Yugi hated PE, he was small, short, and no good at all at sports.

Luckily the last one didn't matter too much, since there were no huge kids in his class, and while he was the smallest, he certainly wasn't the slowest guy in his class, in fact he was normally one of the first to finish track events, years of bullying had seen to that.

Tea, his best friend, was hanging around the outskirts of the girl's group, who were waiting for their turn to race. Tea wasn't an outcast from the group, but while the other ten year old girls in their class, dreamed of dolls and toys, Tea had a dream that kept her dreaming most of the time.

Of course Yugi still hadn't managed to get it out of her, and since she was his closest, and if he was completely honest, only real friend, in this new school, he wasn't going to push her.

What he really wanted to do was go work on that Puzzle of his that his Grandfather had given him four years ago. He wasn't lazy for not having completed it yet, he just hadn't yet managed to work out exactly how all the pieces went together. His Grandpa had said that it was thousands of years old and no one had completed it in all that time, so Yugi was determined to be the first.

He knelt down, pushing himself into a ready position at the starting blocks, and waited for the starting gun.

"Ready, set…" The gun went and Yugi was off, in the hundred meter sprint, with Tea cheering him on and he passed the finish line .21 of a second behind the one in first.

Yugi grinned at his friend as she lined up, hoping that she would do better then last time. Tea was great at Gymnastics and swimming, but track wasn't exactly her best field.

"Ready, set…" The gun fired, and the first set of girls was off, Tea somewhere near the back as they passed the finish line, two of the girls talking to each other the moment they'd gotten their times and moving to the side, out of the way.

Yugi had moved to Tomoeda Town a few weeks ago, when Yugi's mother had decided that it wasn't good for her son to be living with his Grandfather and taken him with her when she'd moved into her own house here in Tomoeda, for work commitments.

It had surprised Yugi, when, the moment he'd started at Tomoeda Elementary School, he'd found himself sat next to Tea Gardener, who'd been as determined to make friends with him as some of the children in his old school had been to bully him.

Of course there were bullies here too, but Tea had soon started scaring them off, and after a while they'd only come after him while Tea wasn't around. He felt bad using Tea like this, but he'd apologised to her already and she didn't seem to mind.

"Nice time Yugi." Tea sighed.

"Yours was better then last week's." Yugi said, settling on a step to watch the rest of the class race.

"Only because I was in last place last week." Tea complained, settling down next to him. "At least my parents can't complain about my grades in other classes."

"Mum doesn't mind too much, as long as I keep them around average." Yugi shrugged, watching Rika pass the second place runner just in time to take first for herself.

"You're lucky." Tea snorted, then she paused, "Did I tell you that I have extra study tonight, so I can't walk home with you?"

"Yeap, Mum's picking me up." Yugi nodded, trying to lie convincingly. Actually he was walking home, Ms Muto wouldn't have finished work by the time Yugi would get out of school, and it wasn't like he lived that far away, a couple of blocks at most.

"Just don't forget that we have to hand in that English homework tomorrow."

"I won't." Yugi laughed.

"Yeah right." Tea laughed, "Should I phone you to make sure?"

"No, you shouldn't…"

"We're friends Yugi," Tea giggled, "It's fine, honest."

"Then yes, please."

Tea laughed as the teacher sent them in to get changed.

"Hi." Yugi paused at the gates, as a pair of girls waved to him.


"You're Muto Yugi, right?" The brunette asked.

Yugi nodded nervously.

"I'm Kinomoto Sakura." The girl grinned, bowing for a moment, "It's nice to finally meet you properly, Muto-San."

"Just Yugi please. It's nice to meet you too, Kinomoto-San." Yugi bowed back, smiling.

"Just call me Sakura." She giggled, poking her friend.

"I'm Tomoyo." The blue haired girl introduced herself, bowing to Yugi, "Sakura's best friend. How are you finding Tomoeda?"

"It's really different." Yugi said as they headed down the road, "A lot smaller, but nicer too, everyone's a lot friendlier."

"Tomoeda's only a town, Domino's a city isn't it?" Sakura asked and continued when Yugi nodded, "I bet there was a lot more people in your old school too." Again Yugi nodded and Sakura quite happily babbled on, making Yugi wonder what on earth had possessed the girl.

Tomoyo hid a smile behind a hand as she walked slightly behind the pair. She knew Sakura had wanted to make friends with the new guy, like she had all of her class mates, and this was a good way of getting to know Yugi without scaring him off.

The two happily babbled on about anything and everything, Tomoyo listening in politely until they reached Yugi's house, Sakura trying to convince Yugi to try out for the track team next year, while Yugi tried to get her to play one of his board games, and split ways, Sakura and Tomoyo heading for the little café they normally waited at for Tomoyo's bodyguards and Yugi heading inside to do his homework.

His mum wasn't home yet, and Yugi went straight up to his room to get out of his uniform and start working on the Puzzle again, his mind not on the Puzzle, he'd done a lot of it so many times now that the pieces went in without Yugi even thinking, but on Tea and Sakura and Tomoyo.

