Onna – Woman

Tenshi – Angel

Yokai – Demon

Ningen – Human

Sengoku Jidai – A time period in the history of Japan (1467 – 1615) CE (Common Era) or AD (Ano Domini)

Kami – God

Maaya – Japanese name meaning True Design

Takamine Joukichi – A Japanese samurai and chemist (November 3, 1854 – July 22, 1922). He isolated the enzyme Takadiastase for his research in rise fermentation for the production of sake and in 1901 he isolated and purified the hormone adrenaline –the first effective bronchodilator for asthma– from animal glands, becoming the first to accomplish this for a glandular hormone

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Chapter 1: Meeting

When she entered the club, her thin and elegant figure caught the attention of all the males in the room. Some were hanyou or yokai and she could even pinpoint a human or two looking her way, but she did as if they weren't there. Some other time she would have been nervous at the predatory looks she was receiving, but today was her fun day, and she wasn't about to allow those bastards to get in her nerves. So she ignored them and continued to walk toward the bar swaying her hips at the loud music. The sounds felt so right and delectable that her feet were twitching with anticipation.

She sat down in one of the unoccupied chairs and asked the bartender for a beer. She wanted to feel sensual in the dance floor, and alcohol always helped. She noticed the man was a hanyou with dark hair and shining blue eyes with a half-smile in his lips as he looked at her. She had to admit the half-demon was attractive with his boyish face and strong built, but he looked too nice for her. She never liked good boys before so why start now. The bartender brought her the beer and went back to his business when he noticed she wasn't interested. She smirked at herself when she saw the rejected look the guy had. It reminded her of the time she lived in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Boys tended to flock around her at the tender age of 15. She had enjoyed their attention very much, but nowadays she hardly had time to notice such things. 90% of the time she was working her ass off at the station. Technically, that day wasn't supposed to be any different but her friends convinced her to actually take some days off. She had been working for two years straight with no rest or unnecessary outing. She hadn't been complaining at all, but her so called friends were. They insisted she needed to liberate herself from the tensions of her job. 'What tensions?' she had asked. But they said nothing and shipped her off to the club she found herself in. Once she was on her way she began to think they were right, or at least, not completely wrong. She had been alone for several years since her last boyfriend and maybe she needed to change her routine. Miroku had said that finding some male company would be a really nice variation and she was beginning to think about it. Up until that point in her life, she had still to give herself to a man and she really thought that she wouldn't find the right person before she was old and decrepit; especially after the boyfriend fiasco of years before. Deciding she would seriously consider it if someone of notice appeared in her radar, she just drank from her beer.

After several minutes of considering what she going to do in such a place, she started looking around the club. It was like any other nightclub she had entered before, except with a lot of people dancing. Truth be told, she had only been in a discotheque making an arrest, and at those times the place was a wreck with not much to look at. However, even when the club thing was new to her, the blaring music was not and it felt good to her ears, the sound kept building the need to shake her body until she couldn't move another muscle from her exhausted carcass. She really needed to dance. It had been so long since she had time to enjoy herself that she had forgotten what it felt like. But that's what happens when you run away with your 'boyfriend', if it must be called that. The memories returned to her opening once again the book she had sworn to close forever and she saw her younger self with a smitten smile in her innocent face.

At the beginning everything had been ok. Granted, she wasn't sure how she had ended up in the city with the guy but he seemed nice enough. The man was actually a yokai and, although she had been apprehensive at first, he didn't harm her. Maybe she should have considered he had kidnapped her but it never crossed her mind since in her primitive village such things rarely happened. She remembered that in the small town, people didn't like yokai, but they didn't fear them either, claiming to be under the protection of Inari, an ancient god of fertility. Either way, she found herself in the city with a yokai and very unsure of how she had gotten there. With patience unknown to any species, he explained to her, over and over again, that they had met in her village and began to see each other frequently. Eventually, he began to court her but her family was against their union so they decided to elope. On their way to the city, she had had a head injury making her forget the memories pertaining to him.

