Challenge Word: Keen.

A/N: Sorry! This is another one that goes over the 100 limit, lol. I promise my next one will be 100. I need to stop breaking the rules. =D

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Sam is 8. Dean is 12.


Dean sniffled miserably as he shuffled down the dingy hallway of their latest temporary residence. He could hear his little brother growling and cursing to himself in the kitchen, which was why he'd dragged himself from bed in the first place.

"Sammy? What are you doing?" Dean grumbled, trying not to sound too nasally. He hated that.

Sam's head snapped up as Dean rounded the corner. He flashed a toothy smile at his older brother when he came to an abrupt halt in the doorway, his eyes widening.

"Um... I'm making orange juice." Sam supplied helpfully, a piece of soft orange skin plopping from hastily swept back bangs. "For you." He concluded a little more bashfully, feet wiggling off the side of a creaky kitchen chair. His knees were planted on the sad excuse for a seat cushion; all of this arranged so he could get better height on the counter.

Dean raised a brow as he took in the old toaster and dented bread box sitting parallel from each other atop the counter, a flat metal cheese grater bridging them. A lumpy half of peeled orange was sitting in the middle of the grater, Sam's hands poised over it. Juice and orange bits dripped sluggishly down into a large bowl set below the grater.

Dean grinned slowly, swallowing back his chuckle. He'd always known his Sammy was keen, but this was a new kind of ingenuity.

"You're the best little brother a guy could have, Sammy."

The thousand watt smile he received lit up the room, and shone straight into his heart.




I wrote this piece cause I am sick myself, lol. I have a mild sore throat and a bit of a stuffy nose. I'm keeping myself hydrated and taking other helpful measures to insure I don't get any sicker, so here's to hoping! Thanks for reading!