Title: Dance with Me
Rating: R (Language & Adult Themes)
Summary: A major league baseball player with a bad rep needs to clean his image. He signs on to do a reality dance show. Will he clean his image and have the right kind of chemistry with his partner?
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: Based loosely on the reality t.v. show Dancing with the Stars and because Bella/Edward are my new favorite ship.

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Here's some pre first meeting jitters for you. Happy reading!

Edward POV

February 15th 2008

I woke up to the sound of my BlackBerry buzzing. I tried to open my eyes, but there was a slight pounding pressure in my head. My hand moved to find my buzzing BlackBerry as my eyes were unwilling to open.

Finally, my hand found my loud and noisy blackberry. On its own accord, it pressed the "send" button.

"Hello?" I mumbled.

"Edward? What the fucking hell are you doing?" yelled a loud and pissed off Jasper.


"What the hell, man? You need to get your ass down here fast." he reprimanded me.


"The producers of the show are finalizing your contract for this season. You're to meet us at the local Panera, remember?" Jasper asked.

Oh, shit. That was right. This week, the announcement for the new cast would be made and I was to meet my partner for the season. I'm pretty sure the producers needed one last signature from me.

"I'm on my way," I said. And with that, I hung the phone up and scrambled out of bed. I pulled on a pair of jeans, grabbed a t-shirt, and padded towards my kitchen. I had a slight hang over. Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, better known as "singles awareness day" I pretty much stayed in and ordered in. I probably drank way too much. Emmett would have called me a pussy, but thank goodness he's in New York.

I popped some Tylenol in my mouth and drowned it with some water. I grabbed my keys and headed out.

Within fifteen minutes, I had made it to the bakery where I was supposed to meet Jasper and some producer from the show. I found them sitting outside obviously waiting for me. I took a seat next to Jasper.

"Edward, this is, Carl, one of the production producers of the show," Jasper said, gesturing to the guy seated across from us. He was a middle aged man with thinning hair and a pleasant demeanor.

I reached out my hand to him. "Nice to meet you," I said.

He grasped my hand in his "Likewise, Mr. Cullen."

"Please call me Edward. And, I apologize for my tardiness."

He smiled and waved off my apology. "That's okay, Edward. All I need is your signature and that will be all."

I nodded, as he pushed forward a paper document. I looked over at Jasper, silently asking him if I should read it first. Jasper just nodded, giving me the ok to sign. I signed it and Carl pocketed the paper.

"We will be making the announcement in a few days. Our host, the host of the show that is, will be announcing it on Good Morning America." He then took out another paper and handed it to me. "Here is the basic info on your partner. She will be meeting you this week and after that the camera will be on you twenty-four/seven."

I nodded again. And he stood to leave. After Jasper and I said our goodbyes, I took a look at the paper he had given me.

It gave me my professional partner's name. Isabella Swan it read. Ballroom and Latin dancer, Junior Blackpool Champion, International Grand Ball Champion, Current Dance X champion. I was to meet her on the eighteenth at ten o'clock in the morning at a dance studio here in Los Angeles. Jasper peered over my shoulder to glance at the paper. He carefully scanned it, then asked, "You wanna goggle her?"

"What?" I asked dumbfounded.

"You know, goggle her to see what she looks like and all that," he explained.


"Just so you know who she is and what she looks like, before you meet her."

I thought for a moment. I could very well use modern technology to my advantage and look her up. She may even be doing the same to me right now. But really, I knew squat about this show and had never seen it. I decided to just go there and be surprised. She sounded like a great dancer and that's what mattered, right?

I shook my head "No, I want to meet her without any pretenses."

"Whatever you say." Jasper agreed. "You excited?"

I shrugged. "I guess so. We'll see how it goes."

Bella POV

February 15th 2008

I was racing through the already busy streets of Los Angeles. It wasn't even lunch time yet and already the traffic here was unruly. Ugh. I hate L.A. traffic. Everyone drives recklessly and there are so many cars.

The day was bright and sunny, clear skies and the weather was warm. Today was the promise of a new season, I would be picking up my package from the show's offices. Every season, we dancers would get a phone call from one of the producers asking us or telling us we were up for this particular season. We were all under contract, so it's not like we didn't know we would return. But then again, some of us balance out the show with actual dance competitions. Some of us still compete.

Finally, I had made it to the office. And after parking my car, I breezed right through the front doors. I asked the person behind the counter for my folder and she happily obliged me.

I was feeling very happy. I always liked the show and being a part of it. Every new partner was different and good in their own way. And it was nice meeting and being friends with a diverse group. I took my folder from the girl and thanked her. I decided to open it up right then and there. I was antsy about my new partner. I was dying to know!

I hastily opened up the folder and read the paper.

Edward Cullen-Major League Baseball player.

"Oh, my fucking God! NO!" I shouted, absentmindedly. I realized I wasn't alone, and the receptionist looked at me warily. I blushed a deep crimson and mumbled an apology and quickly made a beeline for my car.

There in the confinement of my car, I looked through my paper again. Surely this was a joke? Edward Cullen? The one Angela was talking about? No, it couldn't be. He was so wrong for the show. He'd make a joke out of it and waste my time.

I'm not one to pass judgment on people. I like to give everyone a fair chance, but Angela had said he's been plastered all over the magazines and his reputation is bad. If he sounds this bad, then surely there is some hint to the rumors? Rumors are rumors and they're false, but they are based on some form of truth. A very fabricated form of truth, but still...

