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Miley continuously tried to count the exact number of lights over the stage as she sat in her regular seat of theatre, behind everyone else, she had not wanted to take this class, whatsoever, but her guidance counselor warned her she needed some sort of elective credit to help make up for her failure in Phys. Ed, and it would also look great on her scholarship into Julliard, where she planned to take music courses and then from there, help teach and direct younger aspiring musicians to follow their dreams. Yup, she had it all planned out, Miley sighed as her theatre teacher, Ms. Ryland, droned on before the class, standing front and center stage, her bracelets jingling everytime she waved her arms, to help exaggerate the meaning of what it was like to be a professional on Broadway, as Miley looked around, she noticed that out of the thirty students sitting in various seats around the auditorium, only two or three were actually paying attention to her, mostly freshman.

"Miss Stewart,"Ms. Ryland snapped, and Miley shot up in her seat. "Please learn to pay attention, I've been calling you're name for two minutes-"a couple others looked at Miley and giggled, Miley felt her cheeks burn bright with embarrassment.

"Yes, Ms. Ryland?"Miley asked, trying to sound enthused, but Ms. Ryland gave her a steady glare over her wire-rimmed glasses that read to stop being a smart-ass.

"I hope you understand, people, the theatre is a place for constant learning, to broaden you're minds, unlike Miss Stewart here, who believes she can scrape by because she failed in P.E.,"Miley's blue eyes widened and her jaw dropped, were teachers allowed to expose their student's grades like that? The class stifled snorts and laughter, and Miley sunk into her seat, glowering, if looks could kill, she would have pressed the button to release the trap door near Ms. Ryland's feet and watched her fall to an uneasy-

The bell rung loudly throughout the opened arena, and Miley shot up, immediately packing her copy of Shakespeare into her bag..

"Miss Stewart, a moment with you please,"Ms. Ryland called out over the students who were clambering to escape the auditorium and the school for the rest of the day. Miley groaned inwardly and shot another death glare at some boys who passed giving her smarmy looks that read she was in trouble. Miley filed out of the seats once the walkway was clear and headed down toward the stage where Ms. Ryland was now sitting, flipping through a notebook of sheet music, a young girl with glasses standing by her side, waiting for approval. Ms. Ryland made a certain note somewhere and then tucked the pen behind her ear into her graying golden hair, and thanked the girl, handing the notebook back, the girl left the auditorium and Ms. Ryland's deep brown gaze settled on her, Miley wished suddenly she could sink into the floor.

"Miss Stewart-"

"Miley,"Miley corrected her, seeing that no other student was there, she didn't like being adressed like that, making her feel old. Ms. Ryland looked at her for a moment, before nodding,

"Miley-"it sounded foriegn to the both of them. "I wasn't trying to emabarrass you earlier-"

"Little late for that,"Miley grumbled. Her jaw snapped shut when Ms. Ryland shot her another glance, before pulling her glasses off and letting them hang from the beads around her neck, she pinched the bridge of her nose, like she had a migraine.

"I just need you to understand, that despite you're lack of enthusiasm to be here, I still expect you, as a senior, most importantly, to put on a better audience for the younger classes by showing that you shouldn't just skim by your senior year like you've finished everything, until you walk across that stage, Mis- Miley, you're work is still unfinished here at Seaview,"Ms. Ryland spoke, firmly.

"I understand, Ms. Ryland, and I'm sorry,"Miley felt the bile wanting to rise in her throat at apologizing to the woman who just thoroughly outed her failures in front of a quart of the student body. Ms. Ryland nodded,

"I know you will, because as of right now, you are holding a D in my class, and if you proceed to fail theatre, you will not graduate,"Ms. Ryland explained. Miley's eyes shot up, she hadn't known..

"A D?! How did that happen? I always get up on stage, I do my homework-"

"You lack an acting skill, something that I was sure Jake Ryan could have helped you with-"Miley's jaw dropped. "Miss Stewart, please dont look at me like that, I hear what goes on in this school, all the teachers do."

"Well then you should know by now, that I haven't been with Jake since my freshman year!"Miley's face burned, she really wanted to wipe that smirk off of Ms. Ryland's face.

"Nonetheless, you're testing grades have steadily dropped, causing a major portion of your grade, and you're unwillingness to participate and pay attention also mark you down, therefore, I have a proposal for you, to help with your grade, if you can comply, I can pull you up to at least a B if you manage to cooperate,"Ms. Ryland raised an eyebrow, as if challenging Miley to say no.

"Isn't bribing a student, illegal?"Miley asked, frowning.

"This isn't bribery, this is about getting your diploma in four months, Miss Stewart... and if you wish to do so, you must pass my class, and therefore, my point being, I have been granted access to put on a Spring Musical for the school, and as of right now, I have little participation in that event, due to people being too cowardly to show another side of themselves on stage-"

"What do you want me to do? Hog tie up some people and make them sign up for the show?"Miley laughed. Ms. Ryland did not.

"Actually, I want you to help me present flyers around the school for the musical, help with stage props, painting sets and yes, help round up some people to put their names on the sign-up sheets,"Ms. Ryland was having the last laugh now. Miley just stoof there, dumbfounded. "You help me with the Spring Musical, and I help you graduate, do we have a deal?"


