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Explanation: Crossfire is a simple crossover between KOTOR and Firefly/Serenity. After watching reruns of the show I rediscovered my enjoyment of it and decided to give a new fic a shot, since my old ones are stagnating. Spoilers through all of Firefly and Serenity and spoilers for all of KOTOR I and II. Hope you enjoy.

Summary: On the edge of known space, a brain-damaged mind-reading genius comes across another, both running from their pasts and both offering a solution to each other's problems. Takes place during Serenity and after Darth Nihilus' attack on Kataar and Revan's disappearance from the Republic.

Prologue: Mistakes

The evil he had felt within his very soul so many years before, at the end of the great war Mandalore had thrust upon the galaxy had been so mindlessly vile, so callously indifferent that he had mistaken it as something that couldn't be beaten. Mistaken the evils he felt within the Trayus Core on Malachor V as an endless Empire of Sith that would burn their galaxy to ashes. The reality of it all nearly crushed Revan when he returned a half-decade later to that dark portion of space alone and discovered the evil Empire he had feared so much, sacrificed so much as a Dark Lord of the Sith for was merely a grouping of several hundred worlds and moons orbiting a handful of stars gathered in a small cluster and that the evil he had felt was isolated within the small little verse as he'd heard the locals call it, cut off from the rest of the galaxy and lacking any faster-than-light capabilities. A look of complete disbelief had colored the Prodigal Knight's face as he stared at the hologram of the system, his mind going completely blank.

He'd killed countless billions to reform the galaxy into something more primal, something that would be harsh enough and brutal enough to survive the evils he had sensed from this small gathering of stars and it had amounted to one of the darkest periods in the galaxy. He'd turned his back on his heart when he'd left Bastila to follow the warnings his fragmented memories had presented him and as he reclaimed the memories lost to him, he wished he hadn't. It would have been easier to be pure evil, to be the Dark Lord and monster, only wanting power and not wanting to safeguard the galaxy against a threat that would have amounted to little more than a skirmish if he'd been smart enough to actually look at it with his own eyes instead of trusting the Force.

The Force had warned Revan of the darkness in this small corner of the galaxy, had warned him of pains and tortures beyond conscience. The Jedi General Revan Qel-Droma had not even had the decency to lose his mind or fall to the Darkside and had simply turned on the galaxy. He had listened to the whispers of Sith left over from Exar Kun's war of a vast Sith Empire rules by the remnants of the once powerful species of Sith, True Sith that had fled the bombardments of Korriban and Ziost a thousand years before. Revan had listened to those Sith, the ones who had pressed Mandalore the Ultimate into war and he had been taken for a fool as Mandalore had. Darth Revan's war had left the Republic and Jedi Order so weakened that they would fall on their own, without outside interference. That had been when the Sith that had warned Revan of the falsified True Sith had struck. Assassins from Malachor V were led by the Lord of Pain while the Lord of Hunger consumed the very essence of life from the Jedi and Miralukans of Kataar. The crippled Jedi Order scattered and fell apart, less than a hundred from an order of tens of thousands survived the Jedi Civil War and they were forced to scatter and hide in the face of Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus' war. The two were not fallen Jedi from Revan's war, but relics leftover from Exar Kun's and they had played Revan as a pawn, just as the Jedi Order had after they'd captured him. His own Master Kreia had fallen at his side, becoming Darth Traya and she had been swept aside by Nihilus and Sion's bid for power, lost to the darkness of a dead world, surrounded by a dead fleet of opposing forces that had long since fallen still and silent; witness to a battle that had ended a race, a planet and a good man and started another war.

Exile was a form of punishment, a means of atonement for crimes that did not warrant death, though Revan knew his crimes warranted death countless times over. He had been a monster, a willing mass murderer and his misguided attempts to strengthen had only weakened. Tearing out the Ebon Hawk's main computer core, Revan wiped away all of the data of his flight to this corner of space, taking away all traces and programming in a new set of coordinates on the opposite end of the galaxy. Programming the navcomputer to make a series of blind hyperspace jumps to that area of space, Revan then programmed a memory-wipe for the computer. It would automatically lock after the wipe took place and nothing could recover the data once that was finished.

"Concerned Observation: Master's plan is flawed. This HK unit as well as the T3 unit would have adequate points of reference to return to this area of space. Stubborn Declaration: It is this HK unit's duty to safeguard the Master from harm and the security risk of leaving this unit functional would require my continued presence alongside Master. The T3 unit is inferior to my design and can be-"
Revan called on the Force, sending a thin tendril of red-orange energy towards the assassination droid that shorted out its functions and destroyed its circuitry. Moving the immobile droid to a storage bay, Revan ripped the memory core, removing the physical hardware that would recount the droid's points of reference with where they currently were in space. Destroying the evidence so HK could never find his way back no matter how well he was repaired, Revan sealed and locked the storage bay, turning to T3-M4 as the small droid gave a nervous beep.

"If you know what is good for you, you'll forget what Bastila told you to do and let me wipe your memory too."
A forlorn whistle came from the small droid before it powered down and Revan removed T3's memory core and repeated the process. The former Sith Lord then programmed a false set of coordinates deep within the droid's memory core so that anyone who would come looking for him would find themselves as far away as possible while remaining within the galaxy instead. Setting a timed restart for T3, Revan moved the small droid to the Ebon Hawk's cockpit, sighing as he stood and glanced in the direction of the galactic core. He would accept exile for his crimes because he couldn't end his own life, no matter how much the despair closed in at the thought of how completely he'd been fooled and Revan moved to his bunk, collecting a change of clothing, his armor and a blaster pistol and rifle to supplement his lightsabers. Casting one last glance at the empty ship, Revan moved to the escape pods and took a seat, strapping himself in and closing his eyes with a sigh. There was a fairly lush world on the edge of the verse that was uninhabited and Revan could make due there for a while, in solitude. Programming the escape pod to take him to the world designated Miranda from the encrypted files he'd leeched off the Cortex, Revan closed his eyes as the pod separated from the Hawk and he allowed himself to succumb to the pain and despair and agony and rage he felt in the space around him as the Ebon Hawk vanished in a hyperspace tunnel, along with his previous lives. In hindsight it might've been a better idea to pick a populated world, since Miranda had its own dark secrets.