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Well, this is it. We have reached the end of this Christmas saga. ***wipes sweat from brow*** I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have had fun writing it. I wish each and every one of you the merriest Christmas. Enjoy your families and the holidays! :)

Chapter 10

"You know, I didn't really like this stuff very much at first, but it's really starting to grow on me." Vala said with a slur as she tried to take a drink of her latest round of Irish cream while hanging upside down off of the loveseat cushions. Managing to miss her mouth completely and landing instead on her face and the floor, Mitchell took the glass from her hands and sat her upright.

"Alright, Princess. I think you've had just about enough."

"Awww-party's over?"

"I'm afraid it's been over for a while, C'mon...." He hauled her to her feet and she swayed.

"Whoah....That was fun......." She suddenly turned a bright shade of green "But on second thought....maybe I don't like that stuff anymore" At a run she took off down the hall with Cam close behind. Daniel lay with his feet up on the coffee table watching them sprint away before closing his eyes, willing the room to stop spinning. Sam lay nearly asleep with her head in his lap, spread out across the length of the couch, both of them grinning as Cam called out down the hall, out of their field of vision.

"Second door on the right!.....No, not that right!.....Awww Vala, not the carpet."

"Poor Vala." Sam stated with sympathy and a with a slight slur of her own "She's gonna be in a world of hurt come tomorrow...Come to think of it, we're gonna too." Daniel grunted in agreement, laying his hand over her head and stroking her hair to comfort her.

"Poor Cam." Daniel added with a little snort. "And he just got new carpet a few weeks ago."

Hours earlier, after deciding that it was best for everyone to stay at Mitchell's place rather than head out into the snowstorm which was quickly burying them under piles of the powdery white stuff, they had taken up a friendly game of Monopoly to pass the time away.

Teal'c quickly shot into the lead and soon it degenerated into a drinking game for the four other teammates as Mitchell dug into his liquor supplies. Each had a shot of whatever drink Mitchell had whipped up for them everytime Teal'c placed a house or hotel on his properties. Soon they were all very sloshed except for Teal'c, who was very rich. Daniel could not recall a board game ever being so much fun before, especially once Vala had taken to employing the toy inflatable bat from their talk earlier anytime someone landed on her property and owed her money. She would quickly swipe them over the head before she announced with glee how much they needed to pay in rent.

But as the game wore on and the friends grew ever relaxed with the alcohol, the bat quickly exchanged hands and soon everyone, including Teal'c was using it to beat each other into payment. By the end, only the former Jaffa warrior was really able to use it, the others being out of properties or too drunk to notice if anyone landed on their holdings. Surprisingly, Teal'c appeared to be enjoying dishing out the play beatings the most, even allowing a full-blown smile to escape at one point as he smacked his opponents into submission. Daniel accused him after that of having pent-up rage issues.

After the game, everyone settled by the fire. While Vala ate the rest of the pie and sat in Teal'c's lap again, more drinks were consumed and they talked late into the evening, exchanging jokes and stories and laughing until tears came, most especially at the fantasy's each had about how they were going to kill Felger come Monday. Through it all, Daniel felt a warmth and closeness with his team, his family really, that he hadn't felt in a long time, at least not since Jack left. With Sam by his side, there was a completeness to his life that he hadn't had since Abydos and Sha're.

Now, as it neared midnight, the fire was dying and Teal'c had retired to occupy Mitchell's guest room for the rest of the night. Daniel and Sam were finally alone for the first time that evening. sliding up, she placed a soft kiss against his lips, which he returned with passion, grabbing the back of her head to bring her ever closer to him. Sam's hand went under his sweater, sending shivers of pleasure up his spine as her warm hands moved across his bare skin. She abandoned his lips, moving to the side of his neck and nibbled his earlobe.

"Saaaam....You gotta be careful, Vala and Mitchell are right down the hall" He whispered as she moved her hands into dangerous territories, creating a situation that he may not be able to back down from.

"I know." She groaned into his ear. "But you're pretty irresistible." her hot breath against his neck made it harder and harder to resist her ministrations, somehow they managed to disengage and Sam settled for resting her head against his chest. He would have loved for her to keep going and boy, he couldn't wait to take her home. Just as he was beginning to think that the journey through the snow back to his place may be worth the risk, Mitchell came back to the living room, Vala no where in sight.

"How's Vala?" Sam asked, sitting up wobbly.

"She out, she's got my bed tonight." He went to a closet and pulled out a sleeping bag. "I'm gonna go sleep on the floor in there and keep an eye on her, just in case she decides she's not done decorating my floor. You two can have the couches in here....just no hanky-panky, got it?"

"Who us?" Daniel shrugged innocently, exchanging a knowing grin with Sam.

" 'Night y'all. Mer' Christmas" He mumbled and waved tiredly as he stumbled down the hall, disappearing into his room. Alone again, Daniel looked to Sam and she to him.

"I just want you to know that I've had the best Christmas that I can remember, thanks to you." He told her.

Turning to face her completely, he took her face into his hands and kissed her yet again, slowly and gently this time, enjoying the softness of her lips and the feel of her hair through his fingers. Sam responded, snuggling closer to his body. His hands traveled down her back, but he dared not to take them any lower, despite being quite drunk and very much wanting to, he had to respect the fact that other people were sleeping not too far away. After reluctantly ending the kiss, they settled into each other's arms, both feeling the pull of sleep come over them. Daniel reached for a blanket that Cam had brought out and wrapped it around them, sharing the warmth. As Sam's eye began to close and she rested her head against his chest she sighed contentedly.

"I've had the best Christmas too." She whispered before losing the battle against her droopy eyelids. He smiled in satisfaction, letting his eyes close, holding Sam tight as he thought about how each Christmas from then on could only get better and better.

The End