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Chapter 3-Discovery

"You can't escape." said Andrew. "I won't allow you out of here."
"You can't stop me. The titans of the Steel Talons. They come." said Adam.

"I don't trust either of you." said Bethany, pointing a pistol at each of them,=. "Which one of you is working for GDI?"
"Bethany?" said Andrew.

Adam turned, pointing his weapon at a console behind him.
"I'm sorry, Bethany. This is my fault. But I can fix it."

He fired, a flash of blue light slamming into the complex electronics of the console, burning into the depths, destroying the circuitry.

Bethany collapsed onto the floor.

"Sorry." said Adam, almost to himself. Then he turned and fired a second pulse at Andrew. It caught him on his natural arm, burning it, setting his uniform on fire, and making him drop his weapon.

Adam stepped over to him quickly, and hit him with the butt of his weapon, putting out the flames.

He sighed.

"I'm sorry." he said.

He walked away, picking Bethany up, wincing and holding her over his back.

He went further into the armoury.

"One last place to go…"

* * *

"Adam. I'm glad to have you back." said the GDI general.
"It's good to be back, sir." said Adam.

Behind him, the Nod base detonated in a huge cloud of green tiberium gas.

* * *

"Ok, well everything looks fine, it's self sustaining." said the GDI scientist.

Adam was lying on a bed in a medical room.

It was clearly visible just how much damage had been caused to him.

There was a soft metal fused with his skin, over his heart. It covered most of his chest, curving round over his back as well.

Underneath there were complex machines to regulate his heart and keep him alive, and able to operate as if nothing else had ever happened. It was charged by his own body heat, and actually provided an excess of energy.

More than once Adam had connected that to a Pulse weapon for an overcharged shot.

"Yes, as long as you check it occasionally." said the scientist.

"How's Bethany?" asked Adam, anxious.
"…fine, but she hasn't woken up. It's common for those who have had an extensive shock."

Bethany had had a cybernetic implant in her brain, affecting her memory and decision making, persuading her to join Nod of her own free will. Adam had destroyed the circuitry controlling this implant. The backlash had knocked her out.

It was almost a week.

"You know, Adam… she might not wake up."
"She WILL wake up." said Adam.

She was in the room, lying inside another bed.

She looked very calm, sleeping, her long hair like a halo around her head.

"She will." said Adam weakly, looking at her.