She bounced her perfect, blonde curls over her shoulder and caught her reflection in the window. She smiled slowly. Her rosy red lips, curled up slowly over two rows of gleaming white teeth.

"I am breathtaking," she thought and examined the way her jeans fit across her backside.

"Nice, Rosalie," Edward walked in the front door looking annoyed.

Much better than that scrawny little mouse you watch sleep every night. She thought bitterly, knowing he would be listening.

He knew she was provoking him but couldn't help himself.

I can play your game, Rosalie.

"I think she is beautiful, and so does every man in Forks, and come to think of it Jasper, oh and also Emmett. And at least Bella has a thought in her heard that concerns someone beside herself," he turned around slowly toward her on the stairs, keeping his tone even. He was sick of Rosalie's baiting.

"Oh really?" she said out loud this time. Her soft voice rising an octave, her breath catching in angry gasps.

"Is that why—she is endangering the entire family? Is that why she is risking everything we've built?" She said stalking closer to him, her hips swaying as she gracefully teetered on her designer high heels.

"No one is in danger except for her, Rosalie." He couldn't keep the pain and irritation with himself from flashing across his face.

"Ah, so because you love her so much, you're continuing this charade?" She knew she was striking a nerve now and smiled viciously. Her only goal, to get a response from him.

"It's not a charade, Rose. I love her." His voice was uneven as he leaned heavily against the banister, looking away from her and out the window.

She wasn't prepared for the emotion, for the sincerity. She liked the anger better.

Isn't she just a distraction for you, something that's interesting because she keeps you out of her head and keeps you guessing? You couldn't possibly love that little human. She's pathetic, Edward.

"I do, Rose." He looked back at her now, his usually amber eyes shifting a shade darker.

You could have had me and you pick that? She looked away from him quickly. She hadn't meant for him to hear that.

"Don't take it like that. We were never very well suited and you know it. It just kills you that I've never been like other guys who fall on their knees for you." The truth in his words was more upsetting than the actual rejection.

I've always loved you, Edward. I just hid it from you because I could see so clearly your disinterest for me. It's fine, because I love Emmett, and I wouldn't be complete without him, but surely you've always known how I felt.

The conversation had shifted so quickly from petty fighting to revealing suppressed feelings. Shock crossed his face but he quickly replaced it with cynicism.

"I never knew, Rose. I always thought you loved your husband. I'm sorry." The words hung in the air, sarcastic and trite. Her earlier meanness surfaced again.

"You'll kill her you know. Alice saw it." she knew this was hitting below the belt, but she didn't care.

He's hurt me, for years, why can't I make him feel it for a moment? The thought had formed before she could cover it.

She fiddled with a strand of her hair.

He flinched at the shift in the conversation.

"I'm not discussing this with you, Rosalie." He turned to leave her, conflict evident on his usually composed face.

Bella's not good enough for you.

She thought, for him.

I could have been. If you'd ever given me the chance.

"Rosalie, we would have done nothing but make each other miserable and you know it. You never loved me in any sense of the word. You love yourself and you think that somehow my rejection makes you less beautiful, less perfect. I see your love for Emmett so don't play the martyr."

That's your job. She thought angrily. How does he always win every single fight?

He chuckled softly.

"You'll always go chasing after whatever you can't have won't you? You're throwing happiness away with both hands, Rose. Be happy that you can be with the person you love without killing them, or wanting to."

"Just change her, Edward. We all know it's inevitable."

"If you could have back your humanity you'd take it in a heartbeat. I know you would."

She stared at him.

"Then why are you telling me to take it from her? I can't do that."

You're right, I don't want to have to deal with her for the next few hundred years. You'll go back to yourself when she dies.

She smirked, knowing how her words would wound him, flipped her hair and was out the door before he could say another word.