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As the group was making their way through the main lobby of the Bank towards the counters a goblin intercepted them.

"Excuse me sirs, the Priestess said you'd be wanting to visit your vaults. I will be your Cart Guide. If you would please follow me I will take you down." Griphook informed the group and started off in the direction of the the Cart Hall.

Remus looked at the others, shrugged then followed the goblin.

Once in the Cart Room Griphook motioned to one of the larger carts. "If it is the child's first time in a cart I reccommend they be held firmly in your lap."

Sirius sat down in one of the seats and gently placed Harry on his lap, "Pup, this cart will be going rather fast and through a few sharp turns. If you get scared you can just tuck you head against my shoulder but don't bend your neck, that will only hurt it."

Harry nodded in understanding and snuggled against Sirius as the others were seated in the cart with Draco in Lucius's lap.

"Are you ready gentlemen?" Griphook asked and when Remus nodded, "What are all of the Vaults you wish to visit?" He asked.

"Just Harry's Vaults. We have the Goblin Cards. We just need to look in Harry's Vaults for something." Lucius replied.

"Certainly Sir. Potter family Vault right away. A Goblin Card will be waiting at the counter for Lord Potter when you return to the surface. Now let us be off." Griphook replied and started the cart.

They reached the Vault quickly. Sirius looked down at Harry, "Are you alright Pup?"

Harry nodded and bounced excitedly in his lap, "That was fun! Can we do it again?"

Sirius laughed, "We will be doing it again once we leave the vault so we can return to the surface."

"Lord Potter, I will need you to open the door." Griphook said as he climbed down from the cart.

Harry scrambled down from Sirius's lap and rushed over to the vault door, "I'm sorry."

Remus knelt down in front of Harry,"You did nothing wrong, Cub. We just wanted to let you know we needed you over here." Remus said gently, cupping Harry's cheek.

Griphook cleared his throat to gain their attention., "Lord Potter if you would, please place your hand on the Potter Coat of Arms. You will feel a small prick, it is just testing your blood to make sure you are not trying to trick us."

Harry did as he was told and only flinched slightly when he felt the punture. A loud rummbling sound filled the air as the huge doors barring entrance to the vault opened.

Harry gasped and his eyes grew huge as he saw the inside of the vault. Large stacks of different types of coins were gathered in the far corner. A few doors were placed throughout the vault with labels on them of what was inside. Shelves full of books covered the walls and trunks were placed everywhere. Other odds and ends were displayed in the main room as well.

Harry walked in, feeling a pull towards a display case in the center of the room. Inside was a platnuim necklace with a beautiful pendant. The pendent was of a stag and a doe curled together with a baby fawn. There was also a small jewelry box inside. The box was an emerald green with silver and gold lining each corner. His family crest was on the top surrounded by rubies and emeralds.

Harry opened the glass case gently and lifted the necklace out. It seemed to vibrate in his hand and he could feel the tickle of magic on it. He reached into the case with his other hand and opened the little box. Inside was a letter.

"Moony?" Harry asked as he looked over his shoulder too see the men looking through the books on the shelves.

Remus looked up and walked over to him, "What is it Cub?"

Harry held up the necklace, "I felt pulled to this case and in the jewelry box there was a letter for me. Can you read it for me?" he asked shyly.

Remus smiled, "Of course, Cub." replied as he opened the letter.


If you're reading this than we aren't around to see you grow. Hopefully our will has been read and you've been Blood Adopted by Remus, Sirius, Severus and Lucius. The necklace in this case we has specially made for you. It has protection charms on it as well as a tracking charm that can't be removed. Once you put this necklace on it can't be removed. In the jewelry box are several sets of jewelry that have protection charms and such on them. They are for you.

Now, if your mum's vision came true than you are wondering what kind of creature you have become. Well with the mix of bloods you have become what is called a Night Kissed Angel. There are many variations of the name but they all mean the same are a very rare race and very powerful. You will carry traits from your Fathers' Mum's creatures as well. Every Night Kissed Angel is different.

You will come to find that cratures both magic and non-magic will protect you. You may not even know them but they will. You mum says that is all of the information I can give you. You need to research it.

We love you very much and we are so sorry we couldn't be there with you. Your new dads will take care of you now.

Love you so much,

Mum and Dad.


"Daddy Prongs?" Harry asked with tears in his eyes.

Remus knelt down in front of Harry and gathered him in his arms, "It's alright Cub."

Harry started to sob. Remus lifted him up and turned to the other men in the group. "Look for Night Kissed Angel."

Silently the men nodded and searched the seeminly endless row of books. Remus walked over to a trunk and used his foot to lift the lid he peered of miniture books filled the box.

"This will take a while." Severus said as he searched another area.

"Can't you just summon it to you?" Draco asked curiously.

The sound of loud flesh on flesh smacks was heard as the men in the room smacked their own foreheads.

Remus pulled out his wand, "Accio Night Kissed Angel books."

Suddenly a dozen books flew off of the shelves and landed in a pile in front of the Werewolf.

Remus turned to Sirius, "Could you find an empty trunk to put the books and this jewelry box in? I'm going to walk Harry around the vault and see if he wants to take anything with him at the moment."

"Yeah, no problem." Sirius replied as he walked towards the back of the vault.

Remus gently set Harry on his feet, "We're going to walk around the vault together and see if there is anything you want to take with us right now. Is that alright with you?"

Harry nodded shyly so he and Remus started their walk. Lucius, Severus and Draco waited outside of the vault while Sirius walked behind the pair with the trunk to place the items in.

