Just so we're all on the same page here, this story takes place a few chapters in New Moon right after Bella goes to see Jake and he says he can't hang out with Bella anymore, but before Jacob came into Bella's room that night to apologize. At that point the story goes off on its own...(If that made any sense at all to you, more power to you :~P) So basically, this is after Jacob told Bella to leave him alone but before he could appologize and get Bella to figure out that he is a werewolf...

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March 15th

FORKS, WA — Police and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are looking for a teenage girl, considered depressed and suicidal.

Isabella Swan, 18, was last seen March 10, authorities say. She's 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. No information was available at press time about the nature of Swan's disappearance. As many of you may recall, Isabella Swan is the daughter of police Chief Swan.

Anyone with information about Swan's disappearance is advised to call the police.


March 16th

FORKS, WA — Isabella Swan's truck was found late yesterday along the 101 just outside of town. It was buried under about a foot of snow, and looked to have been there for some time. The car was some ways away from the road, against a tree with its front hood smashed in. Police believe that Swan must have lost control of the truck and left the scene in search of help. It is not known if she was injured or otherwise impaired.

Police fear that she was disoriented from the crash and got lost in the surrounding wilderness. The search has been amped up in light of this new discovery.

A fierce winter storm is expected this weekend, adding more importance to finding Swan as soon as possible.


March 17th

FORKS, WA — Missing girl Isabella Swan still has not been found. This coming right before the storm of the century as weather forecasters are calling it. Many searchers are losing hope that young Swan will be found before the onslaught begins. Everyone in the area has been called in on what many are predicting will the last day of the search for the missing girl.

In the day preceding her disappearance, Swan appeared depressed and was rumored to be suicidal.

Mike Newton, a friend of Swan says that "She was really sad all the time. I was surprised nothing like this had happened before now."

Jessica Stanley, another friend of Swan says that her apparent depression was brought on by a recent break up. "Ever since she broke up with that Cullen guy, she's been so messed up. I couldn't stand seeing her so heartbroken, but nothing I did ever got through."

Police Chief Swan is determined to find his daughter.


March 20th

FORKS, WA — Police have called off the search for missing local girl Isabella Swan. In the aftermath of what was quite the storm, it has been determined that, left out in the wilderness, no one could have possibly survived such a storm. It is with great sadness that many people in the community mourn the loss of what was such a bright girl with a promising future.

There was a knock at the door.

Charlie ignored it. He was sitting on his sofa staring at nothing in particular. It had been a rough week for him. Even that was an understatement. It had started out normal enough. His Bella had gone to school every day. She was still sad, but she had been doing so much better with Jacob. Darn that Jacob for not being there when she obviously needed it. But then again...where had he been?

Charlie sighed.

There was another knock on the door.

He wanted his Bella back, his sweet little girl. Now that the search had been called off, and Bella was presumed dead, he had been given a few days off to mourn.

The knocking got louder.

"Charlie Swan, if you don't answer this door, I'll have Jacob knock it down for me!" a voice yelled.

Rolling his eyes, Charlie pushed himself off of the sofa and slowly walked over to the door. He had been sitting there for a while and his legs were sluggish.

On the other side of the door was Billy and Jacob Black. They had a somber air about them. Not one to waste air on pleasantries, Charlie got to the point.

"What do you want Billy?"

"Come with us," he answered.

Charlie leaned against the side of the door defiantly.

"Why should I?"

"We found out something you might like to know about Bella's disappearance," he said simply.

Charlie sighed forcefully. The tribe had volunteered to move Bella's truck from the snowy grave it rested in and if anyone would know something, it would be them. He also had a slight suspicion that they felt responsible for her disappearance, and he agreed whole heartedly as only a grieving father could, looking for someone to place the blame on.


He closed the door behind him, and waited as Jacob helped Billy into their truck. Then once the pair were in, Charlie took his seat on the passenger side. He didn't want the attention that driving his police car brought, especially not during this hard time.

The drive to Bella's truck was silent, as the snow covered scenery passed by them.

They lurched slightly as they came to a stop. They were on the side of the highway now. A short distance into the trees, a truck could be seen. The snow had been cleared off of it.

Not having enough patience to wait, Charlie made his way over to the truck. Had his Bella been scared when she crashed? Was she in pain when it happened?

