A/N: Written while listening to the song 'Boulevard of Broken Songs' by green day and oasis.

Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge
Prompt Word: "Keen or Keening"

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Bone Headed Move

It was a quiet evening between the brothers tonight. Sam lazily flipped through the TV channels trying to find a good show to distract him from reality. Dean sat next him on the other bed sharpening the knives.

Sam's eyes wandered over to his brother "Need a hand?"

Dean looked up "If it's not affecting your busy TV schedule."

"Nahh. There's nothing good on anyway." Sam grinned and the eldest brother. Dean rolled his eyes and handed Sam a knife to clean and then got back to work.

The youngest Winchester's fingers moved from the bottom of the knife to the keen point of the top. His hand motion went to fast and he cursed quickly gripping his finger and dropping the knife.

Dean's head snapped up and he placed down the knife he was cleaning and quickly put it aside. He then put an awkward hand on his baby brother's shoulder. "How bad?"

"Not to bad, I think." Sam hissed through clenched teeth.

"Go put it under some warm water and if it needs to be stitched I'll do it."

"M'kay." Sam said through clenched teeth once more, he winced in pain as he felt the warm blood dripping down his arm.

"That was a pretty bone headed move, Sammy."

"Yeah I know."