Stray Cat Strut?

Chapter One: A Little Wiggle Room

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization, felt a chilly unease as she sat up in her luxurious four poster bed. Her senses, though dulled compared to the days of her youth, and sight cut in half with the subtraction of one eye, were still very much sharp for being in her mid fifties. Her head swiveled around, scanning her retiring chamber for malformaties. Despite nothing looking out of place, she still was not assured of her safety. She had felt something, a presence, if it could be called that; as if someone or something had just been watching her. Could it have been Alucard checking in on her? Nonsense, an act that caring was just out of character for the blood feeding bastard.

She pondered what the sensation felt like exactly. It was familiar, that much was certain. As if she had felt it before; but from where, precisely? There wasn't accurately mal intent, she did not feel as if her life had been threatened or that she was in any way, shape, or form with in the path of harm. Could it have just been something she had imagined then? Or perhaps a feeling which lingered from a dream? She did have trouble remembering the contents of her dreams these days, so perhaps that was the culprit for her alert state.

Besides, even if it was a presence, she had confidence in the night watch: Half a mansion of highly trained soldiers who specialized in combating supernatural forces, and two very powerful night walkers. Yes, there was nothing to worry about, all was fine. All was good. Integra rested her head upon her pillow once more and slowly allowed her remaining eye to close.

And there it was again, the pressure felt when another being watches you! Her eye slip open slowly as her right hand placed its grip onto one of her many hidden hand guns, this one under her down pillow. She gauged where exactly it was she was being watched from. Though this was a difficult task, for it felt as if she was being watched from all around her. Was she surrounded? No, it only felt like one entity… and it was strongest coming from one of her hand carved oak desks, located by a ceiling high window. Good, that would mean she didn't have to pass her blind spot to get a clean shot.

Like a whip she snapped about, releasing one bullet from her weapon into the shoulder of a shadowy figure, which squeaked and toppled over onto the ground. It looked human, and small. Integra was now on her feet, hand gun still pointed at the once again raising being in case it made any movements she did not approve of, and stepped back to a lamp; which she clicked on with her free hand.

Her eye widened with recognition, "You!" She shouted.

"Geeze fräulein, vas shooting me in za arm v'really all zat necessary?" the boy in front of her demanded, hand rubbing where the bullet had entered.

"You're that messenger!" Integra announced, slight shock setting in at seeing a monster she thought annihilated long ago suddenly appear before her.

"I 'ave a name, you know," he said with mock indignant harboring.

"Silence!" Sir Hellsing shouted, "What business do you have sneaking around the room of a sleeping woman in the middle of the night?!" If she remembered correctly this feline boy could not be disposed of by means of gunfire alone, holy bullets or not. Surely someone had heard her shot and shouts though, so any moment now back up should arrive to check in on her.

"Ehh, curiosity, I suppose," the Hitler youth responded, hands now placed on the back of his head as he leaned against her unique ornate desk, "Vhat else doest a cat need?"

Sure enough two heavily armed Hellsing soldiers soon came rushing to the door, knocking furiously and shouting, "Ma'am, we heard shots fired! Are you alright?!"

"Get your bloody arses in here! We have a situation!" their Director commanded. The men entered the room noisily and rushed onto either side of their commander, guns automatically pointed in the boy's direction.

The cat child blinked a few times, but otherwise seemed very unimpressed. Though that isn't to say he didn't appear cheerful. On the contrary, he wore the same smile Integra had always remembered him wearing.

"Ma'am," The soldier to her right began, "we have the target in our sights, ready to fire when ordered."

"Hold your bloody fire!" Sir Integra bellowed, "We have the situation under control, I need him to talk." Not to mention the risk of damaging her room and all its possessions was extremely high at the moment, "Your name, boy, out with it then."

"Ahhhh!" the target squealed in delight, mouth full of happy white teeth as his black cat ears twitched, "I ist Junior Varrant Officer Schrödinger! Or just Schrödinger, if you vish to cut formalities. Good evening to you, fräulein."


"Yes Ma'am?"

"You will hold your fire, understood?"

"Yes Ma'am,"

"Ah ha!" Schrödinger squeaked again, "Zhen doest zhat mea-"

He wasn't able to complete his question though, as another bullet had been fired and found its self lodged into Schrödinger's skull. His wide eyed smile remained as he crumpled onto the floor, blood flowing out everywhere.

"There will be no more of that, boy," Sir Integra huffed, "I am no longer a young girl, and to placate me as such will earn you much worse from this point on."

"My, my," A deep, dark voice filled the room, dimming out the lamp light until it was nothing, from out of the shadows a multitude of red eyes appeared, allowing through their warped surfaces the stalking form of the great vampire, Alucard, "You seem just as saucy as ever, my master,"

"Alucard," Integra breathed out, both in annoyance and relief, "You seemed to have taken your time arriving, we have a situation at hand."

"Oh, I saw," the towering former man confirmed, "That boy standing behind you, correct?"

"Behind?!" Integra shouted, now realizing that the Warrant Officer's body was no longer on the ground in front of her and her men. She turned about face to be greeted with his frame again, standing, no, leaning against a wall and looking rather pleased with himself, not a single wound to be seen.

"Ja!" Schrödinger said happily in his heavy German accent, "You didn't expect me to just dirty zhe place up like zhat, vright?"

"Why you-" Integra started to curse, but her servant decided to speak up.

