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Chapter 10

As his lips touched mine, I trembled under his touch, feeling his caressing tongue tentatively probing. Asking for admittance. His lips begging for me to open up to him.

Hadn't he known I had already opened the door? I knew when I offered him coffee I was offering myself.

When his tongue touched mine, I was flooded with the arousal that'd been toying with my senses, in that sudden moment, lips locked fiercely in a kiss that literally sucked the breath out of me; I knew I didn't care anymore. I should care, but I didn't. Magically compelled or not, I wanted this wizard for as long as possible. For as long as he'll have me.

His hands, curling into my waist lifted me up and deposited me on top of the counter, I sat with a small thud and wound my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck, and my lips around his. The only sensation registering was Severus, his sensual movements against me, the uniquely male hardness that pressed into my feminine softness. He growled possessively and I could have whimpered at the sound. 'Possess me' I would have begged, had I wanted to pull away from his sharp tangy kisses, but his hands were twined around my hair gripping me tight into him, kissing me so divinely that my bones felt light as though I was intoxicated.

When my greedy fingers grabbed at his shirttails wrenching them free of his trousers did he only then seem to realize we were both clothed, and both interested in carrying our snogging much further. Severus pulled my bum closer into him holding me close against the hard planes of his body.

"Where?" he breathed in my ear.

"Upstairs," I managed.

Still gripping me around his waist he slid me off the countertop, through the kitchen and up the stairs. He only paused midway on the landing to push me into a tight corner to nibble at the arched column of my throat until I moaned against him and begged him to fuck me hard on the stairs. It was only with a great sense of bereavement that he pulled away and tottered the rest of the way to my room.

The fact that I was plunked down on the bed in a most unseemly manner mattered not, it was the man in front of me that commanded all my attention. I had never until that moment realized how truly exquisite the man was. The gods themselves had fashioned his body with the same generosity as they had blessed his mind. Oddly, the humbling way his glittering eyes were drinking me in, tracking my movements as he studied me gave me the distinct impression his thoughts were very much the same about me. The persistent erection threatening to poke through his cheap trousers gave me very little doubt that he desired me, or at least my body, but it was Severus himself, those unfathomable eyes that made me believe he wanted me. I had no doubt as he descended upon me intent on devouring my body.

Suddenly clothing seemed like such a bother.

A monumental bother when all I wanted to do was wrench his stupid fucking polyester trousers off. But doing so while he nibbled on an earlobe, his large calloused hands tracing nonsensical patterns on my stomach and thighs was an impossible task. Certainly I'd encountered belts before, buttons, and zippers too for that matter, but undoing such things while every bit of my being was trying to melt into him clothing or not seemed insurmountable. Surely there were Tri-Wizard cup challenges easier than this. I wanted him. I wanted to fuck the shit out of Severus, Now damn it!

"Wait!" I cried, sharply drawing breath to speak as Severus seized up his hands instantly stilling as his eyes jerked up to mine. I could read it all in one glance, he feared rejection. Expected it. Still?

"Please," I croaked, "I can't do this." I watched his face collapse and had my legs not been tightly wrapped around his waist I would have kicked myself. Hmm… perhaps I should unwrap legs to remove trousers.

"I… understand," he whispered, his head bowed in shame. He moved to get off me; I stilled his hasty fleeing by squeezing my thighs around his delicious torso.

"What? No… I can't get your pants off. I mean, I uh…" at his shocked wide-eyed expression I wanted to hide my burning red face. "Could you please undress for me," I squeaked, "I'm having no luck whatsoever with your buckle, and I'd really really like for it to be gone."

A stock still Severus Snape leaned down to taste my lips; his own mouth was scorching and heavenly at the same time. The pent up passion in his kiss, the intensity of all of his kisses robbed me of all higher brain functions. My train of thought derailed. I could only feel. The pressing intensity of his weight against mine, the heavy heat of his hardness along my inner thigh, his pants. Pants. Yes, that was it. Oh they definitely had to go. All of it.

With a low growl of triumph Severus ended our kiss and smirked, "For you I shall never wear this belt again."

He evanesco'd the belt to places unknown and retreated from the bed leaving me instantly wanting.

Severus stripped, unbuttoning his shirt revealing the toned muscles I itched to feel, to taste. His boots dropped heavily to the floor, their loud clunks serving as little wake up calls that I was much too overdressed for the occasion as well.