"Miles!"Oliver called out over the sound of cars peeling out of the senior parking lot. He was sitting on the hood of his Mom's old station wagon, Chemistry book in hand, bag slung over his shoulder. His hair was shorter and untidy than the way he used to carry it, thanks to his girlfriend, Joanie, who had decided he needed a new look a couple months back. Miley headed over to the station wagon, next to it was her very own 1984 Chevy truck, painted jet black, it wasn't the dream car she'd always wanted, but it was hers, her Dad and Jackson had surprised her with it for her seventeenth birthday when Jackson came back from school in Tennessee where he and Uncle Earl had found it and built it back up, putting a Hemi engine in it and repainting over the old rusted blue. The lot next to that was empty, where Lily's bright yellow Jeep was usually parked.

"Where's Lily?"Miley asked, confused, and slightly hurt, lately, Lily had not bothered waiting up for her and Oliver, although on some occassions Miley understood, Lily was busy enough trying to save up for her tuition and books, she would be heading out to Berkeley in the fall to study photojournalism...

"Had to get to work, said she was sorry and that she'd call you later,"Oliver said, shrugging his shoulders, and then hopping off of the hood. "Figured I'd wait and see why you weren't standing outside of the school when we got there-"Miley rolled her eyes and groaned. "Trouble with Ms. R again?"

"Tell me about it, I'm getting a D in her class now, so she is making me do all this stupid charity work now for the Spring Musical coming up to pass,"Miley growled opening her door and throwing her backpack into the passenger side.

"Ouch, thats harsh,"Oliver scowled. "Y'know, its still not too late to try and take Phys Ed and pass the semester?"Oliver offered. Miley glared. "What? Just tryin to help, sheesh, anyway, what all do you have to do?"

"I have to help paint sets and put up fliers... oh, and do you know anybody who wants to actually audition or play a role?"Miley asked, with a fake grin and enthusiasm.

"Uh, no thanks, I'm practically moving into the library trying to study up for my final Physics and Anatomy exams, Jerome is making me work a double shift every Tuesday and Thursday and Joanie and I hardly see one another because she has to sit for her brother and is retaking some of her winter exams still,"Oliver said.

"Big surprise,"Miley rolled her eyes, but seeing Oliver's skeptical look, she apologized sheepishly, true, she never got along with Joanie, but she had gotten used to seeing her now that she and Oliver were going steady. "This thing is gonna really suck, you think maybe you or Lily would mind helping a bit? With the way things are going, I doubt I even go to prom with all this stuff on my plate,"Miley groaned.

"Dont know what to say, Miles, I mean Joanie and I can probably help you, but you have to ask Lily for her opinion about that one-"Miley and Oliver shared a look. Suddenly, Oliver's beeper went off.

"Gotta run, patient,"he gave Miley a brief hug before hopping into the station wagon and leaving, Miley waited until she couldn't see the station wagon before hopping into the Chevy and starting it up, its loud engine roaring to life. As she put it in drive, her thoughts began to run amok, thinking about the deal with Ms. Ryland, and her future, and where Lily and Oliver suddenly stood in it...

As senior year began coming to a close, along with the gang's High School career, Miley discovered that the old trio was beginning to see less and less of each other now that they all had jobs, Miley's Hannah gig and working part time at the Fashion Bug in the mall, Oliver at the Free clinic, and Lily helping Gus out at the Skate and Surf Shop. And in the Fall, the three of them would be heading out to seperate colleges, Lily and Oliver had an advantage of being closer as they'd both be studying in California, Lily at Berkeley, having earned a scholarship thanks to her playing field hockey and softball and Oliver at Standford studying medicine with the help of his Science scholarship and a trust fund his late grandfather left him last year, whereas Miley would be thousands of miles away, across the U.S. in New York, studying music with the help of her Hannah money and a scholarship she earned by helping out by editing the High School paper.

Miley pulled into her driveway and headed into the house, Robbie Ray was in the kitchen and Miley gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before heading upto her room and setting her things down with a sigh. It seemed that the more she thought about her future, the less Lily and Oliver seemed apart of her life, she sat down on her bed and pulled out her British Literature homework, and then looked onto her bedside table where the photo of her mother sat, along with a photo of herself, Lily and Oliver, the three of them together, faces pressed tight to make it into the picture that Lily had taken of them their first day of High school, Miley smiled at the carefree laughter in all three of their eyes, how close they'd been during that time, Miley always knew she could count on them when she needed someone, they were all like siblings, and practically never apart, now, she was lucky to see either of them. Looking down at the paragraphs in front of her, she frowned, reading over Beowulf, and felt somewhat distant. She missed Lily and Oliver, she missed going to Hannah gigs with them, where they'd all dress up as their alter-egos and goof off after Miley had finished singing to the crowds, head out to events in Hollywood and such, looking to the picture of them again, Miley's eyes glazed over with unshed tears...

I wish there was a way for the three of us to just do one last thing together, one last chance... Miley yelped as her backpack suddenly slipped off the edge of her bed, crashing to the floor, spreading out her books and papers along the wood panelling.

"Damn!"Miley scattered to grab all of her things, and she reached for the final book, her copy of Shakespeare, she paused, looking at the cover, and immediately, Ms. Ryland flashed into her mind...

"I suggest to you, Miss Stewart, that you try and bribe your friends into helping you, if you care to graduate, sign them up for a role, ask them to help with sets, I wont take it against you, its not easy for one person to do it all... believe me..." Miley snapped from her reverie and her eyes went wide... The play... a grin spread out on her features and she smiled up at the photo of herself, Lily and Oliver.

"Let the show begin,"she smiled and immediately began plotting.

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