He couldn't help wondering, after being bullied for so long, why, suddenly, he had three people being friendly. Was it like his Mum had said? That he'd get a fresh start here, where no body knew him? Or was it just that people here were nicer?

He certainly hadn't been sorry to leave Domino, other then that it meant he had to move out of the Game Shop and away from Grandpa, but Domino was only an hour or two away by train so it wasn't like Yugi couldn't visit and he'd trade a two hour journey for being able to walk home relatively fearless.

His train of thought was broken when he found himself reaching for the last piece of the Puzzle. He stared at it, watching the eye on it and thinking. His Grandpa had said that 'he who completes the Millennium Puzzle gets one wish'. Now he was at that point, he found himself confused. Not knowing what to wish for…

"I wish…"

"Yugi!" Yugi jumped as his mum called, having just arrived home, "I bought take away, come and get it!"

"Coming!" Yugi called down, "I wish that I had friends who would be at my side, no matter what." Yugi said quickly, putting the last piece in.

The next few moments were a blank, Yugi was aware something had happened, when he came to himself, but he wasn't sure what, then his mum was calling and he put the Puzzle down on his desk and raced downstairs, hugging his mother and setting the table.

There was no one home at Sakura's house either and she was scared.

There were noises coming from the basement, weird growling noises that echoed around the house.

She wasn't supposed to enter her father's study, but she grabbed her metal baton, with it's rubber ends, and opened the door slowly, determined to report it if it was a burglar.

There was no one there, at least no one she could see, so she edged down the steps and looked around a bit more carefully.

Still no one. But there WAS a weird glow coming from one of the bookcases.

Walking down the bookcases until she came to the source of the light, she reached out and touched the glowing book, carefully taking it off of the shelf as the glow faded.

"It's that book…" She murmured, her baton slipping out of her hand and onto the floor, she'd seen it before, in her dreams. It's lion face illustration staring at her, surrounded by white wings, a huge sun just below it. It was like she should know the lion…

Its catch came undone by itself.

She nearly dropped it in her surprise, holding it at arm's length, half afraid something would jump out at her from it. When nothing did, she opened the cover.

Inside was a stack of cards, with a circle enclosing a many pointed star with the sun in the center and a crescent moon in a little circle inside the main circle.

It's name was written in English, and as Sakura turned to go back upstairs with it, she tried to read it, "Win…lesse…win…WINDY?"

It glowed a bright blue, a tornado surrounding her as she let out a scream of terror, her eyes closed so she missed the glowing circle on the floor that was identical to the one on the back of the cards, the rest of the deck blown away by the wind, not stopping at the ceiling, but carrying on to who knows where.

When the wind stopped Sakura dropped the book and sank to her knees.

"What is this?" She asked, looking at the card.

A moment later she was staring at a tiny, winged, teddy bear who was rising from the glowing book.

"Hey-hey-hoo!" It said, hovering in midair and smiling, "Well, I'm surprised that you were able to wake me up!"

"An Osaka accent…?"

"Well, this book was in Osaka for so long, I've caught the accent…" The teddy bear yelped and complained as Sakura tried to figure out how he worked, including where the batteries went, finally pulling himself free.

"I'm no toy!" It shouted at her, "I'm Kerberos, the Beat of the Seal who guards this book!"

"Seal…? Kerberos…?" Sakura asked as the bear walked forward to look at her.

"Yeah. Looking out for the cards in this book so they don't do anything bad is my…" There was a pause while the fact that the cards were gone sank into the bear's head, and then, "The cards are gone! Why? Why? Where did they go?!"

Kero was hovering over the Book of Clow when Sakura got back up to her room after tea, carrying a desert for the guardian of the cards. "Anything?"

"No good." He answered, sounding depressed and landing, "I can't tell where the cards are at all."

"Here." Sakura put the cake in front of him, with a tea spoon and leant on her desk chair.

"It looks delicious." Kero's face lit up as he gazed at it. Then it sank again, "There were Clow Cards in this book."

"Clow Cards?"

"Clow Cards… When the seal on them is broken, a catastrophe will be fall this world…Those cards were special cards made by an amazing sorcerer named Clow Reed. Each card is alive and possesses incredible powers, but they all like acting on their own and normal forces are no match for them. So, Clow himself created this book and placed me, the Beast of the Seal on the book's front cover." Kero sighed, "In any case, we have to get those cards back and I can't sense where they are because of the strong magic in the area, so you're coming with me."

"Why me?" Sakura asked, "Wouldn't one of those powerful mages in the area be better?"

"Because you're the one that scattered the cards with the WINDY spell, and I don't know if I could trust anyone with the sort of magic I sense."

"B…but wasn't it your job to keep those cards properly sealed away?"

"Well…" Now Kero was embarrassed, "I accidently fell asleep."

"For how long?"

"About thirty years."

"And you call yourself the Beast of the Seal?"

"Stuff happens! All right!"

"So those noises were just snore…" Sakura growled.

"In any case, the fact that you could open this book, means you have some magical power at least and puts you in first place, above anyone else with magic in the area. What's your name?"


"Alright Sakura, stand right over there."

