Wow. New story. I owe this all to my friends who, each of them, deserve to be written about. Or at least, their situations all wrapped into one. ILY,guys. Dont let boys destroy you, now. ;) Original title "Pieces of Me" (both titles are lame. PLEASE GIVE SUGGESTIONS)


It's the heart, afraid of breaking that never takes a chance.

It was safe to say that Ino Yamanaka's heart wasn't taken care of, the way it should have been. She never felt that she was loved. She's had her heart broken more than once, and she never wants to love anyone ever again. When she was 7, her father abandoned her and her mother. When she was 12, her best friend had left the country without saying a word. And soon after, her boyfriend destroyed what was left of her aching heart.

She only had love left for her mother, who has always been there for her. Her mother was, in all actuality, her best friend. Ino didn't feel that she had to hide any secrets from her mother. They were far too great in their mother-daughter relationship that Ino felt no need to scurry away from her.

Now at 16, Ino's grown into a more mature woman who's able to handle her own monsters in this world. Or at least, convince the people around her that she can.

"Sweetie, are you ready for school?" Her mother asked.

Ino nodded, "yeah mom. Totally fine."

"Are you sure?" Her mom persisted.

"Mom. I'm good." She reassured, "Shikamaru's said he'd wait for me at the bus stop, he said he's gonna help me dissolve in the school."

Her mom smiled, "I'm glad you have faith in Shikamaru."

Ino sighed, "He's one of a few mom, I've known him since I was 6. I mean, we've always been in contact, even after years of not seeing each other…" Ino sighed remembering her bestfriend who bailed out on her.

"Well, take care, sweetheart." Her mother bid her. Ino nodded. She grabbed her messenger bag and made her way out the door.

Ino sighed as she walked one foot after the other. Her steps were heavy against the asphalt.

Whatever she did to try to cover up how she really felt, Ino always had an aura of sadness surrounding her. She tries to cover all that up with the brightest smile she could possibly muster. But in reality, she only experienced pain. Pain that was hard to get over. As much as she wanted to be happy, the sorrow from her past was too overwhelming to neglect. She tried, and of course there were benefits of success. But she only looked happy to a certain point. She was able to have people believe she was in high spirits, but she knew deep down, she was broken.

She had to deal living that way for awhile. Until everything she once knew to be so blissful could come back to her.

Deep inside, even if she doesn't know it yet, she still has hope for happier days.