Now I'm supposed to teach him to dance. He's my partner and we're glued to each other for the next four weeks. Maybe I could do this. I mean, I'm a professional, it's just a job. There really is no need for me hyperventilate. Besides, he could be the total opposite. He may even surprise me.

All of a sudden my phone started ringing letting me know that I have a text message. I picked up my phone and read the message. It was from Jessica.

Come meet Mikey and me for lunch at In-N-Out. We need to eat junk food one last time. Let's talk about our partners!


Hmm, going to eat was tempting. Maybe Jessica and Mike could give me some advice? I wrote back a quick reply and within minutes, I was cruising down the lanes.

Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton were the king and queen of the ballroom and Latin world. Jessica was friendly to your face, but behind closed doors she would probably turn her back on you. She was catty, but harmless. Mike thought he was all that and then some. They are perfect for each other.

When I first started on the show, Jessica had tried to take me under her wing. But when she found out I was less than boring, she put her efforts on other things. She didn't dislike me, but she didn't like me either. She treated me as an annoying little sister. I put up with her mainly because I've had to work with her, and because she isn't that bad.

I saw Jessica and Mike already sitting out on the patio area. After parking my car, I walked over to them.

"Hey, little Bella!" Mike greeted me.

Jessica gave me a hug, "Hi, Bella."

I returned their greetings and then we went to line up to order our food. As dancers, we need to take care of our bodies. It's good to be healthy, but we dance so much, and ballroom and Latin dance really works all your muscles. I, myself, don't eat healthy at all. I'm fine with my body shape, and what can I say, I like food.

We sat down in the patio area, soaking up the sun. After a few minutes of chit chat, Mike went to retrieve our order.

"So, who'd you get?" Jessica asked excitedly.

I gulped down more of my strawberry milkshake, "Edward Cullen, who'd you get?"

"Edward Cullen! Oh, my gosh, trade me!" Jessica cried.

I started laughing. We couldn't trade partners. That really wasn't allowed.

"Edward Cullen?" Mike asked. "What about him?"

Jessica turned to Mike, taking her fries from him, "Bella is going to be Edward Cullen's partner this season."

"No shit. For real? Edward Cullen?" Mike asked.

I nodded. "Yes. I can't imagine why he's doing the show."

"The dude can play mean ball. Have you seen him?" Mike asked us.

I shook my head.

Jessica giggled. "Honey, he is gorgeous; but, he's a bit of a playboy and he's got quite the reputation."

"I heard that from Angela. But I still wonder..."

"I can't believe you got him though! Ugh, just my luck," Jessica said, dismayed.

"Hey!" exclaimed Mike, pretending to be offended. Jessica rolled her eyes and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Just kidding Mikey!" Then she winked at me, I held back my laughter. Jessica was really over the top sometimes.

As we ate, I found out that Jessica had gotten the young gun of the season a tweeny singer. He was best known for a role in one of the Disney channel movies. Guess he testing out his strength in Hollywood. And Mike had scored a once upon a time Sports Illustrated model. He was happy, and Jessica didn't seem to mind. But of course she didn't mind, she had Mike completely whipped. After four years of marriage, and ten years of dance partnership Mike and Jessica were inseparable.

We continued to eat and talk about the new season. We'd have to all choreograph the opening routine to kick off the show. Mike and Jessica took it upon themselves to choreograph that. And after settling on a day next week, we said our goodbyes. Mike would be leaving in a few days to meet his partner somewhere in Florida. Jessica and I were staying in L.A. to meet our own partners.

When I got in my car, I was still undecided about Edward Cullen. Jessica hadn't helped much. She basically re-affirmed what I already knew except for the fact that he's gorgeous. I'd never heard of Edward until today, and had no idea of what he looked like.

I decided that I would go to a grocery store and just peruse the magazine aisles. I don't read the gossip, but maybe it would give me a certain insight on who Edward Cullen is and then maybe I could prepare myself. Of course, I had to take it all with a grain of salt, but there was no harm in reading the stuff.

As I was driving, I began thinking about why it mattered to me if Edward Cullen was my partner? Why did it matter what was being said about him? Did his reputation make me dislike him? I don't even know him. In the past, I had never put much thought into my partner's personal lives and I had not cared much. I treated them as I would any other person, with respect and dignity. I tried to at least so Edward Cullen should be no different.

I ducked into the local Albertsons grocery store and went straight to the check out center. There were some eye-catching magazine headlines. I scanned to see if Edward's name was anywhere on the front. His name wasn't, but I did purchase a couple of magazines anyway. Just to be safe.

In my car, I flipped through the pages of the OK, and Us. There was lots of mindless dribble, basically stuff I really didn't care to look at. It seemed that Edward wasn't featured in either of these magazines. I was secretly grateful for that. If he had been in the magazine, God only knew what I would think.

All in all, it was better to go into this with an open mind. I wasn't here to judge him. I was here to work with him, and for my own sanity, I would tread carefully. I took another look at my paper from work. It said I was to meet Edward on the 19th at the studio.

I took a deep breath, and exhaled. Four more days until I meet Edward Cullen.

So how was that? Sad that Edward and Bella haven't met yet? Don't fret, they will meet, and once they do take note that they will be glued to each other for a long time.

Till the next time.