Silent Hill 2: Unplugged

A/N: This is chapter three. Zip-ah-dee-do-dah.
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James made his way through the long halls, hopelessly trying to figure out which one belongs to the dead man....

The apartment complex had many, many doors, most of which were locked, probably due to the vast amounts of faceless-straightjacket things roaming the hallway. By this time the scare factor had long worn off and James was pretty much just trying to find out which apartment he was going to rob. It would probably be easier to do with a map, but these things do not typically occur to people who get a buzz from ballpoint pens.

Approaching the second floor, one of the doors which happened not to be locked hung slightly open as if to suggest someone might be in there.
"Geeze," James muttered, scratching his head. "It looks like someone might be in there. I should go check it out."
He gently pushed the door open a bit more and slipped inside. He was met by a bright light coming from a mannequin in the center of the room, the light coming from a clip-on flashlight on the collar of the dress hanging on the mannequin. James approached the dress with disgust.

"What a terrible design," he mused, prodding the dress and taking the flashlight from it. "Just look at this color scheme! Egg yellow collar and a pink floral design. Eww. Looks like the kind of thing Mary might wear."


Stepping back out into the hallway, James hung a left at the first oppourtunity he had. On this new floor was another long, dark hallway. But one side happened to have some bars on it. On the opposite side of these bars was a small key lying daintly on the floor.
Panting, James decided the key was most likely there for a reason, just as everything else in the town was there for. Kneeling down on the floor, he stuck his hand through the bars and probed around for the key.
And then he felt a painful pressing on his fingertips and saw a small foot with a shoe on it kick the key away. He looked up to see a little girl stand there, hands on hips, mocking him with her pigtails.
"Haha!" She giggled and skipped off down the hall.
"HEY!" James shouted after her and threatened her back with the wooden plank, but then decided that going to jail for beating up a small child with a blunt object was probably not going to help him out at the moment.
James picked himself up off the floor with haste and ran down the hallway. He was about to turn right when he heard a scream.
"What was that?" He looked around nervously and readied his plank. Nobody came charging down the hallway with a shotgun so he figured it was safe to continue on and did so. Taking a deep breath, James looked around the corner to the right, where there were more bars blocking the end of the hallway. He approached them with caution, disregarding how tragically that had ended roughly three minutes ago. James put his hand on a doorknob and heard a raspy noise next to his ear.
He turned his head slowly toward the bars in the hallway and was met with the glowing red outline of a tall misshapen figure.
"OH MY GOD!" James practically screeched, "You have a WHEELBARREL ON YOUR HEAD!"
Panicking, he open the door hastily and slipped inside the room.

Inside the terribly decorated and rather depressing looking room there was static on the TV screen and the top of someone's head could be seen slightly from the big green chair they were sitting in. James pushed the door shut and stepped further into the apartment. He walked over to the person sitting in the chair and screamed with the lacking enthusiasm of a girl scout watching a man having his face eaten by a cougar.
"My GOD!" James retracted his hand which was now covered in blood, and wiped it on the back of the chair. "He's dead... Who would do something like that?"

He glanced around the room nervously and stepped back from the body. "Okay," James said, his voice shaking with fear, "I'm beginning to suspect that there is something seriously messed up about this town."

James looked around the room for something that might be usefull, perhaps something sharp for which to manually gauge out the mental image of what he had just seen from his brain. He found a key and thought maybe it would work, however he lacked the suicidal tendencies needed to insert it into his eye socket. The plastic tag on it said 'Clock'. James licked his thumb, erased the L, and giggled to himself quietly.

On the opposite side of the room was a clock. One could only assume the clock key belonged to this clock, or perhaps it belonged to some other clock, the very fact that clocks even required keys anymore was a complex enough mystery to James, and neither he nor anyone else would have really cared to figure it all out, so with that train of thought he stepped up to the clock, inserted the key, kicked it lovingly with the heel of his boot and body-checked it with his shoulder in a rare moment of violent brilliance.
It obediently fell over on it's side to reveal a large man-made hole in the wall behind it.


Several hours later, James stumbled out of a room on the third floor in a daze. Terror and horror still lingered in him, gripping his organs fiercely like a pimp demanding money from his ho. Words could not even describe the awful scene he had just witnessed, but they sure as peas could try.
"Boiled eggs..." James murmured, his bottom lip trembling. "Gum wrappers, camels... turtle-shaped stickers..."
Legs trembling with the fierceness of a violent hurricane, he used the wall to guide himself to the end of the hallway. James settled himself down onto the floor and looked to his side, where a V8 bottle sat quietly. James cast the wooden plank aside and hugged the bottle of delicious vegetable juice tightly to his chest.
"Where were you when I needed you the most?" he whispered into the side of the bottle, tears welling in his eyes.
"..." said the bottle.
"Why don't you ever talk to me?" James rose from his feet and held the bottle out in front of him. "I feel like we just don't communicate anymore."
"See?" His voice shook with anger and he choked back tears. "Even now, you just... I think... we should see other people."
And with that he cast the bottle aside, and it made it's merry way down the garbage chute adjacent.
"....!" screamed the bottle in rage.

Dusting off his hands, James collected himself and decided to go for a walk around outside, completely forgetting what he was doing in the apartment building to begin with. Caressing the stairwell banister tenderly, he hummed a jaunty tune and amused himself for a few minutes with the pocket flashlight.
Swinging open the door to the courtyard merrily, he strolled over to a dry swimming pool, and peered over the edge. Three stumbling creatures, a baby carriage and a the rotting corpse of half a giraffe, nothing too unusual.
But just as James turned his eye away from the pool, he caught sight of a glimmer. Or, more rather, the glimmer caught him and clutched his heart and dug out the mamillian attraction to shiny objects buried deep in his mind.
James smurked wildly and obediently threw himself at the cement bottom of the pool, jumped up, kicked over the carriage expelling both the shiny object, a coin, and a baby, which wailed as it tried to crawl over to the coin.
"NO!" Thinking fast, James threw a blanket from the carriage over top of the baby and grabbed the coin from it's reach. He held it up to the filtered sunlight and examined it like he knew what he was looking for. James smiled.
"Made in 1997," he said smartly. "The year I was born."

C/N: I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SO LATE. And I really got lazy at the end there, believe it or not it was hard for me to make rape comedic. So I just edited that bit out. And the finding of the courtyard key, because really, there are FAR TOO MANY KEYS IN THAT GAME.