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Justice and New beginnings

Olivia was sat there, silent and still. On one side of her was Elliot, supportively holding her hand. On the other side of her were Drew and Bella. They were all nervous as hell, all waiting for the verdict.

They were in court, on the last day of the trial against Hugh. They jury was in and now it was all just about waiting.

Olivia couldn't help but look over at Hugh. He was stood looking right back at her, his eyes wandering over her body. God, she hated him. She hated his face, his eyes, just everything about him.

As he continued looking at her she just wanted to launch forward and punch his face over and over till she could no longer see it looking back at her. Suddenly he puckered up his lips and blew her a kiss, now she just wanted to pull out her gun and shoot him. But she wouldn't, she wanted to know how the Jury had found him. She was praying he was going to rot in prison forever more.

Both Olivia and Hugh looked forward as the judge began to speak. "Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?"

"We have your honour!"

"How do you find the defendant?" she asked.

"We, the Jury, find the defendant guilty on all counts." The head Juror said.

Everyone in the court room sighed, all relieved. Drew and Bella both held onto each other, crying.

"The defendant will spend no less that life in prison." The Judge said, looking at Hugh in disgust.

They all watched as Hugh was taken away, the smirk now gone from his face, he was looking at them and if looks could kill each one of them would have been dead. They all stood up, smiling as he was taken away.

"This isn't over!" Hugh roared as he was dragged out of the court.

"Yes it is." Elliot told them.


Olivia was looking out of the window as they drove along the road. She had persuaded Bella and Drew to come somewhere with her. Elliot had taken great pleasure in driving them all.

They finally came to a stop. They were in the middle of nowhere, and both Bella and Drew were more than confused.

"Okay, Liv, can you not tell us where we're going yet?" Drew asked, one hand resting on her sleeping baby's tummy, who was secure in a car seat between her and Bella.

"We're almost there. It's just down this track." Olivia told her.

Elliot turned and began making his way down a dirt track, either side of them were more thick trees and shrubbery. After two minutes of a somewhat bumpy journey down the track they came to an opening.

It was Bella who noticed the swings and the trampoline and all the other toys scattered around a large garden. In front of them stood a large white house, clearly aged but well kept. Thriving colourful flower baskets sat on every windowsill and another swig hung on the porch.

Elliot pulled the car over, leaving Bella and Drew as confused as each other. He got out, followed by Olivia. Bella and Drew then climbed out, Drew reaching in to grab the baby out of her seat.

"Where are we?" Bella asked, a little panic evident in her voice.

"It took me a while but I managed to track your Aunt down. When I told her what had happened she told me about the trips your Father had made down here. Each time one of you had given birth."

Bella and Drew looked up as the front door to the house opened up. They both stood wide eyed and mouth open as kids began running out of the house, over a dozen of them, all different ages but the physical resemblance between them all was the same.

Then an older woman walked out of the house. Both Bella and Drew immediately recognised her. It was Bella who began to cry first as she realised that some of the children running towards her were her own.

Drew was next to realise what was happening. She glanced at Olivia in disbelief. "He brought them all here." Olivia told her. "Your Aunt has been taking care of them. He threatened to kill her if she ever opened her mouth, threatened to kill you both too."

Drew looked down to see a small girl looking up at her. "Hi, Momma." the little girl said to Drew who burst into sobs.

"I told them who you were." a familiar voice said.

Drew looked up and found she was looking into the eyes of her Aunt Helen. An Aunt who had always been so good to them, made them cookies when they visited and who was full of nothing but kindness.

"I told them all about both of you." Helen told them. "I told them you would both be back to get them one day, when you could."

Helen took the baby from Drew's arms and said, "Say hello to you children Drew."

Drew crouched to her knees and pulled the children in front of her into a hug. Bella was on the other side of the car, holding her children, talking to them, memorised by each one of them.

"I wanted to help you both, I did, but I didn't know what was going on until he brought me the first baby. He threatened to kill me and the child if I spoke. The more he brought me the worse his threats got. I knew I couldn't protect you but I could protect these children from him." Helen said, her voice dripping with guilt.

Both Drew and Bella got up and walked over to her, both placing an arm around her. They both thanked her as Olivia stood watching. Elliot was talking to the children. Olivia could finally see a happy ending in this for Drew and Bella and she was made up for them. They deserved this. "You two can stay here. Your Aunt says there is plenty of room." she told them.

"I understand if you don't want to." Helen said.

"I cant think of anywhere I would rather be." Bella said as she scooped one of her children up into her arms and placed a soft and loving kiss on their cheek.

"How can we ever thank you two?" Drew asked Elliot and Olivia.

Olivia stepped up to her and said, "Just take care of these children and yourselves."

Drew nodded and wrapped her arms around Olivia, they hugged for a moment before Bella stepped up to her. Drew took a step back and Bella then hugged Olivia. "I'll never forget what you did for us." she whispered to her.

"I was just doing my job." she said back to her.


Elliot and Olivia had been back on the road for just under an hour when she turned to face him. She reached across and placed her hand on his leg. She turned to him and smiled as she said, "Thank you."

"For what?" he asked, placing his hand on top of hers.

"For saving my life, and not just in the basement." she said.

"Liv, I'd walk through fire for you, anyway, anytime, anywhere." he said, making her smile.

"I'd do the same for you." she said with a smile.

Elliot quickly turned to look at her and said. "I love you."

"I love you too." she replied.

They drove the rest of the way back to Manhattan with her hand resting on his leg, talking about anything and everything, but both knowing one thing…the past was behind them and they now had the future to look forward to together.

The End.

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