Sakura got up, and stood by her bed, which seemed to vanish as the magic circle from before formed on the floor.

"Key of the Seal." Kero intoned. A small ball of light rose from the keyhole of the book and hovered in front of Sakura, "There is someone wishing for a contract with you. A girl. Her name is Sakura. Oh key. Grant her the power! RELEASE!"

The light ball expanded, as did the key, forming a baton like staff which Sakura caught, when tod to grab it by Kero.

"All right! It's the birth of a Cardcaptor!" Kero cheered.

As the circle faded and Sakura' room returned to normal, she examined the staff and turned to Kero, expecting him to say something.

Instead, he was stuffing his face full of pudding.

It was really late out when Yugi finally finished his homework, having completely forgotten about it until Tea had called him a few hours ago, and looked out the window.

It was a clear night, not a star in the sky. All was quiet and still.

At least it was before a huge white bird passed his window, practically screaming its defiance.

It was at this point Yugi decided to see what was going on, poking his head out the window in time to see Sakura run past with a winged teddy bear flying by her side.

Now Yugi had two choices.

He could either ignore it completely and pretend that it wasn't happening or he could go and see if she needed any help.

Yugi made up his mind, grabbing his backpack and shoving his Millennium Puzzle in it without thinking about what he was doing, and quietly dove downstairs, avoiding the living room, with it's squeaky floor board and out the back door, heading in the direction that Sakura had been going.

He'd reached the empty viaduct before he'd caught up with the girl and the bear, who were facing off against a huge white bird that seemed determined to either escape capture or beat Sakura and Yugi wasn't sure whether to help or whether he'd get in her way.

The choice was taken from him as the huge bird dived at him.

"Y…Yugi!" Sakura yelped as he rolled, straightening, his ruby eyes taking in everything, "You ok?"

Yugi nodded tensely, turning to face the bird, who blasted the three of them with a hurricane blast of wind, sending the two children sprawling.

Yugi had moved before Sakura had completely recovered, getting between Sakura and the bird.

"The key!" Kero said, turning to her, "Like I told you earlier!"

Sakura nodded, holding out a small golden key with tiny white wings and a pink beak, "Key which hides the power of the dark! Show your true form before me! I, Sakura, command you under our contract! RELEASE!"

Yugi was startled by Sakura's cry and the bright light that was the key becoming a staff, with the same end, but bigger wings, allowing the bird to get a free shot in that sent Yugi crashing into the wall.

"It's the FLY card, its element is wind." The teddy bear said, "You should be able to capture it with WINDY! But we have to get closer."

"I'll distract it." Yugi said, getting up and attracting the bird's attention.

Sakura skated up the ramp while the bird was distracted, jumping and landing on the birds back. "Wind, become a binding chain." She tossed the card forward and it hit her staff as she reached it, "WINDY!"

The air like woman wrapped around he bird, bringing it crashing further along the viaduct and Sakura landed safely, pointing her staff at it as Yugi caught up, "Return to the guise you were meant to be, CLOW CARD!"

The bird vanished into a card that formed at the end of her staff, a magic circle glowing on the floor that Yugi didn't want to approach. Once the card was finished, the circle vanished and Sakura sank to her knees.

"I thought I was gonna die!"

"Sakura, what about…?" Kero asked, pointing at Yugi, whose concerned amethyst eyes watched nervously from the top of the viaduct.



"You two make a pretty good team." Kero said, trying to break the stillness in the air.

"What just happened?" Yugi asked.


"I won't tell anyone." Yugi promised, "But how did you get your stuffed toy to talk?"

"I'm not a stuffed toy!" Kero protested, "I'm Kerberos, the guardian beast of the Book of Clow and Sakura is the Cardcaptor, whose job it is to collect the Clow Cards!"

"Who fell asleep on the job." Sakura pointed out, "And I never said I would do it you know." She said, pointing accusingly at Kero.

"I'll see you in school?" Yugi asked.

"Yeap." Sakura nodded.

Yugi paused as he turned to go, "Uhhh, how do I get back from here?"

Sakura laughed, "Straight down the viaduct and then two rights, a left, straight on at the huge signpost and then you're back at school. You know how to get home from there?" She asked, "I'll walk with you."

"Thanks." Yugi looked embarrassed.

"Uhhh Sakura, before I forget, you need to write your name on that FLY Card," Kero said as they started walking, "Or it might try to escape."


"It might try to escape."

"Does it always summon that huge bird?" Yugi asked, interested. This was so much like a game that he wasn't sure if he was dreaming. He wasn't even sure of anything past the bird swooping at him…

"No." Kero was scornful, "In fact, Sakura, why don't you try using it?"

"O…ok. FLY!"

The wings on her staff grew huge and Yugi watched as Sakura did a few practice swoops before laughing and calling down, "Yugi, this way!"

With Sakura leading from above, it didn't take long to get home and after saying goodnight, the two split ways again, this time heading for their beds.

It had been a rather strange night.

Author Note: - So, a new plot bunny and a new crossover series. Welcome to my Cardcaptor Sakura/Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover and I hope you'll enjoy it.

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