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Chapter 1

In a peaceful morning in Konoha village… "GAKI! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" Alright maybe not so peaceful… The alpha male of the village is currently running away from his raging predecessor, Tsunade.

The villagers sniggered as they saw the ordinary daily occurrence; however no one is stupid enough to stand in Tsunade's way in fear of being killed. The alpha male with golden blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes glanced back and screamed, "NO WAY BAA-CHAN! TOO MUCH PAPER WORK!! GIVE ME A BRE…!" He wasn't able to finish the sentence as a fist landed on his face and sent him 5 feet away on the street.

"NARUTO!!! As the alpha male, it is your duty to keep the village and pack in check. Don't go running of childishly!" said a pink haired cat demon as she glared at him.

Naruto coughed on the dust and argued, "Demo! Sakura-chan! That crazy baa-chan had been working me non-stop for days! I need a break! Come o…Ouch!"

Tsunade had finally caught up and now pulling Naruto on the ear with her honey coloured eyes blazing at him, "Gaki, it's your job as alpha male, the leader of this pack to protect this village from human hunters and rival packs, you sworn an oath when you were appointed remember! So don't go whining about a few paper works!" lectured the honey coloured wolf demon furiously.

Naruto head dropped along with his nine fox tails behind him. Naruto is a fox demon with a high rank due to the sealing of the legendary fox demon, Kyuubi, inside him giving him his nine tails along with tremendous power, which is the reason he was appointed as the alpha male by the village elders.

Konoha village is the settlement of the demons for thousands of years in order to protect themselves from human hunters. There are also plenty of packs like Sand and Sound, or stray packs who are often on the move. However when non allied packs met, often a battle for territory will take place resulting in blood spill and death. Hence, it is essential for the alpha male to fight and protect for their packs. Each demon varied in their demon form and abilities, usually due to blood linage. There're also certain clans with special bloodline abilities, like the Hyuuga clan and the Inuzuka clan.

Speaking of Hyuuga, the genius brown wolf demon, Hyuuga Neji suddenly appeared to the group and said, "Naruto, patrol found a cat demon near the river." Naruto straighten up and said, "How's the condition?" Now is serious business, no time for jokes, even Tsunade and Sakura kept silent and listened.

"I heard it from Kiba, he seemed pretty injured and ill, it's best if Sakura should come with. It seems he posed no threat, yet."

Naruto pondered at this information and said, "Alright, Sakura take a team of medics with you and Tsunade baa-chan can be stand by at the hospital. I will come with you Neji."

Neji nodded and beckoned Naruto to follow him as they leapt from tree to tree in Konoha forest, heading towards Nakano River. When they reached there, three demons were waiting for them.

Inuzuka Kiba, a brown dog demon of the Inuzuka clan gave them a grin and waved at them while an enormous white dog, Akamaru stood beside him barked and wagged his tail. Beside him, is a brown deer demon, Naara Shikamaru looking extremely bored as always muttered, "Troublesome…"

Naruto waved at them and asked, "Where is he?" Both of them turned and pointed. Naruto walked and widen his eyes as he saw a black cat demon lying by the riverbank unconscious.

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