Title-Teenage Secrets

Summary-Inuyasha is the star quarterback who has a crush on Kagome, the popular kindhearted cheerleader. Yet she never seems to give Inuyasha the time of day. What will happen when they both end up at a party and share something that can only be shared once? (No you perverts I know what your thinking.)

Genre- Romance/Humor


Chapter 1: I'm sorry and you are!

Takahashi's running towards the field goals, with swift movements. Going, Going TOUCHDOWN! And Tokyo High wins the game with an outstanding 23 to 37. Said the announcer guy nobody pays attention to. The crowd went wild, because their team was going to the play-offs. Inuyasha along with the rest of the team runs off the field only to be attacked but friends and fans.

Congratulations guys. A long silky haired cheerleader said. The girl had ravishing beauty, creamy apricot skin a figure 8 body, rosy cheeks and plump lips. She was the kind of girl everyone wished they could be of have. The whole football team turned to see their dream girl.

"Hi Kagome! Have you seen Sango?" Said the flirtatious Miroku. He was a good friend of Kagome's since he was dating her best friend Sango.

"Um...sorry but no. I'll tell her you're looking for her if I see her though."

"Thanks Kagome."

She nodded. Well see you guys later! Kagome replied as she walked away in the walk that makes boys ogle her, yet she doesn't do it to tease she merely just walks like that.

Man she's hot!!! Thought the Hanyou Quarterback Inuyasha

(AN: do I really need to describe the characters we know they look like. If not google em u stalkers lmbo okay bk 2 the story.)




"Owww! What'd ya do that for Miroku!?" Inuyasha yelled.

"Inuyasha you were staring at Kagome again…"


"I was not leave me alone!!!"

"Whatever man...anyway are you going to the party tonight at Hosanki's Palace?"

(AN: it's a teen nightclub, sort of the teen hang. it will be mentioned a lot in the story)

"Do I have much of a choice? Inuyasha said a little annoyed."

"Not a single one." Miroku said with a creepy smile on his face.

In the girls locker room

The cheerleaders changed their clothes and Sango and Kagome begin to talk...

"Hey Kagome, do you think I need to lose a pound or two I'm starting to feel a little bloated." Sango said with enthusiasm

"No way Girl you look amazing, better then me I tell you." Kagome laughed playing along with her friends jokes about her body.

"So...." Sango said as she fixed up her make up.

"What?" Kagome asked beginning to get confused.

"You're coming to Hosanki's tonight right? Ayame is tonights host so it should be fun. She always has tricks up her sleeve."

"You know i hate going there. Especially after Koga tried kiss me being tipsy and all." Kagome slightly giggle at the memory. True it was embarrassing but it was also funny. "Plus Sango you know 'He' wont let me go." Sadness started to fill Kagome's voice as she thought of 'Him"

Sango's enthusiasm drifted and her eyes softened.

"Kagome when are you going..."

"Don't start Sango." Kagome said as a tear rolled down her eye.

"Well if you're not going, I'm not going. Maybe you can spend the night at my house and…"

"If it's not too much to ask, can we please switch the subject? Oh, Miroku's been looking for you."
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Walking in the school hall....

3:13...CRAP! I'm so going to get it. Kagome thought as she ran down the hall towards the exit.


Kagome fall backwards and blacked out for a moment, but soon opened her eyes. "Owww… that really hurt." Kagome said while rubbing her head. "I'm so sorry." She apologized and began picking up her things so she could leave.

"It's okay." Said a silver haired boy Kagome just knew that she should know, but she just can't seem to put a name with a face.

The boy held his hand out for her to grab so she could get up. She took his hand and got up.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked with concern in his voice.

"Yea but..." she drifted her eyes to her watch.3:24...OH MAN!!! WHEN DID ALL THIS TIME PASS?? Kagome's face curled up.

"Are you sure you okay?" The boy asked smelling the scent of her worry.

"IM FINE BUT IM SORRY I HAVE TO GO!" The girl yelled as she ran out the front doors and down the street, leaving the boy clueless in the hallway.

"What's up with her, just a few minutes ago she was all perky and content at the game and now she's worried about something."


Kagome panted as she ran down the street and up the porch steps to her house. (AN: she lives in a house not a shrine)

She stopped in front of the door and hesitated to put her keys in to unlock it. She took a deep breath and unlocked the door. Kagome twisted the doorknob and slowly walked into the house.

It's so dark in here, why is it so dark??? Kagome thought as she walked towards the living room.

"Where Have You Been Kagome?"


Well theres chapter 1, I really hope you guys liked it. This is my first public fic. I've written many stories but i've never gone public with them. Anyway I bet a lot of you are wondering who "he" is well to tell u the truth I'm juss ridding the boat right now because I really didn't decide who "he" is going to be yet...I'm open for suggestions.

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