I'm sure many of you have heard of the recent case of Elisabeth Fritzl. A woman who was held as a sex slave by her father for 24 years, being kept in an underground apartment built by her rapist father. She lived there with her children, all fathered by her own father.

Recently a similar case came up over here in England. Two sisters had suffered a similar fate by the hands of their father. They had nineteen children between them thanks to him. I'm sure that there are dozens more cases like this but that the victims have been unable to get their stories out and therefore not get the help they so desperately need.

After reading about these cases I wanted to write a story about them. I don't want to offend anyone by doing this but I want to help raise awareness of the fact that stuff like this happens. I really hope this story helps to do this.

Thankfully, these women and their children are all now free from their prisoners physically at least, however mentally and emotionally they never will be. My thoughts go out to them.

I'd love anyone who reads this to review on this story in particular if you can find the time. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks so much for reading this.

Summary: Two sisters come to the SVU seeking help and desperately trying to flee from the hell they have been forced to live in for their entire lives. The team at the SVU quickly help the women. They're determined to stop the person who has caused the women so much misery all their lives, their own father.

The case quickly turns nasty when the father fights back, not yet willing to give up the two people he thinks he owns. He'll get rid of anyone who gets in his way and that includes the guys at the SVU. The case goes from bad to worse when he snatches the women back and one of the ones trying to stop him…Olivia.

It's a race against time for the team to find both women and one of their own before they lose them all.

Disclaimer: Not mine if you've seen them on SVU. Although this story is based on true events none of it will be exactly the same.


Olivia opened her eyes and looked around her surroundings. She wanted to cry when she saw she was still in the hell hole she had left behind when she had fallen into unconsciousness. She couldn't stop the whimper that escaped her lips, nor the tears that began to fall. "Elliot where are you?" she thought out loud.

"Olivia?" a familiar voice said.

Remembering she had to be the brave one she sucked in a big gulp of air, wiped away her tears on her shoulders, she couldn't use her hands because they were tied painfully tight behind her back. She rolled over and looked over at the women who shared this hell with her.

Drew, the younger of the two women sat with her arms hugging her huge pregnant belly. A look of distress was splashed across her face. Olivia knew what it meant. "Livia, the baby's coming." Drew said, panic evident in her voice.

"I'm gonna get you out of here Drew, I promise you that you're not going to have this baby here." Olivia said confidently.

"You don't have a choice, Drew. You can't get us out of here, Olivia. None of us are getting out of here. He won't let us." Bella, the eldest sister, said.

"Bella, we're getting out of here!" Olivia said as tears stung her eyes. She couldn't stay here, this place was hell on earth and she knew it was only a matter of time before the devil himself came back.

Drew screamed in pain as a contraction hit her hard, every inch of her body felt pain that just got worse as the contraction played out. Drew sat and cried as her panic quickly turned to hysterics.

"Drew, breathe. You have to control your breathing sweetheart," Olivia said supportively.

Drew tried to do as Olivia told her but she couldn't stop the panic so breathing was hard to do.

Olivia quickly climbed to her feet and limped over to Drew. Her leg had been injured in her first beating and the pain it felt had only got worse. Finally reaching Drew she fell clumsily to her knees. She turned her back to Drew. "Drew, untie me." she said.

Drew, whose hands hadn't been tied, quickly did as she was told, something she had been doing her whole life.

With her hands now free Olivia turned to face her. Gently, she began rubbing small circles on Drew's stomach trying to sooth it somehow. She had no idea what she was doing. She had only ever really seen one person give birth and that was Kathy but she had been in shock so part of her barely remembered the moment.

She began demonstrating the best way to breathe to try and help handle the pain. The only way she knew how to and that was only from what she had seen on TV and in movies. Drew began copying her and slowly the contraction seemed to die out. Once it had faded completely Drew began sobbing. Olivia quickly wrapped her arms around her.

"I don't want to have this baby here Olivia. I can't stand the thought of having another child just for him to snatch it away from me and do God only knows what with it. It's not fair. I've had eight children and only got to see all of them for minutes only. I wanted my babies, I want my babies even if that monster is the reason they're here." Drew said as she continued crying.

"I know." Olivia said as she stroked Drew's hair and held her close. "He won't get this one, you're gonna get to watch this one grow up, I promise you that." Olivia said.

- - - - - -

It only took minutes for an exhausted Drew to fall asleep. With her asleep and now laying down on the small mattress she had to sleep on and covered over with a blanket Olivia had managed to find, Olivia began trying to find a way out.