After about half an hour, the trio walked out of the vault. Remus shrunk down the trunk Sirius was carrying and placed it in his pocket. "I think it is time for a little shopping." he suggested as he lifted Harry and climbed into the cart, placing Harry on his lap.

"I believe that is a wonderful idea, don't you Sirius? We can get all four of you a whole new wardrobe." Lucius replied as he too climbed into the cart, a michevious gleam in his eyes.

Severus raised a brow at the the gleam, "Four? I was under the impression Harry and Sirius were in need of a wardrobe makeover and since it is you we're talking about possibly Remus as well." he questioned as he place Draco on his lap.

Lucius smirked, "Yes, but we are getting you a new wardrobe as well. It is beyond time to get you into the wonderful world of color."

"We shall see." was the only reply Severus would give.


The adults all but stumbled out of the cart rather ungracefully.

"No offense Griphook, but I hate that cart." Sirus said as he slowly got his bearings again.

Griphook smiled, it looked really creepy, "Not many adults enjoy the ride. Now if you'll follow me, we can get Lord Potter his Goblin Card." he replied then started of towards the Main Lobby.

The counter Griphook led the group to had another goblin and a young man in an odd outfit waiting in front of it. As they approached the pair turned towards the group.

"Ah, there you are Griphook. I hope everything is in order with your clients' vaults." the goblin commented.

"Of course, Sir. I just need to get Lord Potter a Goblin Card and they are set for this visit." Griphook replied with a bow then turned to his group, "May I introduce King Ragnarok. He is the Goblin King as well as Head of Gringotts."

"It is a pleasure My Lord." Lucius replied with a bow.

"The pleasure is mine." Ragnarok replied then motioned to the young man beside him, He was roughly 5'9" with a slighty muscular build. He had solid red hair that fell to his waist. His face looked like it had just been sculpted from marble with thin lipsand a sickly pale skin tone. His eyes were a sickly black and didn't seemed to hold life in them

"This is Mister Ralf Ledge. He is the Grounds Keeper at Triad Academy."

"Nice to meet you, gentalmen. The Headmasters wished for me to bring you your supply list for the boys but also show you Triad shopping. I am to show you what is good to purchase here as well as what is better to purchase elsewhere." Ralf informed them snidley then demanded "Who is whom I really don't have time to guess."

"I am Remus Lupin, this is my mate Sirius Black. Next to him is Lucius Malfoy and his mate Severus Snape. And these two are Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter-Black-Lupin-Malfoy-Snape."

Ralf rolled his eyes at their names then pulled out two letters and handed them to the young boys, "These are your acceptance letters. Read them and choose your classes then I will take you shopping."

Severus raised a brow, "We appriciate you coming to help us, but we have other things to retrieve while we're shopping as well. We are going to The Leaky Cauldron and things can be explained there."

"I don't have the time. If you ddon't feel the need to respect me and my time then I will just leave. You gentlemen and those boys of your's are just another group of loosers that will leave the school when they realize they got in over their heads. " Ralf snapped then turned and walked away as he tossed a pile of envelopes over his shoulder.

Ragnarok picked up the pile as Griphook arrived with the Goblin Card. "I'm sorry for him. Mister Ledge isn't a happy man. He was happy, but life threw his too many twists.

But that is not my story to tell. I will contact the school and see if they can send another Proffessor. If you will excuse me." Ragnarok said as he headed down the hall of offices.

"Here you are, Lord Potter. This is your Goblin Card, "Griphook explained as he held out a royal purple credit card, "It acts just like a Muggle Debit Card. It takes the money directly from your accounts to pay for your purchases. Now if you'll just drop two drops of blood on it nobody else can use it if it gets stolen or unless you give a person permission." he finished explaining.

Harry lifted a hand to him newly formed canine and bit one of his fingers. Quickly he let a few drops fall onto the card. A gold glow surrounded the card then recieded.

"You are all set now, Lord Potter. If you need anything else or have any questions you are always welcome to come in and ask. May your wealth be vast." Griphook said with a bow.

"May your business prosper." Remus replied.


"Let's sit in the back. Nobody will bother us back there." Severus commented as they entered the Leaky Cauldron.

"Sounds good. We can go over the letters from Triad the boys recieved and decide where we want to start." Remus replied as they made their way to the back booth.

"I believe clothes will be the most important. Harry here is still in Ritual Robes still so I would rather get him his wardrobe and some real clothes as well. We can get their supplies afterards. But first let's eat." Lucius said as he sat down with the others.

After a few minutes a bald, hunched man walked over to their table, "Welcome Lords, what can I get for you today?"

Lucius smiled politly, "Hello Tom. We would like a round of medium rare stakes and mash. Pumpkin Juice for the boys and Butterbeer for the rest of us as well." (A.N. I am American so I'm not to familiar with British dishes. I will probably use American dishes alot with only a few British dishes I find in books and HP).

Just as the food arrived another chair appeared along with an extra plate. Right as they were going to ask what was going on a man walked...well he glided up to their table. He stood at a towering 6' 4" with broad shoulder and an amazingly glorious muscular build emphasized by the tight jeans and skin tight shirt. His face looked to be sculpted from marble with luciously blood red lips. His solid white hair fell in a chaos of waves to his waist and seemed to draw attention to his strong frame and deep tan. His eyes stood out against his hair in a contrasting solid black.

"Good afternoon gentlemen. I am Professor Jonah Deathblade. I teach Demonology at Triad Academy and King Ragnarok requested for another Professor to speak with you." Jonah said.


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