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This one is based in the Command and Conquer series, between Tiberium Sun-Firestorm and Tiberium Wars.

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Blood Talons

Chapter 1-Four

The table was mostly empty, apart from four people. Important people. The four prominent Nod Generals from this area, sitting around the strategy table of the largest base in the area.

One of the four generals was a GDI agent.

"GDI have discovered the base's location." said one of them. He was bald, with a cybernetic eye glinting red in the darkness, a black scorpion just visible carved into the lens. His other eye was a piercing blue, looking like it could go right through you. He wore a black Nod uniform, edged in red, like all of the people around the table.

That man was Andrei Soirov, the famous Blue Scorpion who once defeated a GDI division with a single squadron of stealth fighters.

"What do you propose we do about it?" asked another. He was black haired, and one of his hands was a mechanical gripping device, a kind of mechanical claw. Sharp green eyes stared accusingly from his young face out at the older man. He had a lighter uniform, that of a general fighting amongst his men.

This man was Andrew Smiths, the Claw of Kane who had orchestrated a pincer assault claiming the lives of some of GDI's most foremost scientists and soldiers.

"Simple. They can't find our exact location, and they'll be obliterated by the Laser defence grids." said the third. He was brown haired, brown eyed too, and was known to have extensive cybernetic enhancements in his stomach and blood systems after a stray missile round had blown out half his chest. He wore a Nod uniform too, one of their piloting suits, adapted to make best use of his cybernetics.

This was Adam Stones, the Blade of Nod, whose tank assaults had once bypassed an ant-armour defence grid, destroyed a GDI command post and left, staying out of range by metres for every second of the assault.

"And if they get past that, the troops need some more training anyway." said the only woman at the table. She had brown hair and green eyes, and a sarcastic smirk on her face, and a nod uniform in black and blue, with the tiniest amounts of red. One hand was totally silver, a relic from the day she joined nod, head and arm badly damaged and requiring severe cybernetic repair returning it to total normalcy, if not better.

This was Bethany Lyons, the Red Serpent. Once deployed as part of a commando team to take out a leading GDI general, her squad had been compromised and slain. Despite total lack of resources and information, she infiltrated the enemy stronghold, killed her target and captured an Orca to return home. The single mention of her name and dedication, her loyalty and single-mindedness caused some generals on both sides to shrink back in fear.

The four generals smiled. Andrei at the ferocity of the other generals, Andrew at the thought of leading his men into the struggle, Adam at the thought of recovering the technology from this particular battle, and Bethany… just because she did, whenever bloodshed was coming.

She was like that.

"General, are you sure about this?" asked the GDI captain. "Is this information accurate?"
"Of course." said the general, an older man with a golden-brown moustache. "I trust our agent with our lives.
"Our?" asked the captain.

"Yes. I'm coming."
"Sir, you know that this raid is practically a suicide attack, right? You've seen how many defences they have, there's no way we can penetrate them. This mission is purely a cover to provide the agent time to escape, so we can hit the explosives depot in the centre with an Ion strike." said the Captain, exasperated.

The general smiled.
"Then we'll have to hope our agent surpasses himself, won't we. The Steel Talons don't take suicide missions. We make them."

The next day

"Andrew?" asked Andrei. "Do we have reports on defence readiness?"
"Power at one-hundred percent, all obelisks fully operational, laser turrets at ninety percent efficiency, tick-tank crews ready, laser fence grid powered down and ready. Stealth Generators functioning perfectly. Not even a ripple from a thousand feet up." said the general.
"Adam? Our vehicles?" asked the superior general.
"Stealth vehicles operational, attack cycles ready, buggies armed and loaded." said the pilot expert.
"Bethany, our troops?" asked Andrei again.
"Ready to die for their cause, as am I." she said.
"Then begin." he said.

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