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Persistent tapping on the window at Number 4 Private Drive woke the lone inhabitant in the room.

Barely suppressing the moan of pain as the dark haired youth pulled himself off the floor and over to the window. Upon arriving at the window, he frowned at seeing an owl but opened the window anyway. The brown owl stepped forward and held out it's leg, confused Harry removed a rolled up paper from it's leg.

When Harry just stared at the owl it hooted and nipped at the note. Harry looked at the paper and then back at the owl,"Am I suppose to read it?" He asked the owl as if it could understand him.

The owl hooted and seemed to nod. Harry shrugged and unrolled the paper. It was thicker and heavier then regular paper. He blinked in surprise at seeing words scrawled across the paper.

Dear Mr. Potter,
It has come to our attention that you have yet to inform us of your attendance to the reading of your parent's will. Upon investigation it has been learned to us of a redirection of your mail. We are sending an attendant to escort you to the reading. It is important for your attendance as your future is depending on it.
Hopckle Head of Finances Gringotts Bank

Harry frowned again and as he slowly turned away from the window so not to pull anything or cause any extra pain, he was shocked to see an odd looking creature pop into the room. Harry's leg finally gave out causing him lots of pain as he fell on the floor.

The creature stepped forward, "Are you alright Mr. Potter?" he asked.

Harry nodded in surprise.

The creature seemed to study him then snapped his fingers and a few scrolls appeared in his hand, "Mr. Potter my name is Griphook. I am from Gringotts Bank as an escort for you to your parent's will. Do you have anything of importance you wish to keep?" He asked kindly of the battered boy, before continuing with conviction. "As you shall not be returning."

Harry nodded and tried walking over to the side of his bed only to fall after a few steps.

Griphook walked over to Harry and helped him up and supported him as he made his way over to the top of the bed. "Sit here and tell me where and what you want." the creature said in a kind voice.

"There is a loose board under the bed. I want all that is in it." Harry replied in a very raspy voice.

The creature nodded and climbed under the bed only to return with an old blanket and two old and ratty stuffed animals; one a wolf, the other a dog, "Are these it?" Harry nodded with a small smile.

Griphook passed them to Harry, "Sit here a moment. I need to get your 'Guardians' to sign something. Don't worry, it won't take long." Griphook said the last bit when Harry was about to comment.

Quickly Griphook was across the room and out the door with a speed his little size didn't seem capable of.


It had been several minutes when Griphook appeared again with a crack.
"Are you ready Mr. Potter?" He asked as soon as he appeared.

Harry nodded and slowly rose leaning heavily on the desk beside the tiny bed. Griphook walked over to Harry and placing a hand on his arm, both disappeared with another crack only to appear moments later in the middle of a large office with several people seated around a large desk.

Harry's legs refused to support him and he fell into a heap on the floor.

People were instantly out of their chairs and surrounded Harry who cringed and curled into himself. Most of the people froze accept for one sandy haired man. He knelt down beside Harry and started talking softly, "Cub? Is that you?" He asked as he caught the boy's scent.

Slowly Harry slowly opened his eyes at the nickname he remembered from his sketchy dreams of his past. He looked into kind amber eyes, when recognition clicked Harry asked in a tiny voice, "Moony?"

The amber eyed man nodded quickly and smiled with tears in his eyes, "I thought you were dead. Where have you been?"

Harry looked confused, "Where I was suppose to be, at the Dursley's."

Amber eyes were gold rimmed in anger causing Harry to flinch. Moony quickly hid his anger to sooth the scared child, "I'm not mad at you, Cub. You shouldn't have been put there." he said softly then held out his arms but made no move to touch Harry, "I've missed you, Cub."

Harry hesitated then tried to climb into Moony's arms only to fall although he never hit the ground, he was caught gently in a pair of strong arms, "Cub? Are you alright? What's wrong?" The last question was aimed at Griphook.

"I do not know. He was unable to walk or support himself when I arrived in the residence he resided in." Griphook replied.

Moony turned as he called over his shoulder, "Severus, Lucius would you two please come here."

Both men quickly walked over to Moony.

"What's wrong Remus?" Lucius asked before he saw who was in his lap, "Wh-" he started when emerald green eyes peeked up at him from where the boy's face was pressed into Remus's chest.

Both men dropped to their knees beside Remus.

"Filius*?" Severus asked in shocked.

Harry looked up at Severus then Lucius, these men were also familiar. A little light bulb went off in Harry's head like it did for Moony. These men were from his dream as well "Silky? Glimmer?"