She had believed him even when something about the baloney story didn't strike her right, and in mere weeks, he had grown on her and she actually convinced herself that what he said was true and that she loved him as he had claimed she had done before. But such fake happiness wasn't to last. Not when he wanted her to prove her love for him. Her answer was simple. If they loved each other so much, they should marry first and then consummate their mating. She obviously didn't know what she was talking about and he didn't seem to understand the concept either. Instead, he became violent, breaking dishes and furniture around the small apartment in the poorest and most lawless part of the city. One time he almost hit her. From then on, she began to fear him and doubt his intentions toward her. But once again, she convinced herself that she loved him so she would stay by his side until he decided to wed her. Besides, everything was new to her. The technology had been kind of overwhelming at first, remembering that such things didn't exist in her village and she had always heard of how advance cities were. Also, she didn't know her way around the place. The farthest she had gotten from the apartment was two blocks away and she had returned soon after, fearing she would get lost.

As time passed, he also became more spiteful toward her for the continuous refusals. In the end, they had a huge fight during which he called her a bitch and gold-digger –she had no idea he had a penny to his name, let alone that he was rich– before he stormed out of the apartment. She went after him and, as expected she got lost. After several hours of wandering aimlessly through the city and being chased several times by a group of thugs, she came to hide in an alley. There she found a crunched figure crying. The person looked so hurt and isolated that it pinched her heart to hear the pained sobs. For some strange reason, the fear and apprehension of being harmed again felt too familiar. And, when she tried to approach, startled brown eyes looked at her with fear. The first urge the woman got was to run away, but she followed and told her she didn't wish to do her harm. That had gotten the girl's attention.

Guessing the young woman, who appeared to be about 18 years old, knew the area better than her, she asked her how to get back to her apartment. At least she had had the sense to learn the address as her boyfriend had requested. The girl accepted to help and while Maaya showed her one her best smiles, she began to ask questions about her.

She learned that the woman's name was Hitomiko. She had lived in a shrine in Okinawa with her mother, brother and grandfather. One day, in her way to school a stranger came to her and began asking questions about the shrine and her family. She answered most of them since she thought the man only wanted to know about the history of the shrine. But that wasn't the case. The man kept meeting her at the same place over and over again, each time asking more personal questions. When she didn't answer his queries, he began to stalk her. By the end of the month she was afraid to leave her house and still the man came every day. She could see him from her window. They had called the police but they did nothing about the situation. One night, the man entered the house and killed her family. She had run away the instant she saw him while the rest, against her advice, went to the man to tell him to leave their home.

Her grandfather didn't get close enough to talk to the yokai who killed him before he had a chance to say anything. And when the rest tried to run they died before moving from the spot they had been the whole time. She had escaped and went to the train station. She hid in the train until she was sure nobody was following her, and by then she had rode the cart several times.

She had been running away from the yokai ever since, and he kept following wherever she went. Maaya decided that her new friend needed a place to stay and that she could be of some help. She just hoped that her boyfriend didn't oppose her. Taking Hitomiko with her –or vice versa because she had no idea which way they were heading– she talked a bit about herself and tried to ease the worrying mess the girl had become by reiterating that everything was going to be ok. She wasn't sure how the girl was going to take the news that she was living with a yokai, but at least she was going to be safe for a while.

Once they were in the apartment, she prepared a bath for Mi –as she had begun to call her– and made a sandwich for both of them. They seated themselves in the living room, eating and watching TV at the same time. Halfway through the food, her guest began to shake uncontrollably and a whisper-like chant began to emerge from her lips.

"He's here, he's here," Mi said so fast and quiet that it was almost hard to catch it. Maaya didn't know of what she spoke but then she heard a key opening the front door and her boyfriend came in. He had a terrifying smirk in his face and his eyes shone with evil intent toward both of them. Then she understood he was tired of playing games. The make-believe world he had created for her was over and she watched it crumbled in front of her as a sandcastle.

"Thanks for bringing her here, Hitomiko. I'll reward you later," his deep voice resonated through the quiet apartment and his comment only made the girl trembled more.