A short tangle of limbs and lips later and both of us were liberated as Severus pounced on me and I finally sighed in pleasure to feel him, all of him, pressed against me as it was meant to be. His fingers fiddled with me below, touching my nubbin and pulling weak teasing orgasms from me, little gasping shards of ecstasy. He coaxed responses from my slick heat as he paid worshipful attention to the undersides of each breast. How did he know? I couldn't keep climaxing by myself. It was wonderful, amazing, but not enough, not what I desperately needed, what we needed.

I tried to return the pleasure, my movements not as fluid or skilled, but the enthusiasm was there.

"Yess!" I hissed. Enthusiastic indeed. I only wanted him to stop teasing me. Later. Another time, not now. Now I needed him. My grip on his strong beautiful cock lead him to where I wanted him; the empty aching place where he was supposed to be.

Please," I sobbed brokenly. Something was missing. He was everything, and yet without him moving inside me it wasn't enough.

He responded to my touch, prodded me tentatively with the tip of his swollen cock, and I shuddered again at the contact. Nothing could be better than this. One hand pulled up to cup my face, compelling me to lock eyes with him as he stretched me slowly. I moaned at his first thrust, the pleasure radiating from my clit, my womb, scorching outwards into my bones, the knitted fibers of my being. Our being. My eyes widened as my body did to accept his girth. A quick glance down at our joined hips made me moan again at how absolutely fucking sexy it was to witness Severus' glistening thick shaft disappearing into me.

"Perfect," I whispered to myself.

"Agreed" he responded.

I buried my head into his shoulder, to smell and taste him. My hands curling around his firm arse admiring his form before digging in to pull him into me, to rock with my hips as Severus long deep strokes overcame my senses. I jerked with his body, moved as he moved, our coupling so sweet, as the harmony of our sex filled the air.

It was everything, blurred but beautiful, completely satisfying, but we were not yet satisfied. Just as I was about to cry out for more, sing for him to take this tortured wanting ache from me, Severus whispered. At first I had only heard his mumble, but then he repeated himself.

"Be mine, Hermione Granger. Stay with me and be mine," his raw voice softly pleaded.

I would have answered my affirmative immediately had my body not been so desperate to draw a deep breath, Severus' invasion was overwhelming and rational thought was not forthcoming, but a screaming "Yes!" was miraculously wrenched from my lips. One small syllable that summed up all I felt. And I meant it. Every bit of it.

The Wizard could have me. I was his, as long as he was mine. His darkened eyes, normally threatening, were laced with storm clouds of pure lust and utter possession and they pierced me utterly. He was mine. We belonged with each other. We belonged to each other. We belonged.

Severus continued his battering assault, whether spurred on by my cries or the contractions of my impending climax I'll likely never know, but every bit of him pushed into me, in a desperate drive to become one. I grabbed skin, pressed myself arching and aching to come with him, to meet the need. My throat opened up to sob my release as I melted in his rhythm. My song meeting his, to make our song, perfect in pitch, as our essences combined.

Together we lay, unmoving, Severus' beautiful weight still atop my prone body. His softening cock still lodged deep within me where it belonged. Perfect.


"Mine," I growled possessively, nipping the salty flesh of his neck.

A panting Severus raised his head momentarily from pressing into my bushy locks to give me a wicked smile of smug satisfaction.

"I couldn't agree more," he whispered.

An Epilogue… of sorts.

I suppose you would want to interrogate me as to why I was in a relationship with Severus. Lord knows the boys had when they finally pulled their heads out of their arses long enough to notice someone other than themselves and then even more slowly realized that their best friend had been openly seeing 'The Git'

And I'll put it to you plainly, in very much the same way I had explained it to the boys, 'Piss off, it's none of your damn business.'

Truthfully, neither my husband nor I will ever know precisely what makes our relationship work. Whether it's the number of things we have in common, or our similar sense of sarcastic humor, how we just get along comfortably with each other, how our personalities complement each other, or whatever.

But then, can anyone explain how any relationship 'clicks?'

Both of us are aware that there's ahem, a small probability that a being from a hellish plane of existence might possibly have done an tinsy-winsy bit of dark magic on us to be drawn together, but you know what? Does it really matter? We certainly don't give a damn. We're too busy being happy, or shagging like nifflers, or banging like storm shutters, or screwing more than carpenters, or … oh hell, it works, and we're not complaining. Why mess with a good thing?

A very good thing.

So, if you wouldn't mind terribly, quit being a nosy Parker and kindly bugger off.


I hope you've enjoyed reading this very short piece as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I was stuck in the Atlanta airport and had to do something. Schmootches, AV