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Title-Teenage Secrets
Summary-Inuyasha is the star quarterback who has a crush on Kagome, the popular kindhearted cheerleader. Yet she never seems to give Inuyasha the time of day. What will happen when they both end up at a party and share something that can only be shared once? (No you perverts I know what your thinking.)
Genre- Romance/Humer/Suspence


Chapter 25- A Fairytale Wedding


This doesn't feel right…

Kagome sighed she looked at herself in the mirror. She was holding her wedding dress up to her body. The dress was beautiful, and while holding it to her body, she felt like a fairytale bride. In less then a week, she was about to take the commitment of a lifetime, but…

This just doesn't feel right…what am I doing wrong…

Kagome sighed again, and hung her dress back up. After she hung it up, she pulled out a notebook. Kagome spent a lot of time writing, and rewriting her wedding vows. She could never seem to get everything she was feeling on paper, especially since she had other thoughts on her mind. Then it struck her like car crash, the thing that was tearing her heart apart. It was…


"Knock, Knock!" Inuyasha poked his head into his bedroom only to be smacked with the scent of salty tears.

Kagome started to softly cry. She never fully recovered from what it is she said to her father several months ago. However, she also couldn't bring herself to approach him, because she was afraid he wouldn't hear her out.

She sniffled. "Inuyasha…I…want my dad at our wedding." Kagome said refusing to face him.

Inuyasha furrowed his eyebrows. "You mean…you didn't invite him, or your brother and stepmother?" This surprised Inuyasha.

Kagome shook her head. "I invited THEM, but not my dad…I was still upset…I don't know…I was selfish." Kagome lifted her head, and blinked back her tears from falling.

"Kagome, you're not selfish. You're probably one of the most UNSELFISH people I know." Inuyasha approached the girl and squatted down so he could be eye leveled to her.

She looked him in the eye. "But what I said…WAS selfish. I didn't mean any of it, and I need to make things right."

Kagome stood up and headed for the front door.

[AN: did I forget to mention that they're back at Inuyasha's condo??? Oops, well they are]

Inuyasha couldn't help but smile on the inside. He knew EVENTUALLY Kagome would come around. Even if it took a lifetime…She would come around.


Kagome took a deep breath as she raised her hand to knock on the door. But then, the door opened. Her stepmother must have been on her was out of the door since she was all dressed, and ready to someplace.

"Oh, hello Kagome. We weren't expecting you. In fact, we didn't expect to see you until Saturday."

Kagome lowered her head. A tear started rolling down her face again. Miss Renee' took no hesitation to wrap her arms around the girl, and console her. But Kagome backs away.

"I'm sorry to bother you but…is my father here?" Kagome asked jump right to her reason for intrusion.

The woman nodded then stepped aside. "Indeed dear, he's right in the family room."

"Thank you." Kagome said then walked into the house. She tightly held onto a small white envelope with a red ribbon on it, as she walked behind her father.

The man never turned around, Kagome just assumed he thought it was his wife re-entering the house. Kagome inhaled and closed her eyes to clear her thoughts. She had started to open her mouth and make her presents known, but then Souta walked in the room and said…

"K-Kagome? What are you doing here?"

Their father turned around and gawked at the girl. Kagome was probably the LAST person he would expect to see. But then, the man turned back around and continued what he was doing. This gesture broke Kagome's heart, the fact that her own father couldn't even look at her. That hit hard.

"Um…Souta? Could I talk to dad alone for a while…please?" Kagome finally spoke up, trying to hide the hurt in her voice. Of course to her brother, it went by unnoticed.

"Sure! I'll see you later sis." Souta said then ascended the stairs to his bedroom.

Now the silence re-enter the room. Kagome pulled a small strand of hair behind her ear before she spoke up.

"Uh…dad?" Kagome said softly. But the man didn't respond.

"Daddy. Daddy please look at me."

The man only grunted in response, but never turned around.

Kagome sighed. "If you wont look at me, then I'll just come out and say it…Daddy I'm Sorry." She said in the most sincere voice possible.

The man crossed his arms, but still never turned to look at his daughter. A tear rolled down Kagome's cheek.

