A Little Bug's Life

First Impressions Are Important



'Watch it clumsy!'

'Sorry, sorry . . .' replied the young sky blue male ant, before tripping over himself. He crashed to the ground and sighed. He looked up to see a gray female worker of about the same age as himself.

'Whatcha' doing down there, smidge? Mingling with the rest of the dirt!' She jeered before running off. Martha had never been one for kind thoughts or concern. He picked himself up and headed towards the Clover Forest. He wandered among the stalks. He pulled off part of a blade of grass and examined it, thinking how it could be useful for making something . . .

'Whatcha' doing?' He was so surprised he almost fell over. He turned and gasped.

'P-P-P-Princess! Um . . . what I mean is, well, I was just um . . .'

'Who are you?' she inquired. She has a voice like an angel thought Flik,

'Um . . . Flik,' he murmured, 'my name's Flik.'

'You don't talk much, do you?' she giggled. He felt embarrassed. He knew who she was but he had never met her before.

'You're very pretty . . .' he said shyly.

'What was that?'

'Um . . . nothing.'

'You were making fun of me, weren't you?'

'No!' he cried, 'I promise you I wasn't! I . . .'

'Yes you were! You were saying I was a snob, weren't you? That's what Martha called me yesterday!' She ran away through the foliage.

'Princess, wait!' he called desperately 'I . . .' He stopped. He sat down on the ground, feeling wretched. 'Why do I always screw up?' Suddenly, he heard the sound of laughter.

'What a loser!' Flik looked up. A boy with wings and an almost white exoskeleton was sitting on a clover leaf above him, laughing.

'W-who, who are you?' questioned a nervous Flik. The male flew down and hovered slightly above Flik.

'Name's Myrmica. And yours is Flik!' Flik looked at Myrmica blankly. 'What kind of a name is that!' he sneered, 'But, then again, I guess it fits you . . .' Flik didn't reply but felt rather hurt, 'I suppose,' he continued, 'you've lost count of how many times you've fallen over today! It must be exceptionally hard for you to stay upright. Imagine if you'd fallen on top of the Princess . . .'

'Hey, leave him alone, Myrmica!' Both boys turned to see an almost turquoise worker of about Flik's age.

'Oh, hello, Ivy. What brings you here?' Myrmica replied pleasantly.

'I'm not going to fall for your charms, Myrmica. Stop being mean to him!'

'Alright, alright I'll stop,' he said casually, and then as he walked past Flik he added, 'for now. I will get you!' Flik swallowed.

'Thank you,' Flik said once Myrmica had gone.

'You're Flik aren't you?' he nodded. 'Sorry 'bout Myrmica, he can be incredibly nasty, but me and Fossil will . . .' She looked around, 'Fossil? Oh, where's he got to?' Flik looked around too. 'Fossil! Fossil!' Ivy called. A dark lilac, slightly younger boy, emerged from the undergrowth breathless.

'You don't half run fast Ivy!' He puffed. Then he noticed Flik. 'Oh, who are you?'

'This is Flik,' answered Ivy, 'Myrmica's just been giving him a hard time . . .'

'Ooh, Myrmica is one horrid ant, and he's so conceited . . .'

'Yeah,' agreed Ivy, she puffed out her chest, 'Hey, look at me I'm Myrmica and I'm way cool with my strut and radical wings . . .' Both boys cracked up laughing. When they had finished laughing, Ivy asked Flik:

'Say, are you starting school tomorrow?' He nodded. Ivy grinned.

'I wish I could go!' said Fossil longingly.

'You'll go soon.' Ivy told him, 'Oh, sorry, I said I'd meet up with Atta,' then added to Flik, 'Princess Atta, she's quite good friends with me.'

'Oh, could you tell her from me,' Flik asked, 'I wasn't trying to be mean to her,' they stared and Flik added, 'I kinda gave across the wrong impression . . .'

'Sure!' she replied before running off. Once Ivy had gone, Flik turned to Fossil,

'You seem worried,'

'Well, it's just that, well, Ivy's the only friend I have and when she goes to school,'

'You'll still be friends though! I can be your friend too, if you want . . .' Fossil didn't reply.

'Anyway you're bound to make new friends.'

'You think?'

'I'm certain.'

'Thanks.' Flik knew exactly how he felt except that he had never actually had any friends but he knew the feeling of feeling a bit of an outcast and alone in the world with no-one there to help you, ever.