It was then that Maaya really felt the need to run. Standing up and pulling Mi with her, she tried to reach the bedroom to, at least, put some kind of barrier between the monster and them, but her friend incessant shaking made the escape unsuccessful. His speed didn't help much either as he flashed from the door to Maaya's side before holding her high by the neck. Throwing her into the bedroom, she felt her body slowly fly before hitting against something hard and passing out. When she woke up, Hitomiko had her hands full of blood and was trying to call the police. There was banging at the door. This one cricked from the massive blows it was receiving but never fell.

Mi managed to contact the PD but it would take some time for them to get there. While they waited, they hugged each other tightly, praying for the poor door to hold on a little longer and imploring the gods for the yokai to be caught or leave them alone. After a while, sirens were heard and soon the police was rescuing them. Sadly, the fiend ran away, but not without some damage. Later they were informed of his real identity and job. Apparently he was dedicated to human, weapon and drug trafficking and they had been looking for him for quite some time. Somehow, he always escaped when they almost had him. His name was Obinata Shishinki.

After the incident, they didn't know what to do. Maaya and Mi didn't have money or a place to go to. However, an officer helped them out. A place to stay was provided for them, education until they finished college and a job. They were set. There was no way they could deny such an offer. It was either that or going to live in an orphanage until they were old enough which neither of them was. They accepted willingly.

Maaya graduated from high school when she was 16. She prepared herself to become an agent in the force and, with her mentor's help, she landed a job in the West Yokai Control Department –better known as the West Police– when she was 19. With her first pay check she got her own apartment and gifts for her friends. She didn't eat well during the following weeks since her salary hadn't lasted that long with all the purchases but she thought it was well worth it. Hitomiko had been with her ever since the incident and was able to join the police a year later. The downside of her job was the pay, it was too little and she could barely get by. However, in exchange for the miser pay and long hours she gained good and trustworthy friends, and the drive to bust bastards like her ex-boyfriend.

She still felt like shit for believing the story the man feed her and the hurt hadn't gone away just yet. Neither was the fact that she still had no idea how she had come to be in the city even if she hadn't returned to her old village –she had like Kyoto too much to leave and didn't feel any urgency to return to that backwater place. However, right then and there it didn't matter. She was ready to forget the past for the time being and maybe find some nice company for the night. A nice mysterious man was the cure to her mopping and she has to admit that she was curious what making love or having wild sex would feel like. A one-night adventure sounded pretty damned good to her right then.

'Better than a lonely bed in my one bedroom apartment,' she told herself as a tall figure passed behind her and sat in the far end of the bar. He was about 6'6 ft. tall, and she categorized him as a yokai, a really good looking yokai, with beautiful silver hair and honey gold eyes. It was normal to see a full demon in a mixed club, but somehow it didn't fit the one she was looking at. She watched as he sat down, ordered some drink and drank it all in one gulp. Seconds later, he asked for the whole bottle. She could tell he was trying to get drunk. Poor thing, his rate of success was 0.00000001%. Yokai had a resistance to alcohol that could almost be considered immunity. She kept her eyes on the figure and noticed his clothes were quite expensive and by the way the bartender treated him, he was a regular. But, she decided she wouldn't bother him since he seemed so distraught.

After a couple of minutes thinking of absolutely nothing useful, she finished her beer and went to the dance floor. She began to shake it like her life depended on it. With the alcohol in her system her movements were more fluent and sexy, if not a little jerky. But she would care about that in the morning. Right then, she would enjoy herself.

The yokai had felt the eyes of the woman on him until he sat down and order his drink. She kept looking at him for another minute until she stopped staring and finished her drink. He saw her stand and walk toward the dance floor moving her hips in a seductive manner making more than a pair of eyes look her way. He saw as she began to move with the music and imagined many mouth watered with thoughts of tasting her. At her every move, her black miniskirt went up a little showing a very nice view to anyone who was close enough or had the sharp eyes to see it. Her white tank top contrasted her skirt, but fit her figure like her own skin. In his scrutiny of the female that had everybody's attention, he failed to notice someone coming up to him.

"So, you like her?" The voice interrupted his reverie.