Both men nodded with complete joy radiating from their faces.

Just then a rather pissed off man with a long grey beard and hair stalked over to the small group. When he saw whom was in Remus's arms he was livid, "HARRY! What are you doing here!" he snarled at the terrified child.

Harry flinched and clung to Remus who was getting pissed off as well. As a group all three men rose from the floor and confronted the old man.

"YOU! YOU left him there! Just who the HELL do you think you are!" Remus snarled while still soothing Harry in his arms, "You told us Harry was DEAD! He was NEVER to go to those monsters! If Sirius couldn't take him then Lucius, Severus or myself were to raise him"

"Now Remus, you know I couldn't leave Harry with a Werewolf or two known Death Eaters." Dumbledore said in a very pissed off voice.

Gold eyes flashed, but Remus was cut off when a throat was cleared. The group turned to see a really old creature sitting behind the desk the group had originally been sitting in front of when Harry popped in.

"We should get started." He said causing the adults to seperate from Dumbles (no Albus isn't counted among the adults, that is because he is a glow worm!)

Remus lifted Harry into his arms, ignoring the flinch, and carried him over to the chairs and sat with Harry in his lap.

"Now that we have everyone here I'll get started:

'We James Milyardo Potter and Lily Ann Potter nee Evans being of sound mind and of our own free will do hereby bequeath the Potter estate as follows

First, if Albus-man-with-too-many-names-Dumbledore is present then hear this, you are NOT in any way Harry's guardian. You have known of this will and to whom he will go to and whom he is NOT to go with. You were not our Secret Keeper due to your betrayal to us several times. Doing things for the greater good does not mean you can sacrifice the happiness of those that wish to support and aid the People that wish to defend everyone. If you sacrifice the wrong person, you could distroy the world as we know it...

Now with that being said, Dumbles you are exempt from the rest of this Will and Harry's life unless he wishes to go to Hogwarts and only then with a guardian present with him at all times (yes we can do this, we checked)

With the last word spoken and loud crack sounded and Dumbles disappeared.

Now on with the goods

Sirius Black we leave you 10,000 galleons and our most precious possesion, our son Harry.
Remus Lupin we leave you the Lunar Cottage, 20,000 galleons and partial guardianship of Harry, I'm sorry it's not more but the laws won't let us do more.
Peter Pettigrew, if you are not the traitor in Lily's vision then we leave you 10,000 galleons, if you are you get a nice toasty place in Hell.
Severus Snape we leave you the Apothrocey in Lunar Eclipse Alley, 20,000 galleons. We also leave you your title Lord Snape as well as all of your inheritence lost to you by your father. It was all in a vault in Gringotts under Ministry possession. Money buys you anything if the right person is on guard. (James watched the guards for a few weeks and figured out the weak link) You also receive a pardon for services to Voldemort.
Lucius Malfoy we leave you 10,000 galleons as well as a pardon for services to Voldemort. We know you were a spy and you helped us alot. Thank you. We also leave you Silver Moon Cottage. You can now leave that little bitch your father saddled you with. We found we can do this since the Malfoys are under Potter protection,we were going to do this after we got out of hiding. Your marriage is now Void if you so wish it and you can now go hunt for your mate. Your son is in your custody since the Ministry has no say.
Draco Malfoy we leave you 10,000 galleons as well as a school vault and Potter protection.
Alice Longbottom we leave you 10,000 galleons and the bookstore Read To Your Heart's Content in Lunar Eclipse Alley.
Frank Longbottom we leave you 10,000 galleons and the charms shop Ye Ol'd Knicknacks in Lunar Eclipse Alley.
Neville Longbottom we leave you 10,000 galleons as well as a school vault and Potter Protection.
And Finally
Harry James Potter we leave you everything else. You are now Lord Potter-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff-Merlin-Le'fay-Wyndham. We have left everything you need to know in your vault. We love you so much Harry and we are so sorry we didn't get to see you grow.
If for some reason any of the people mentioned can't obtain their inheritance than it shall go to their children. If they are too young then in will be watched and cared for by Sirius, Remus, Severus and Lucius until the people can take control.
If for any reason Harry can not go to Sirius Black and/or Remus Lupin then he is to go to people in this order,

1. Severus Snape and /or Lucius Malfoy

2. Frank and Alice Longbottom

3. Minerva McGonagel

4. Gideon and /or Fabian Prewitt

We love you all,
James and Lily Potter.


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Words to note:

*Filius - means child