"Bullets won't work on this one, my master," Alucard said calmly. Schrödinger's ears folded back some at the sound of his voice.

"Then what the bloody hell are we to do with him?" the Director demanded, she didn't like situations being out of her control.

"Nothing," her monster servant responded simply, but with a toothy grin of his own.

"Nothing?" Integra bleated out, "You expect me to just let this… creature to run free then?" He wasn't all together a vampire, but neither was he fully a cat, so she settled with creature to classify him.

"Hey!" the child protested, "I am not just some creature! I'm a cat fvolk! You know, a cuar, a gylphid, a rakshasa. Vell, simply put, a cat boy-" and yet again the youth was silenced by Integra's gun fire, strait through the head.

"I could care less what your species is called; you do not interrupt me when I am speaking!"

"I was wondering when he would show up," Alucard started to say, "to be honest it took him longer than I expected."

"Than you expected?" She stepped back turned to her two guards, "You two are dismissed, we can handle the rest from here," she didn't feel like the possible information she was about to receive should be made public to her troops. They saluted their leader and exited post haste. Integra sighed and addressed her supernatural servant, "Alucard, explain yourself. Do you know something about all this then?"

"I have a guess, is more accurate to say. You see, as I was killing off the three million souls that I had accumulated over my hundreds of years roaming the darkest parts of hell, I would every so often find Warrant Officer Schrödinger and destroy him as well. Only as you can guess this had little effect; even after completely eradicating his remains he would come back when I wasn't looking so as to watch my slaughtering of souls. Finally it was down to just me and him. Nothing I could do would take care of him, and I am a rather creative individual when it comes to the art of killing. I finally managed to reject his existence with in me and we separated. I naturally came back to you strait away, Sir Hellsing. I had grown irritated with the boy and left him to do whatever he wanted."

"Ja!" Schrödinger piped up, now unscathed yet again and sitting cross legged on the bed, "Und I vent on a trip av'round zhe vorld. I vanted to see how much had changed over zhe last zhirty years." His voice caused Integra's remaining eye to twitch with repressed rage. She decided it would be better to just try and ignore him.

"Vampire," she spoke to Alucard, "is he a threat?"

"Only to me, and possibly our police girl, but that is if we either try to feed on him or take in vast amounts of blood like I had when we last fought his war mongering brood. Otherwise from what I was able to tell from the blood of the Millennium troops I had devoured, he is neither abnormally harmful nor can he be harmed."

"Explain what you mean when you say 'abnormally harmful.'"

"Much like any other physical being in this world; as far as battle goes, he is limited only by the weapons he possesses."

"Und I only have my v'one av'arded knife," the youthful cat boy piped up, "vhich ist only to be used on ov'icial Hitler-Jugend duty. Und as Herr Major ist looooong gone, I doubt seriously I vill ever be using it again."

"So you are telling me," the director of Protestant Knights said ever so forcefully, "that am to just do nothing as this… this… reject of a midian struts about my room like he owns the place?"

Schrödinger's ears drooped as he made a frown, "Sister ist so mean…"

Alucard, on the other hand, was smiling as wide as ever, "Would you rather him have the run of the house as we try to pointlessly chase him from place to place, disrupting the faculty and annoying any guests who happen to be hosted by us? And in turn raising unwanted questions about the nature of a nonhuman?"

"Ahh!" the cat child squealed with glee, Integra's heart sank at the sound of it, "zhat sounds like a vounderful idea! I think I'll go have a look av'round!" And before Sir Hellsing could so much as tell him to hold it, he had jumped under the bed, no doubt replacing himself in some other random location on the estate to cause havoc.

"Alucard," Integra growled, "You knew full well he was going to do that even before you opened your ridiculously huge mouth, didn't you?"

"Indeed," the ancient vampire purred.

"Why the hell would you make the situation worse then?!"

"On the contrary, my master, I just made things more bearable."

"Oh you did then? Mind explaining yourself?"

"Certainly, you see, Schrödinger has the tendency to constantly find new sources of entertainment. Or at least that was the impression I got when I fed on Rip Van Winkle. If he felt he was contained to just this room and was unwanted, then the boy might have decided to flaunt his newfound freedom and run amuck about London, or even all of the United Kingdom, just to have us run about on a wild goose chase. Imagine it, reports flying in nonstop from all over our territory of a supernatural child in a Hitler's Youth uniform terrorizing the entire nation. Would you be up to it?"

"So then why suggest the estate?"

"There is plenty to amaze a young mind like his on Hellsing Manor for a long stretch of time. Sure, it might be an annoyance every so often, but at least he would only be our problem, and not the nation's."

"You really think he'll be entertained that long here?"

"Yes, as long as there is always something new to discover. Besides, this should give us enough time to figure out a way to contain him, don't you think?"

"So this is a distraction," it wasn't a question.

"We can think of it as such. Heh, the police girl is returning, I wonder how she will take his presence?"

"You seem just as entertained by all this as he is," Integra pointed out with indignant observation.

"It's been boring these last few years since my return. This might prove to be just what I need to pass the time."

"At all of our expense, no less."

"Would you have me any other way?"

The director scowled and turner her back on her undead servant, "Fine, just don't let this interrupt my sleep again. He's your responsibility now."

"Of course, my master." Alucard inclined his head as he melted away into the shadows. The lamp light began to return, which she had to shut off.

"Git," she mumbled, returning the gun under her pillow and laying her head down atop it, "This had better just be some bizarre dream I won't remember in the morning."