--a drabble inspired by Sound Asleep*, by Lapetite Kiki

Monday morning, banker's holiday, markets closed.

Lex can sleep in.

Wonder Woman in the tower on monitor duty, Green Lantern is first back-up, Batman is second.

Clark can sleep in.

Early morning sunlight streams in the window. Clark drifts slowly awake, aware of Lex's body pressed full-length against his. Warm breaths flow down his neck, across his shoulder. He stirs, starts to rise.

"Get up and I'll put Kryptonite in your Fruit Loops."

Clark smiles, settles back, pulls Lex's arm more tightly against his chest, and goes back to sleep.

*http (colon backslash backslash) (dot) org/clexreves (dot) htm

A/N: just a little drabble I wrote some time back, inspired by a wonderful pic done by a wonderful artist. I don't own Smallville, DC Comics or any of their characters including (but not limited to) Superman, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and make NO profit from this work. If I DID own them, this is how Smallville would ultimately turn out--truly, the stuff of legends.