"Hm," was his uninterested answer. The man that was sitting next to him knew better though. "She's ok I guess," Sesshoumaru decided to add for the sake of the conversation.

"Oh for Kami's sake, I don't think you looked well enough," the red eyed yokai said looking to the woman in the dance floor. "Are those eyes of yours for show? She's hot, man, with very nice piece of ass if I ever saw one."

"I'll tell Tsuyu about it then," added the taiyokai with a serious face.

"You wouldn't dare," the visitor narrowed his eyes at him, calculating if the man was joking or not. Finally deciding that his friend wasn't serious about telling his mate that he had been checking out somebody else's ass, he concentrated on the drink it was being served to him. "So, what are you going to do tonight?"

"Same as always," answered the annoyed demon. Was it possible to go out without anybody being worried about what he did?

"Is it with Sarah then?" Sesshoumaru shook his head and pointed to the dance floor. "I knew it. You couldn't stay away from a firm pair of legs combined with that ass," exclaimed happily the dark haired friend while his eyes danced merrily.

"What is to you anyways?" He was just curious. Never before had his friend come to point a female out to him. "Do you know her?"

"Nah," answered his friend. The taiyokai couldn't know if he was lying or not, it was an ability the demon had that not even the great Sesshoumaru could distinguish when he twisted the facts. He damned wondered why Hiten wasn't a lawyer. "But I have heard rumors of her looking for Mister Right. Thought you might be interested."

"I thought I had been pretty damned clear when I said I didn't want any of you hooking me up with some wench." Sesshoumaru was angry with his so called friend. That was not the first time it happened, so he was pretty familiar with how the situation could end.

"Slow down, I just said it was a rumor," defended Hiten putting his hands in front of him trying to calm down what seemed to be a volatile yokai.

"That most likely means you know her," shrugged the yokai knowing his reasoning was impeccable.

"That is not the case. I know of her but that's all. I was told she is a very lonely female and needs a bit of cuddling. For one night at least," said the red eyes male while drinking the whiskey in one gulp.

"Who said it?" Not many people knew of Sesshoumaru's favorite past time.

"Miroku," said his friend. "And well, she being your type and all, I thought that maybe you would be interested".

"The lecher, huh? She works with him or something?" the taiyokai asked while he considered his options. The girl was really beautiful and well, maybe it would be fun to spend time with her. He could think of a couple of things she would enjoy but there were still other things to consider.

"Most likely although he didn't say," admitted Hiten. "Besides, is either her or Sarah, and I know you are tired of that hanyou. As I understood you dumped her and weren't answering her phone calls. She was going crazy because of that and begged me to put in several good words with you on her behalf."

"There are other options," was the stoic answer but he knew that none of them were as enticing as the woman's lithe form dancing under the flashing lights. She had something that was pulling him to her.

"Heh, you tell yourself that. But for your own good, you should go for a blond one next time or maybe a red head because you type looks similar to Kagome," hinted the demon. Sesshoumaru just tensed at the mention of that name before loosening up.

"I'll keep that in mind," he murmured.

"Well, I'll be going. Don't want Tsuyu to get suspicious," said Hiten before disappearing among the crowd.

Sesshoumaru looked at his future one-night lover. Hiten was right about so many things. One of them was that the woman was hot. His friend had obviously missed innocent but it didn't matter. He didn't think she was going to be pure by the end of the night. Another thing was Sarah. That obsessive hanyou had done it when she followed him to another club and tried to sabotage his plans for the night. Although he did the same almost every evening, Sarah had been taking some liberties with his schedule, like appearing out of nowhere when she was less wanted. Bottom line was, he was done with her and her mania to control everything he did.

Along those lines came his personal obsession, Kagome. She was so beautiful and nice to everybody that he found that she complemented him in every aspect of his life. While he was unforgiving, she was compassionate and understanding, trusting people and giving them second chances to redeem themselves. She was human and a miko –an enemy of his race–; however, she didn't care for demographics or the amount of zeros in his bank account. She was perfect in every way except for one, she was married.

