E/O CHALLENGE Word for the week: Keen or Keening
Word Count: 100
Co-conspirators: Lots and lots. Waves at them. Pretty soon we'll be listing those authors who have not joined the drabble challenge. Check Enkidu07's profile for a complete list.

"Why so keen on zombies, Dean?"

"They're clean and easy, dude. Like black dogs. High powered rifle, one silver bullet – dead."

Sam ducked a branch Dean walked under. "So easy equals good?"

"Didn't say that. S'about the tools. I can shoot off a fly's dick with the Remington. So it's always clean and ready. Zombies? Razor sharp blade, one good slice, zombie head on a plate. Or vampire head." Dean looked over his shoulder. "Why do you think I clean the weapons all the time, bitch?"

Sam shrugged. "Because Dad did?"

Dean let a branch smack Sam in the nose.