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You're probably wondering why The Doctor was running, and what he was running from.

Since Martha and Jenny were out investigating together, The Doctor was on his own.

After about two and a half hour of unsucsessful serching, he decided to head back to the TARDIS when he noticed a old wearhouse.

His head strated pounding the second he saw it. This was it. This was where the signal was!

But how would he get in?

A loud clang from behind him caused him to jump around and face two large men, one with a crowbar.

"Hello Doctor." The crowbar holding man smirked and tried to whack The Doctor with the wepon.

Quickly, The Doctor jerked out of the way and bolted down the street, with the men in pursuit.


Ingrid Swan crouched on the sidewalk, picking up the Christmas decorations she had dropped.

She was just walikng along when some guy, dressed in a blue suit came running past followed by two other men, one with a crowbar, and knocked her over!

If she ever saw that man again, she'd strangle him with her headphones!


Martha and Jenny ran threw the streets.

"Where the hell did dad park the TARDIS!?" Jenny yelled.

"In a alley." Martha answered.

"WHICH ONE!?" Jenny was getting frantic.

Martha ignored her this time and dialed The Doctor's number.


The two women stopped dead in there tracks. There was another phone ringing.

The two turned and saw the TARDIS, The Doctor's phone on the ground and a note on the door.

Jenny walked up, pulled the note off off the door and read it.

"If you value your lives, I'd suggest you leave."