Deciding to stop that line of thoughts before he ended up mopping instead of getting some action, he decided to concentrate all his attention on the female figure dancing the night away. And even then, he couldn't stop himself from comparing the young woman who had everybody's attention to his Kagome. The woman certainly lacked the grace and elegance of movement that his miko possessed. But then again, she was quite flexible and her body was well toned with perfect proportions. Also the way she told people off wasn't harsh or demeaning, for almost every male that went to dance with her left with a smile. Not of satisfaction, but not dejection either. Although compassion wasn't it, then again, there was a chance that compassion wasn't in her job description but decisive and assertive probably were. He would assume protective as well. He noticed that her eyes were as black as a moonless night, and that her black straight hair fell in her back almost reaching her waist. Her height was about the same as Kagome's so from the back they could be mistaken for each other. Damn, what was he doing comparing the wench to his miko. They might look a little alike but that was it. True, that miniskirt was divine but he felt he had been blaspheming his goddess, and that had to stop.

How low he had fallen, now after work all he did was fuck some bitch to try to forget. Each time he got laid with a female he thought he was making love to Kagome, and Kami knew how wrong that was. For fuck's sake, he wanted to make love to his half-brother's mate so badly that it was killing him. He needed a distraction, a really damned good distraction.

He looked at the girl again, this time she was being asked to dance by another guy. He looked to be in his thirties but he knew better. The man was a yokai; his unusual red eyes told him so. He could add the smell and the fangs showing off while he smiled at her. The yokai was acceptable, not as good looking at him, but he was somewhat handsome. To his surprise he saw her say no to the prospect of dancing with him. Maybe she noticed something wrong with his invitation. If so, she had good instincts. The yokai was obviously up to no good. The demon didn't take it good that a lowly human had denied him and might try to do something in the near future. The idea of his night being ruined by the guy's need to save his filthy pride didn't appeal to Sesshoumaru and he decided it was time to make his move.

She had felt his eyes follow her every move since she had left the bar, and now she had gotten a glimpse of him coming her way. She didn't give it much thought. There was no way her assumptions were right. Come on, he was the hottest alcohol-loving yokai she had ever seen and there were a lot of better looking women in the club, so there was no way he had noticed her. However, inside her an inaudible voice was saying otherwise. She shrugged away such a crazy idea until she felt a pair of hands capture her waist and pull her toward a well-built chest.

She turned and held onto him to stop her body from falling and a surprised gasp escaped her lips. He was actually there clenching her body against his and it disturbed her how right it felt. A pink blush crawled into her cheeks and her heart had increase the beat to a thousand miles per second. 'Stupid heart,' she told herself, 'calm down, is not like he wants me for anything else than a good fuck.'He began to move against her body following the rhythm of the music. They were dancing so close to each other that it was impossible not to feel him. His strong hands wandered over her ass, sometime going a little down almost touching her core, which was getting wet from his light touch, and other times up caressing her back. She was burning between his limbs and the little torture was far from over.

He loved the little sounds she was trying to suppress as his hands rambled over her body. He could smell her arousal increase at a fast pace. Damn, he wanted to have her juices dripping from his mouth as he brought her closer to heaven. He wondered if her essence would be as sweet as her scent, that wild berry like aroma with the spicy tang that was making his wild side stir. He didn't like it, but the smell of her excitement was maddening, and he wanted to have her as soon as it took him to get to the hotel. But he had to be patient, she was still innocent.

Not being able to hold himself back much longer, he inhaled in her scent while moving closer to her collarbone. Fanning her neck with his breath, he felt as she shivered before biting softly her ear; Going down her neckline while tasting her in his tongue as she moaned into his own ear was really arousing. Until that point he hadn't noticed they had stopped dancing and that he was almost covering her with body. They obviously needed to stop or he would take her right there and it was getting hard to control that wilder part of him that wanted out.