"Why don't you just face it? You're gonna end up just like us, being forced to have sex with him whenever he demands it." Bella began, "You can't escape this. We've tried Olivia." Bella said as she watched Olivia pace the room looking for a way out, any way out.

Olivia didn't ignore her but she refused to believe her words. She refused to give in to this. She refused to be someone's sex slave for the rest of her life, however long that may be. She refused to let Drew or Bella put up with this any longer than they had.

As she continued searching she noticed a vent. It was tiny and she actually doubted whether or not she would actually be able to fit through it but she was sure as hell going to try. She walked over to it and after putting a box underneath it on which she could stand so she could actually reach it she pulled the front of the vent away. She was relieved to see a perfect hole in the wall that looked right outside.

A second look at the vent made her realize it was bigger than she had first thought. It would be a tight fit but she would fit through, however neither Drew nor Bella would, not with their pregnant bellies. She realized she would have to go alone and bring help back.

She climbed down off the box and walked over to Bella, who had realized that at least one of them could get out of here and who was gutted that it wouldn't be her.

"Well thanks for coming. I doubt you'll be coming back. What sane person would?" Bella said sarcastically.

"Bella, I'm coming back. I'm going to go get help and bring it back here."

"Sure, you'll get out here and run to where ever is safe. I don't blame you. That's what I would do. You'll forget all about us once you're free from here." Bella said.

The pain and anger in her broke Olivia's heart. She gently held Bella's face in her hands and forced her to look at her. "I'm not leaving you here." she said clearly, "I'm gonna get help and when I do I'm coming back here for both of you and we're gonna lock your father up somewhere he'll never hurt you again."

Bella looked at her before tears spilled from here eyes. Olivia quickly held her. "I'll see you soon." she said before letting her go and running back to the vent.

She climbed up on the box and pulled herself up into the vent and maneuvered her body through it, cursing inwardly in pain as her shoulders scraped against the bricks.

She had just managed to get her arms out the other side when she heard Bella scream her name. She couldn't see back through the vent but she felt herself suddenly being pulled back through it. She quickly clung onto the wall, pulling herself out as much as she could but it was no use as she was pulled roughly back through the gap she had just crawled though.

She fell to the floor on the other side with a crash, her body crying out in agony. Before she had chance to do anything she felt a harsh blow to her side. She knew Hugh had kicked her, it was a feeling she was getting too used to. As she tried to pull herself up she could hear both Bella and Drew crying, begging their father to stop his attack.

Another harsh blow had her doubled over in agony then suddenly her body was being crushed by Hugh as he fell down on top of her. He had his hands wrapped around her throat before she had chance to breathe. Straight away she began trying to push him off her but he just tightened his grip. She suddenly knew that he'd crush her throat before she ran out of air.

Using all the strength she could gather she thrust her knee up, luckily she hit him right where she had intended to and he fell off her, holding himself and screaming in agony.

She quickly but painfully got to her feet without a second thought and ran back to the box and climbed up on it once again and pulled herself back through the vent, this time she got right through.

Finally out in the light her eyes began watering and stinging. It felt like the bright sunlight was gonna burn her eyes right out of their sockets. She tired to look around but it was no good. She covered her eyes with her arm and began running, holding what she knew was broken ribs with her other arm.

- - - - - -

It hadn't taken long for her eyes to adjust to the light but as she ran through the thick woods it was becoming harder and harder for her to breathe like she needed to. The urge to be sick was getting stronger too and as she stopped by a tree and leant against it she felt the feeling rising in her throat.

Having little energy she fell to her hands and knees as she did actually throw up. Panic set in as she saw nothing but a pool of blood in front of her. The pain of her ribs made her want to cry but she knew she didn't have the time. Using a tree to pull herself up she got back to her feet and began running again, dragging her feet behind, unable to pick them up.

- - - - - -

She was sure she was going in circles, everything looked the same exactly the same. She had no idea where to go next so she just kept moving forward.

Her body froze on the spot as she heard a twig snap around her. She looked around but she could barely see through the trees. A loud shot suddenly echoed through the woods.

Olivia gasped as she felt a pain in her side, she looked down and watched as blood began seeping through her shirt.

She fell back against a tree, holding her side and whimpering as the pain intensified. She heard twigs snap and leaves crunch and someone walked over to her. She looked up just in time to see Hugh swing a gun at her head then it all went black.

The next time she would wake up she would be back in hell and this time the fires would be deadly…


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