Blink Of An Eye

E/O Drabble challenge, word was 'keen'. This is late cause I had to work tonite. Since I'm writing this before I WENT to work I may be in jail by now so Gaelic may be posting it for me. Sorry. In fact they may still be trying to pry my fingers from this guys throat. Good luck with that one. At least now I can read all the others in my cell.

AN: I didn't kill anyone this week.

But it was damned close.

I don't know whether it would have been a mercy killing, cause some people are just too stupid to live or a cheered on by onlookers, justifiable homicide because they should have been killed by someone else before me and everyone is just glad someone finally took care of it.

But's frigging Christmas...peace on Earth and all that shit.


Whoever wrote that never met the people I work with. Frigging 3 ring circus. I swear to God if I could just take them into an alley and beat the crap out of them and some adult sense into them...God save me from the walking wounded, I've got my own scars. Shut up, grow up and deal!

If thoughts could kill the streets would be strewn with bodies as I passed. I guess it's just as well they can't.

Grumble, grumble...morons....

(No, I'm not really a very nice person. Starts digging wider moat and withdraws to darkest corner of deepest room in the castle and plots to never leave)

Dean hissed as the keen edge of the blade slid through the ropes and into the tender skin of his forearm. He felt the hot blood race in a line down his arm to puddle in his hands as he sawed, fingers cramping and now slick as he awkwardly gripped the handle of the blade, wishing to God he'd brought a smaller knife.

His head snapped up, heart racing, staring into the unbroken blackness surrounding him.

The knife slipped through his fingers and clattered to the floor.

Not that it mattered.

They were here and it was already too late.

End notes: I was trying for something lighter in case you couldn't tell...