"How about we sit down for a while," he said with his sensual husky voice. She nodded, since her brain was still recovering and her breathing was quite irregular. Besides, she wasn't sure she could stop herself from attacking him even when the idea was illogical in itself. Erecting himself, he placed his big hand on her lower back and pushed her toward the bar. They sat down where he had been before, in his corner from where he could see the whole club and have privacy at the same time. He saw many males look his way with jealousy, and several females as well. He received ferocious looks in a vain attempt to intimidate him. There was no way he was leaving the petite onna alone with all those brutes. He was no better, but his pride wouldn't let him back off and he had won her over each and every loser that was in the room.

"What would you like to drink?" He asked looking into her eyes. She felt herself shiver under his intense gaze which made it harder to think about the question. She felt lost in his golden eyes and blushed when he asked her again.

"A scotch, please," she managed to say, making her blush a little harder. He liked the effect he had on her.

"Make that two," he told the bartender. He could smell how much she wanted him and it felt it amplify every second. "Sorry, I forgot your name."

"I never told you my name," she replied with the shadow of a smile grazing her lips. He made it seem like an innocent question and made her wondered how many others had fallen in his trap.

"Indeed, you never told me," he said smiling and letting her get a view of his perfectly white fangs. "My name is Musashi Aki. So, what's yours?" She had that effect on him. Her innocence made him want to smile. That wasn't good, he never smiled and that had many implication on whatever he was feeling for the woman in front of him. He was about to scowl; however, he was able to stop himself from narrowing his eyes. He was wondering how he could be suspicious of the tenshi in front of him.

"I'm Minamoto, Minamoto Maaya," she said fast. "Maaya will be fine". Now that he was near her she could contemplate his face better. He had a purple crescent moon on his forehead and two magenta stripes in his cheeks. His hair was long and silky tied in a nice ponytail. He didn't seem as sad as before and it felt good that her company was somewhat appreciated.

After the first drink, many more followed although she didn't get drunk. She had learned some time ago that she also had immunity to alcohol. But that didn't stop her from enjoying the conversation with the yokai named Aki, maybe it helped more than she wanted to admit. It would have been really embarrassing if in her drunken stupor she had said something awkward. Besides, this gave her an opportunity to learn a little about him even if nothing personal was said. The way he moved, how he spoke and the way he looked at her told her all she needed to know. For example, his voice was a silky baritone that got husky when he was exited and, although sometimes had a chilling coldness to it, it was never directed at her –most of the time that happened when he didn't like something or when he was trying to hide his feelings. His face also went emotionless and his gaze became hard. He hardly smiled but when he did, his features relaxed and his golden eyes shone like the sun. Those sexy stripes in his face also became lighter or darker as his mood changed, but the change was barely noticeable.

He was smart bordering in genius for he knew of everything and had plenty of subjects of which to talk. She herself wasn't so bad, but not as knowledgeable as he. She hardly had time to study or read a book without her job interfering. And she hadn't watched TV for the longest. What for? She worked for the police and always knew what was going on, at least crime wise.

Sesshoumaru was also enjoying their conversation and was glad that Kagome wasn't the only female that could carry a conversation about Takamine Joukichi without asking who the hell the guy was. But he cared not about such trivialities; he was more interested in those signals she was sending his way. They had yet to touch more than their knees which brushed against each other once in awhile sending delicious electric waves of awareness into his body. The sexual tension was still there and he could swear that it just morphed into something more demanding and potent, increasing his need to pull that sexy outfit off her body and do some very sinful things to her virginal self. He even began to consider having something more than a simple one night stand but had to brush that thought aside. He rarely went steady with the women he dated. Most of them were just for one night and those that were not, didn't last that long in a relationship with him. He decided that he would spare her the suffering of such an association and that he would enjoy her body to the maximum just that one night. Besides, she might just be playing gullible. Everybody knew who he was but the woman didn't even bat an eyelash when he told her a fake name. He had always known some females played his game even knowing that he was Taishou Sesshoumaru, Western Dignity. He wondered if she was among those gold-diggers but pushed the thought away. She just didn't seem the type and it was hard to imagine her stalking him through all Japan like many others had done. That only placed thoughts in his mind and none were much of stalking, except when she was on top of him, impaling herself in his shaft. He was letting her do whatever she wanted with his body, bite, suck and kiss, leaving marks all over him. They were in an alleyway, far from prying eyes where he would change the situation and have her against the wall and driving himself into her hidden treasure while biting her ear. He felt his manhood twitch to life at that particular thought. He had to find a way to calm himself and make the erection go away until needed, but her scent wasn't helping. And her voice, that angelic voice didn't stop him from imagining her screaming his name and moaning while she 'raped' him. The bulk increased in his pants. 'Maybe I liked her a bit too much.'

