To Be an Heir

This story came to me after reading The Other Boleyn Girl and The Lady Elizabeth. I have been so taken back by the way life was, or at least the romanticized version of it.

***My disclaimer is as follows: I do not, nor will I ever own any character of Sailor Moon. I feel that this is sufficient because I will not own any character during any chapter in this story. There for I will have no other disclaimer.***

Summary: Picture 15 00's England, during King Henry VIII rule. The English court is to have the Princess of the Moon and her ladies in waiting for guest. These are trying times between the two monarchies and peace is badly needed. Can peace be possible with two fighting royals? (Rated M for Lemons and such)

Mother Knows Best!!

January 15, 1542

When life as amusing as it can be brings you to a place where as a woman you have no choice but to obey, what do you do? Obey! Obey all the etiquette, the ceremony and most of all OBEY your husband. This is the life we are born into and this is the life we must lead. My mother says I should be grateful to have been born so privileged. In truth I wish I was a poor house wife with the love of her husband, instead of a princess with tolerance as the best possible outcome from a marriage. Will I ever meet a man who actually wants to know that I am learned? Will I ever meet a man who is concerned with things about me, other than if I am able to bear a son? I don't know and until then I cannot marry, I WILL NOT MARRY!!


The young woman sat her pen and very secret book down. She was beautiful by the simplest of standards. Tall enough to be pleasing to the eye. She had a thin waist, so thin that she did not have to wear a corset. Her long silvery blonde hair cascaded down to nearly touch the floor. She wore it down and loose, as is the custom of a virgin. She was looking out the window of her study when a knock at the door disturbed her.

"Who is it?"

"Molly, My Princess."

The young red haired woman opened the door and approached Serenity.

"Your mother bids me dress you Princess, she says she must see you urgently."

The princess and Molly approached her armoire to pick out a dress.

"Molly, I insist that you call me serenity. It is an official order!" The princess smiled at her personal maid.

"Thank you Princess but your mother would not look kindly on that. Now enough about protocol, how about this dress?"

The girl brought out a beautiful cerulean colored dress. The top half of the dress was fitted with a mock corset and the lower part was full with many layers of the most beautiful silver and navy layers. The sleeves were about three quarter length and flowing at the end. Serenity's eyes widened with alarm!

Noticing that her mistress was nervous Molly comforted her.

"Now, Now princess. There is no suitor just urgent business and your mother wishes you look your best!"

Serenity gazed at her maid quizzically and then turned around and let her dress her, as is custom. When Molly had finished Serenity looked every bit the princess she was and even the Queen she would be was coming out of her. Serenity checked her self over in the mirror and decided that everything was perfect so she could leave. Molly escorted her briskly to the Queen's Chambers.

"Your mother wants you to wait in her inner chamber."

"Thank you Molly." Serenity opened the door to the chamber and went in quietly.

The queen's rooms were extravagant. No expense had been spared to make her feel comfortable. Serenity was looking longingly into a portrait of her mother and father when her mother walked in.

"You can have it too you know."

"But not like yours, your love is unbreakable. I am to be married for convince, not love as you were free to do mother." Serenity spat out.

"Young lady, you will remember your place and all that your father and I have done to ensure you the throne after we are no longer to rule. You will do well to remember that our people come first and our happiness second."

"But why mother, why can't I at least look for love? Can't I even pick my own suitor?"

Queen Selen sat down on a stool, she knew she could not keep up the charade for long. But just then she had a compelling idea, "What if I send her to him with out her knowing why?" She motioned for Serenity to sit down.

"If choice is what you wish then choice is what you shall have. With in my guidelines of course. This way you will at least have the liberty of liking the man you will marry."

Serenity was bubbling with excitement.

"Oh!! Thank you mother you won't be disappointed in me."

"Serenity, I did say in my guidelines. Did I not?"

"Yes mother." Serenity mumbled.

"You will go to the Earth's court, along with the planetary princesses. You may select a husband from the upper most level of the court and no less."

Realizing that she had been tricked Serenity gazed on her mother unforgiving.

"This is my only option?"


"Then, I accept."

"Good, go and prepare. You will depart in the fortnight along with the princesses."

Serenity got up and walked calmly out of the room, wondering if the other princesses had been forced into such and option. They had and none were too happy about it, least of all Lita the princess of Jupiter.

The other four planetary princess were, Amiee the princess of Mercury. She was calm and serene. Rieanna the princess of Mars. She was fiery. Minuette the Princess of Venus. She was bubbly and looked like Serenity's twin. And last Lita the princess of Jupiter. She is a fighter.