I´m Back!

Hey you guys... Not sure you remember me after all this time, LOL. But anyway, here I am with FULL force…I´m on fire after season finale! So, if you didn´t see it yet and doesn´t want any spoiler, stop reading and go the next pharagrpher, will you? Justo know by now that " What happens in Vegas", my first bay, will be back this weekend, because it amuses me to write it and It used to amused you guys to read…; Fever wil, also be finished, one or two more chapters and bye. And the…ooooohhhh, SU MUCH FUN with a new story based on the season finale! I mean, I was kind of depressed with the show, but now? Hello, B/B baby! How long did we await for that to happen? Oh I know…almost seven years! I´ll be damned if I´m not going to start a fic on this while we wait for the new season! So, anyway… right back on my tracks. If you like my stories, follow up and I´ll not disappoint you!

So, this one is to explan to you all my sudden dissapearence, cause you guys were my loyal readers and I owe you an explanation. Well, A lot happened in my life, really, a lot, lot lot. But to summarize, I´ll tell the prior reason of my vanishing. I´m sharing this personal aspect of my life because I feel that too little is spoken of it and too many people suffer. To start with, since my teens years I was diagnosed with a disorder called dystimia. It´s basically a subclinical depression. You know that person that is often blue, that´s introspective, sometimes ill humored and sad? Well, he or she can be just plain boring, or suffer from this disorder. I do, but I was always under control and had a happy, normal life. But last year, because of some happenings, things got MUCH worse and I fell into a major depression crisis. I mean, real depression, that one where you want to die, where you don´t get up of bed, where the doctors go to your house and just shakes their heads while talking to your families. It was really hardcore, and it was, it has been a long way down to my recovery. A combination of a lot of factors, and I thank to them all: My amazing family, friends, God. My therapist. And yes, the medications. Just know that I was nor myself. I didn´t feel able to open my eyes, let alone write something more than my name.

And now, finally, things are settling down. I feel life is good again, and all the things I had missed forever are back, like my hability to write. I have inspirations and will to put things on paper and computer again, people! I´m back with my ballet dancing. I´m playing my violin again. I´m painting and drawing. Ìm laughing about the silliest things. Hell, I´m even kickboxing one more time and back to tai chi! And most importantly, I´m back with my career, becoming a hell of a great cardiologist! Yay!

Why did I tell you guys all of that? Because millions of people suffer from major depression. Sometimes they know it, sometimes they don´t. It´s known by the century´s disease. And I´m pretty sure that at least one person here has this problem. The odds talks by themselves. Or know someone who suffers. And to all that people, I want to say: You may not believe it now ( I didn´t either on my time), but it will pass. Life is good. You are not alone. Please, if you are too sad, if you have no one to talk, at least try me. Don´t do anything bad or stupid. Give me a shot. I´m not a shrink, but I´m a doctor, and more importantly, I´m a patient from depression just like you. I will hear/read you without judging, I will answer if you want me to. That´s a something I´m starting: No to the depression, yes to life and joy.

So, if you want to talk, when you feel that you can no longer take it anymore, please write me. Let me be your friend. Give me one chance. justo review and I´ll send you my personal address ans my facebook.

By the way, if you don´t have any problem but still wants to talk to me, be free to write. Oh, and there´s my facebook page, I´m usually online every night.

Easy to kind, I´m this small person with short hair and a huge tattoo ( a phoenix, imagine that) on my back. Juliana Albuquerque is my name.

Well, I guess that´s all for now…

Until Sunday, Vegas will be updated, so be prepared! Ah, and if you´re a new reader: Welcome! I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoy writing!