He had waited long enough, he was almost ready to pounce on her and a club wasn't a good place for what he had in mind.

"It's kind of late, maybe I should get going," she said looking away from him. He knew she was lying, and he was surprise at her audacity to insinuate such a thing. Maybe she could read what he had been thinking. He couldn't suppress the smile that had formed in his lips; the angel in front of him was naughty indeed.

"It's ok, I could take you home…" He said making her widened her eyes in surprise and then her face went apple red. "It's ok if you don't want to, maybe you are interested in some other place," he added.

"Ok, I'll go with you. It might not be that late anyway," she whispered looking down and moving her hands nervously.

"Then, let's go," he stood up and paid the bill. He took her hand into his to guide her out of the club, the touch sent another shock through him that ended at the tip of his cock which was hard to hide but he managed. The last thing he wanted to do was spook her and have to take care of the problem by himself.

They got into his car and went to his favorite hotel. The drive there had been silent as she nervously tapped her foot. She jumped when he placed his hand on her thigh, but he just squished it a little before letting go and murmuring a "Relax". He smelt the excitement that soon followed as her scent became zestier as he drowned in it. His eyes blinked red for a second before returning to their original gold; however, Sesshoumaru hardly notice that lapse of judgment on his part.

"Good evening sir would you like the usual room?" The clerk asked. The guy looked at the girl behind the yokai and smiled. Sesshoumaru didn't like the look one bit. Truthfully, he didn't like the guy at all. He knew he worked most of the night shifts because he went there frequently. The youngster was annoying and always had a comment for the whores he brought.

"I want the best room available," he said, not leaving much time to be asked questions. He liked that particular hotel because they gave a fuck about who check in or out. They had a confidentiality motto of not asking questions and keeping the identity of its costumers private. As long as there was no real problem that involved the hotel or its owner, they didn't care if you were the most prominent figure on the international plane, they let you in. Along with that, they allowed humans, demons and everything in between. There was no need to make a reservation and it was decent enough that the Western Lord would use their services constantly.

"Yes, sir, nice gal by the way," the clerk added peeking at the girl with lust filled eyes. "She's the hottest one I've seen so far," Sesshoumaru almost killed him while he typed the information but decided against it, it would just bring more problems. He decided to ignore him and take the card the clerk offered him. "Have a pleasant night, sir," Sesshoumaru just growled as he walked toward his woman.

He took her hand and went to the elevator. After they entered he couldn't keep his hands to himself anymore, he had to touch her. He drew her closer and took her lips in his mouth. He had wondered what she would taste like but it had come as a surprised. She tasted like the sweetest peaches that grew wild around the land when he was a pup in the Sengoku Jidai. It was a refreshing taste since nowadays women smell and tasted like alcohol or cigarettes. At first he went slow, but couldn't hold that pace for too long and sneaked his tongue into her mouth to explore her wholly. However, she tried to fight him for dominance as he took full control over her mouth. The battle lasted until the elevator door opened leaving them with too little oxygen reaching their brains. He looked at his partner's face, she was breathing hard and he could see her desire in her eyes. Her cheeks were a little rosy making her step away in embarrassment. He held her in place and pulled closer if possible.

"You won't be escaping me anytime soon, Maaya," he said with a hoarse voice in her ear which he didn't waste time to nibble on.

She shivered at the suggestion and he was delighted at her response. They had to walk a little further to get to their room, but as soon as they were out her mouth captured his again in another delicious kiss. He pressed his hands in her ass hauling her closer to him, which provoked a silent whimper to come out of her mouth. He liked that sound a lot. And he was planning to make her repeated it several times during the night.


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