"I'm sorry for…running away. I'm sorry for what I said because; I didn't mean any of it. I do want you in my life, and really, really need you in it. But…you just have to believe me when I say…I love Inuyasha. No matter what way you look at it, young love DOES exist." Kagome paused for a second hoping her father to say something.

The man turned around and looked his daughter in the eye. However, he still did not speak.

Kagome sighed. "This Saturday, I'm getting married to the man of my dreams and…I want you to be there. I may be asking to much, especially at such short notice but…every father deserves to be at his daughters wedding." Kagome walked around the sofa, and sat the envelope on the coffee table. She then proceeded to walk back out the front door but stopped before turning the doorknob. "I wouldn't blame you, if you didn't come. But…I really want you there." Kagome said these final words, and walked out the door.


"So…he just sat there?"


"And he didn't say anything at all?"


"Did he even pretend to be listening?"

"I guess. It was kind of hard to tell."

"So…is he going to come to the wedding?"

"Didn't we just get passed the fact that…HE WASN'T TALKING? I don't know if he's coming."

"Do you think he'll come?"

Kagome sighed. "I don't know."

"But it's your wedding. A girl only gets married once…well at least most of the time. Unless of course you two get a divorce for whatever reason…because if that were to happen, it would just suck…"

Kagome's eyes widened at hearing what was just being said. "SANGO! It may just be ME but…I don't think people dream about their DIVORCE day." Kagome said while putting down her magazine.

"Oh yea…sorry." Sango stopped her rambling. "So, have you finished your wedding vows yet Miss Bride-To-Be?" Sango pressed.

The girls where at a day spa. Inuyasha thought it was a good idea for Kagome to be as relaxed as possible, since they were getting married the next day. The whole day Kagome had been getting pampered from head to toe. From hair and nails, to face and skin.

"I just might have." Kagome said with a sly smirk.


"Well what?" Kagome pretended not to know what Sango was asking.

"Well, can I hear them?" Sango said almost shouting out of anticipation.

Kagome pondered this thought for a while. "Nope." She smiled.

Sango sweat dropped. "Why…" She said almost in a hiss.

"Because, they're not for you, they're for Inuyasha. And if I tell you…"

"It just wouldn't feel right…I get it." Sango finished her sentence.


"So…where is Miaka?"

"With her dad."

"Is she going to be at the wedding?" Sango asked.

"Of course. She's the daughter of the bride and groom. Why wouldn't she be there?" Kagome said as if it were obvious. [AN: It kind of was…]

"Yea, your right. That was a stupid question." Sango joked.

Kagome raised an eyebrow.

"You nervous about tomorrow?" Sango finally asked the question that's been eating her on the inside.

Kagome sighed. "No…I don't think so. I mean…I know I want to be married to Inuyasha…"

"But you're nervous. It's okay. I'm sure every bride-to-be was nervous before her wedding. You two are in love. Just keep telling yourself that…and you'll be fine."

Kagome nodded. "You're right."


This is it Kagome…No turning back now…

Kagome looked at herself in the mirror of the preparation room. She smiled at herself in the mirror. This was the third time she had the dress on. The first two didn't count though, since it was only for fitting. The dress was a strapless satin side draped style with beaded and metallic embroidered lace. The dressed laced in the back with a short chapel train that didn't flow very far. It was perfect for an outdoor wedding. Kagome's normally back length hair was now shoulder length since it was beautifully curled. On top of her head sat a delicate diamond headband that kept her curls out her face. Her makeup was light as always, though it consisted a little more then normally. She had light pink lip-gloss on, with black eye liner, and soft silver eye shadow. Her only jewelry were dangling white gold earrings, a small diamond chocker, and a white gold bracelet.

Kagome continued to smile at her self. She couldn't wait to say 'I do'. Two words that would change her life forever. Kagome walked over to the window to see the spectators waiting in their seats. She blinked back a tear that threatened to fall when she didn't see her father.

I guess he's really not coming…

"Kagome? Are you ready?" Sango poked her head into the door.

Kagome turned around and shook her head no. "Not yet…please Sango. Could you leave me to myself for a minute?" Kagome asked trying not to sound like she was about to cry.

"Well sure, but do you want be to tell that to your visitor too?" Sango said.

This statement confused Kagome. "What…"

Sango stretched the door open to reveal Kagome's father standing behind her in a black tux with a flower bouquet in hand.

