Oh,that couldn't be good.

" We are…" Her voice completed his toughts,and he felt the attempt to remain calm at it.

" Naked. At the same bed. Wich,among with some suddenly vivid memories that are starting to appear in my head,can only lead us to the conclusion that…" Even with one hangover,his Bones talked a lot,and in a kind of scientific way . He actually tought that was very endearing, but now it wasn't the time for that,and he finished the sentence for her, amazed that she was even still talking to him.

" We had sex. Last night."