Author's Pre Notes:

Much love and thanks to Dreamchylde for mentioning this theme and inspiring me out of my horrible writer's block I've been having.


Shelter me from the triads of hell and deliver me unto the arms of peaceful knowingness, for I am nothing without serenity holding me near…

The human words had been heard once, although where was beyond him. For remembering them in the first place, there should've been an inner battle existing, but strangely enough, there was not.

There are no standard ways of categorizing it…bearing witness to the horrors of the battlefield. It's one of those highly unstable variables that exerts no boundaries, only violent misgivings about the path its chosen. Everything that once existed is stripped into something no longer recognizable and tires to the point where exhaustion is nothing but a mere longing to have.

Glancing outward from the launching platform, Thundecracker hesitated. Sea gulls flocked above as the ocean air filled his wind intakes. Closing his optics, he breathed deep, letting the atmospheric gases pass through him untainted. In just under a few nano kliks, he would be there, on the battlefield, taking out the enemy with beautiful accuracy.

The talk said behind his back, about the lack of regard toward the cause, about the ever changing loyalty pattern to the duty at hand…He'd heard it all. But what is cause and effect if there are no explanations given in between?

Opening his optics, seeing the oceanic gateway span forever and a solar cycle, the human words punctured through…

The triads of hell….he was already bound inside them. There was no serenity holding him near, no peaceful bounties of pursuit, and no arms of knowingness beckoning him in…only nameless exertion holding him captive under blood tipped fingers….