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Emmett stroked small circles on the inside of her thigh. His nibbling on her ear and neck was grating on her nerves, and the periodic growls vibrating through his chest sent her temper over the edge.

"Just quit, Emmett." She spat shoving his hand away.

"What? Usually you want this when you're upset." His sad, puppy dog eyes that usually melted her heart only irritated her further. She jumped up from where she'd been seated next to him on their red silk bed. Pacing the floor back and forth she didn't have to look at his face to know how confused he was.

"Why does she upset you so much Rose?" His eyes were piercing, his voice probing. "She's just a kid, and she makes Edward really happy, I really don't understand why she gets under your skin."

"What I don't understand is why everyone is so happy to have that little liability in our lives. She's putting all of us at risk! Can't you see that? And poor Jasper has to hold his breath anytime she's in the house. She smells so God-damn tempting one of us is sure to slip, if not Edward then Jasper or one of us!"

"No one's going to kill her Rose. Jasper is being careful. It will be fine. We're all being supportive because it makes Ed so happy. Have you seen him smile this much since… ever? I haven't. He's a new man, and I'm happy for him, and what I don't understand is why you're not." He was leaning over the edge of the bed, his elbows resting on his thick thighs. He looked up at her through thick dark lashes as he spoke, his eyes as heavy as his pregnant questions.

She paused her prowl-like pacing, and cut her smoldering eyes over at him. The guilty expression flashed across her face before she covered it, confirming his suspicions.

"I just don't like her. I don't like having to be on guard all the time. I don't like Edward being gone all the time because he's with her. I don't like that she's all anyone can talk about. I don't like that she will probably cause us to have to move again at one point or another. I can't STAND that she's here right now, being welcomed into our lives. And that's just the beginning of the list…" she prattled off, her hands planted on her hips.

"Rose, you and I have never really discussed this, but I think we need to." He stood up, towering over her and gently pulled her back toward their bed to sit down. Panic rose up in her chest. She didn't want to discuss, what she feared he would bring up, with anyone, let alone Emmett.

"I knew Carlisle saved you and created you in the hope that you would be for Edward what Esme was for him, but neither you nor Edward has ever really said much about that except that it would never have worked. I've always been ok with that slip of an explanation, until now. What really happened?" She tried to get up, she needed to pace, the pacing helped her think, but his iron grasp fixed around her wrist before she could get away. She wasn't used to Emmett being demanding or dominating. Usually she was the one who controlled their relationship, which is why this was so unnerving to her.

"I've told you," she started impatiently, trying to wriggle out of his grasp. "There was never anything between us. Edward never wanted anything to do with me in that way. We've never been more than brother and sister." He relaxed his grip a little, but the tightness that had been pulling at his eyes and lips remained.

"I've let all of this go on for long enough. I'm no idiot Rosalie. I know that you have some sort of infatuation with Edward. I know how you sit and listen to him play when you think no one is watching, I know how your eyes slip a few shades darker when he's close to you. I know how you tense when he touches you. None of this was ever of any consequence to me, until I've seen your response to Bella. I also know that Edward respects me, and I know that he would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship. If not for his integrity, I would be a very jealous man." He let her jerk her wrists away from him, and resume her pacing in front of him. She didn't like the ferocity in his gaze, she didn't like being questioned, and she didn't like the implication that Edward was the only one with integrity.

"That's ridiculous, Emmett." She spat without looking at him as she prowled like a lioness trapped, backed into a corner.

"Is it? I don't think you'd be so angry if it was so ridiculous. I know what I've seen Rosalie, and I know you. You've never been rejected by anyone, except him. Don't lie to me." He rose again, stretching his back to his full 6 feet 5 inches, nearly towering a foot over her. His face was carefully controlled, but he looked dangerous, murderous, frightening, even to her.

"I've never been a very jealous man, but these past few days, seeing your reaction to Bella, seeing how jealous you are of a woman who has Edward's attention, I can hardly stand it. The look on your face anytime he pays you the slightest attention nearly tears me apart. I won't take the back seat to some infatuation you have with him. If you want him, fine. I love you, and I want you, but I won't stick around for this. Make up your mind Rosalie." His voice was heavy, and sad, and furious. His golden eyes burned to deepest black. She took a step away from him as he inched closer to her, his eyes glinting in the oncoming darkness. The sun was fading behind the trees and casting eerie shadows through the room, and across his usually child-like face. For once, she couldn't see his dimples.

Never in all the years they had been together had Emmett lost his good humor, stood up to her, or lost his child-like loving worship of her. There was an uncharacteristic hard edge to his voice, and his features. Never before had he reminded her of Royce, never before had she feared him. Shivers started at the base of her spine and inched upward, making her entire body shudder.

"What do you want, Rosalie?" He started towards her again, backing her into the corner. "Edward?" He questioned. She was trembling now, her voice sounder shrill to her own ears when she spoke.

"Emmett stop, you're scaring me. Don't be ridiculous. I've never loved Edward like I do you." Her voice was pleading as he got closer. The lilt of power had left her tone, she was helpless before his righteous anger and jealousy.

"Ah, like you love me? So you do love him." The last part he stated rather than asked. He'd known all along, he supposed, but hearing it out of her mouth was painful. He flashed toward her, then, shifted around her and out the door.

She sank to the floor, guilt and fear of losing him weighing her down. Tearless sobs wracked her body as she clutched her knees to her chest. She heard the front door slam and the jeep rev as it raced out of the driveway. She heard Edward start up a melancholy tune fitting her mood on the piano downstairs. Thin arms slid around her shoulders. She threw her arms around their owner and gasped like she needed the air.

"sshhhh…" Alice soothed as she kneeled holding her sister. Always the first to the scene of heartbreak since usually she'd already seen the argument.

"Alice… he… I… she… it's her fault." Alice didn't ask questions, but the few words Rosalie gave her mixed with her limited premonition were enough. Rosalie was blaming Bella for making her jealous of Edward's affection, and making Emmett jealous of her's. How complicated love and life can be.

"Don't blame Bella for your jealousy Rose, that won't get you anywhere. It's not her fault." Alice kept her voice low and soothing as she smoothed Rosalie's silky hair.

"None of this would have happened if she hadn't come along," Rosalie looked up at Alice with her beautiful selfish face. The fact that Bella was in their house at that moment tore at her.

"Sure it would have. You've been carrying this around for a long time, and it's time to let go, so that Emmett can too." Alice cradled Rosalie's angelic face between her small hands.

"You don't really love Edward do you? You would die without Emmett wouldn't you?" Alice's eyes were full of compassion, and encouragement.

"I love Emmett." She whispered as her bottom lip trembled like a child's.

"Go tell him." Alice swiftly placed a light sisterly kiss on Rosalie's lips and pulled her to her feet. Rosalie watched as Alice's eyes glazed.

"He's going to the National Forest, the usual place by the…" Rosalie didn't wait for her to finish, but lightly kissed Alice's cheek then bolted out the door.

Alice shook her head, smiling slightly at Jasper who had appeared in the doorway with a knowing expression on his face. A squeal came from Edward's room, and Jasper's smile stretched to a playful grin. Alice jumped to her feet, grabbing Jasper's hand and pulling him along up the stairs to Edward's room.