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She looked up to the person who was standing beside her and a smile spread across her face, "Temari!" She exclaimed happily. The darker blonde grinned, "What are you doing here?!" Ino asked her happily.

"School hopping or whatever…I'm here to promote something from my school to…here." Temari answered passively. "I'm just here for the day."

Temari and Ino knew each other from a spa that they both go to. Ino needed to get massages, and she and Temari always seemed to be there the same time. Temari had the ability to read her like an open book. The first time they spoke to each other, she knew Ino had a problem. A really big problem; so she told Ino she knew she had a problem and gave her advice on how to cope with it. She was one of the few people Ino liked.

"Aww. That's too bad…" Ino said. Temari shrugged.

Sasuke was approaching Ino when he stopped in his tracks immediately when he saw Temari. "shiiiiit" he cursed under his breath in a high voice (yes, with the prolonged 'I'). Then he backed up a few steps, up until the front of the classroom and then bumped Naruto.

"Dude, you're back." The blonde stated as he saw Sasuke when he spun around to see who had bumped him.

"Yeah…" Sasuke muttered angrily in a low tone.

"What's up?" Naruto asked concernedly picking up on Sasuke's attitude quickly.

"She's talking to that girl. Gaara's sister." Sasuke spoke through gritted teeth. His eyes never left the two blonde conversing. He was staring daggers at Temari.

His blue-eyed best friend looked rather confused at what was happening. How did Ino know Gaara's older sister? And a much better question would be what was she doing here? She wasn't even in the same year as they were and she definitely did not study in their school.

"What's she doing here?" Sasuke hissed.

Naruto shrugged extremely spaced out, "I-I don't know, their family doesn't even go to this school."

"Don't sweat it. She's here on council business." Tenten, who suddenly appeared beside them out of nowhere, calmly explained to the boys.

Sasuke and Naruto jerked involuntarily on alarm. Tenten giggled at this, "Dude, what the hell!?" Naruto screeched.

"Where the fuck did you pop out of?" Sasuke spat just as annoyed as Naruto. Tenten rolled her eyes and let slide the rudeness of the two boys and went along in answering their questions. Although it wasn't of any help, she went on. "That doesn't matter." She waved them off, "just don't think about it too much."

The 2 rolled their eyes and turned their backs on her.


"So, what are you promoting?" Ino inquired as Temari claimed an empty seat beside her.

"Ah, some school band thing…" Temari answered in a very bored tone resting her cheek on her palm.

"You're the SC Vice-President, how could you not know what you're promoting?!" Ino held back amused laughter.

Temari chuckled, "I do, I do…" She said as if she was fighting a headache—slightly slurred speech and everything, "it's just, don't make me think about it now. You'll hear all about it later…" Temari bargained for Ino to stop pressing the subject.

"Okay, okay." Ino stopped, "But, of all subjects, why History?"

The darker blonde shrugged, "Hey, the said after lunch…and I drew this class first…I'm promoting to 4 other classes." Temari explained. Ino had plans of interrupting but Temari beat her to it, "all the classes I'm going to has an SC rep or SC committee member attending…it's your school's council's job to promote further what I'm promoting." She explained.

"Gotcha." Ino winked as she flashed Temari a smile.


The smile didn't go unnoticed by Sasuke Uchiha. Neither did the wink. He enjoyed watching her, observing her, trying to figure her out…but to his downfall, he never knew what she was going to throw at him. That made him somewhat excited.

"Yo, how does new girl know Ms. Thing over there?" Naruto asked Sasuke as they walked over to the corner of the classroom to converse privately.

Temari was known to have quite an attitude. Whether it be her drama queen mode, her I'm-the-boss-of-you-so-follow-what-I-say mode, her bitch mode, crazy bitch mode or whatever else mode she goes into, she was dubbed Ms. Thing because no one contradicts anything she does or says.

"How should I know?" Sasuke retorted distastefully.

Naruto scratched the back of his neck nervously, "This whole Ino thing…" the blonde began, Sasuke carefully turned his head and faced his best friend. "There's no silver lining." He says with a heavy heart, "It's not lookin' so good. The force isn't with you, bro."

Sasuke groaned in frustration. He covered his face with his hands as he tried to calm himself down. "Just shut it, Naruto." He spat angrily.

But this time, Naruto refused to go down without a fight. Sasuke has done this too many times that Naruto couldn't just stand back and let it all happen again. He was sick and tired of how that cycle went around, and he felt obligated to fix it.

"No. Sasuke," he began sternly, "You always do this. Why are you always chasing what you can't catch? Why do you always want the things you can't have?!" Suddenly, Naruto Uzumaki sounded so grown up. "You keep doing this to yourself, and I always sit back and let you do your thing. I see you always going for it, but you end up crushed with all that effort and no prize, Sasuke! You want the things that make your life complicated. Everything is easily laid out in front of you, man! You just have to roll with it. What you're doing, you're pressing an issue that should be remained untouched! You always do! You like making your life hard. Stop doing that to yourself!" He lectured.

Sasuke listened silently and was caught off guard. Naruto knew him inside out, and he would never say anything to intentionally (and un mockingly/sarcastically) hurt Sasuke. Never. He was always there as a helping hand and sidekick. And he did make a good point. Naruto always watched out for Sasuke. It was a no fail deal.

"I'm sorry man…" Sasuke said silently.

Naruto nodded.

"Bro, you have to understand…it's painful to watch you. I mean, entertaining, but painful." Naruto admitted honestly.

Sasuke shook his head, "I know, I know." He ran a hand through his long bangs. "But, dude, I'm really intrigued by this girl. I mean, I wanna get to know her. She's one of those cryptic, hard to read girls. There's something to her…I wanna be the Sherlock Holmes to that."

"Man, I think you're whipped and you're not even dating her…"

"Am not…and please, it's me. I don't get easily persuaded to doing things for others." Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"I get where you're coming from." Naruto concurred, "Let me rephrase my previous statement…" He then began, going all law-firm mode on Sasuke—which till this days surprises him, that his best friend is knowledgeable and able to play around with the English vocabulary—"Sasuke, I think…no, I know it to be true, you're obsessed with her."