He walked around the hood to the driver's side. The hood was in pretty bad shape. He had to yank the door several times before it opened. He got in.

Sitting there gave him a new perspective. The windshield was cracked in several places, and the steering wheel looked as if something had hit it pretty hard. Oh how he hoped it wasn't Bella's head that had made the dent. On the passenger side seat was a backpack. It was open as if it had been looked through recently. He pulled it onto his lap. Inside he found Bella's wallet; it still had all of her ID's and money. Pulling out the money, Charlie was slightly surprised. There was a lot of money here probably thousands. Why would she be carrying around so much money? Digging deeper into her backpack, he found not books and other school materials, but clothes and a pair of shoes. This wasn't just for a change after gym class.

"Look in the back," Billy said. Charlie jumped, he hadn't noticed Billy and Jacob coming to the truck. Looking through the back windows, Charlie furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he caught sight of a box full of cans of corn, beans, and other canned food.

"She was planning something Charlie," Billy said sadly.

Charlie was speechless.

She wouldn't just leave like that, would she? But as he thought about that, he couldn't be sure. She had changed so much since that… boy… had left her.

"We can't be sure, but it seems likely that she was headed out of town," Billy continued in the silence.

"But then what?" Charlie asked. "She obviously didn't get that far did she?!" he said gesturing to the truck he was sitting in.

"Charlie," Billy began. "I know this is hard, but listen to me," he paused glanced at Jacob and then looked back at Charlie. "One of the people from the tribe was here soon after she crashed." Charlie didn't say anything. "He said her footsteps went out from the truck toward the highway, but they didn't make it there."

"What do you mean?" he asked, a hard edge to his voice.

"They just stop," Billy said.

"So you're saying she flew?" Charlie said tilting his head.

"I'm not saying anything, I'm just telling you like it is, was," Billy said.

Charlie moved to put the backpack back on the passenger side seat, when a small book fell out from one of the front pockets. Curious, Charlie opened it.

… He said it would be like we never met. He was wrong. Every day, every minute, he's there haunting me. It's making me crazy. To think, I could ever mean as much to him as he meant to me.

I'm just a dumb little girl who got in over her head with someone who was never meant to be with her, only play with her. I hate that, I hate me. But no matter how I try to, I can never bring myself to hate him...

The only thing that is saving me right now is Jacob. He's like my personal Sun whereas Ed-Him...was like the moon at night. If Jacob were to ever reject me like…Him, I don't know what I would do. There's only so much a heart can take…

Charlie's face was rapidly turning a fierce shade of red as he tossed the book into the corner and stepped out of the truck. Slamming the door, he glared at Jacob.

"What did you do?!" he yelled.

Jacob's eyes widened, then looked at the ground in guilt.

"Now Charlie-" Billy started, but it was to no avail.

"You had to have had something to do with this," Charlie said determinedly. "Did you reject her like that Cullen kid?"

Jacob seemed to have lost his voice.

Charlie took that as his answer.

"You did, didn't you?!" he shook his head angrily. "You knew how she was after...him and you-you" He turn abruptly and walked furiously around the back of the truck toward the highway.

"Charlie!" Billy called after him, but it was no use. Charlie was already walking along the road and disappearing from their sight.

Billy sighed and looked to Jacob, but he was gone too. He shook his head and waited.

"Chief Swan! wait! please!" Jacob pleaded, as he jogged after the man.

He kept walking.

Sighing in defeat, he asked one thing.

"Do you still want the truck?" he yelled.

This got the man to stop.

"Leave it," he yelled without turning around. "If she comes back, she'll get it."

Jacob raised his eyebrows in confusion, but left it at that. He let Charlie walk on.

"Leave it," Jacob said, when Billy had asked about the truck. He looked conflicted about it, but nodded his head in acceptance.

As they were getting ready to leave, Billy looked to Jacob.

"Tell the others to look out for the truck," He said. "If she's still alive and she does come back, that truck should still be in one piece for her."

Jacob nodded though he didn't understand. Why would she want to come back for this beat up truck? And who was to say she was still alive? If she was, wouldn't she be around here? Why would she leave without money or ID? She was a smart girl, she wouldn't do that.

"Jake," Billy said, breaking apart his thoughts. "You ok?"

"Huh?" He looked around him, "Oh, yeah...yeah I'm fine."

"No you're not," he said.

The truck started up.

Jacob looked straight ahead.