Kagome's eyes widened. "D-dad? I thought you…"

"I wouldn't miss my daughters wedding for the world." He cut her off.

Kagome bit her lip and smiled. She ran into her father's arms. "Thank you. Thank you so much. Daddy…thank you."

He rubbed her back soothingly. "You look beautiful Kagome."

Kagome sniffled, and pulled herself together. "I'm so happy you came."

"Like I said, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Even if you didn't invite me, that doesn't I wouldn't have shown up."

Kagome furrowed her eyebrows, but let that go. Her father handed her the bouquet, and extended his arm. "You ready?"

Kagome smiled and nodded. "I am now."

"GREAT! I will go let everyone know!" Sango ran out the prep room.


Kagome and her father were walking down the middle isle with 'You're Beautiful' playing as her wedding march music. Everyone was standing, and taking pictures of Kagome. She tried her best not to smile TOO hard, but she was excited. She looked down the isle in front of her. She was getting closer, and closer to the alter. Inuyasha smiled back at her and mouthed 'I love you'. Kagome was still forcing back her tears when she mouthed back, 'I love you too'.

Kagome and her father had walked past Sango, who was holding Miaka in her arms. Kagome blew a kiss to her daughter right before confronting Inuyasha, and the priest.

[AN: I know…demons and a priest…kind of a weird mixture but what ever]

The priest started the normal wedding into. Kagome started holding her breath when he got to the…'And who gives this woman to this man' part.

"I Tasuki Higurashi, give my daughter Kagome Higurashi to Mr. Inuyasha Takahashi."

Kagome's eyes widened as she looked at her father. He nodded and kissed her forehead. Kagome could have cried, but she wasn't. She simply replaced her father's hand, with Inuyasha's. Her father took a seat in the audience.

[AN: um…yea, I don't really know EVERYTHING that's recited at a wedding so we're going to skip to the vows…which by the way I did write myself. It took me a while and that's why this chapter is so late but yea bla, bla, bla, back to the story]

"The young couple has written their own vows for one another so…" The priest gestured toward Inuyasha. "Please proceed."

Inuyasha took Kagome's hands. In his eyes, she saw so much love. She loved his eyes; no she loved all of him.

Inuyasha cleared his throat before reciting his vows.

"In your eyes, I have found my home.
In your heart, I have found my love.
In your soul, I have found my mate.
With you, I am whole, full, and alive.
You make me laugh, and you let me cry.
You are my breath, my every heartbeat."

Kagome could no longer hold back her tears. The first one fell.

"I am yours.
You are mine.
Of this we are certain.
You are lodged in my heart.
The small key is lost.
You must stay there forever." Inuyasha finished.

Kagome sniffled as another tear fell. She nodded in response to Inuyasha's words. Then she proceeded to reciting her own.

"You are my inspiration, and my soul's fire.
You are the magic of my days.
You help me laugh, you taught me to love.
You provide a safe place for me; unlike I've ever known.
You free me to sing my own song.
You are more of an amazement to me, each day I rediscover you.
You are the reason I smile."

Inuyasha smiled at Kagome's words. She continued.

"I am yours.
You are mine.
Of this we are certain.
You are lodged in my heart.
The small key is lost.
You must stay there forever." Kagome finished, and then the priest began again.

"Inuyasha, do you take Kagome Higurashi as your wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. Till death do you part?"

"I do." Inuyasha said, and the third tear fell down Kagome's cheek.

"Place the ring on her finger."

Inuyasha did this, and the priest started again this time talking to Kagome.

"And Kagome, do you take Inuyasha Takahashi to be your husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. Till death do you part?"

Kagome sniffled again. "I do."

"Place the ring on his finger." Kagome did as she was asked and looked Inuyasha in the eye once more.

"If there are no objections to why this man and woman should not be wed then Inuyasha, you may kiss the bride."

Inuyasha made no hesitation. He cupped Kagome's face and brought her lips to his. Kagome laced her arms around his neck adding force to the kiss. She smiled against his lips.

When they pulled apart, they stared into each other's eyes.

"We're officially a family now. Me, you, and Miaka." Kagome said.

"We sure are. And I promise to always be here for the both of you."

"I love you Inuyasha."

Inuyasha wiped the tears from Kagome's face.

"I love you too."



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