Author's Notes: Just a little bit of information that didn't quite fit into the summary; this is based primarily off the yugioh gx manga, which is very different from the yugioh gx anime. Nevertheless, some elements of the anime that I liked or feel had potential will be incorporated into the story. Furthermore, I will ocasionally make referrence to my "Rebirth of the Shadow Games" stories, but I will identify them in footnotes at the ends of the chapters that they appear in. Also, two characters will be genderswapped from their canon genders. It shouldn't be hard to figure out who they are. Finally, as for pairings, I'm planning on Judai/Asuka, Momoe/Junko, and Manjoume/Fubuki. But, that's enough out of me, on to the story.

The Dropout Boy Drops In!

Professor Chronos De Medici was smiling as he looked over the newly accepted students of Duel Academia; the previous year's applicants were very disappointing, as most of them only just qualified for the Osiris Red Dorm, and most of them ended up dropping out by the end of the first semester. But Chronos could see that this crop was different; Asuka Tenjouin was the younger sister of Fubuki Tenjouin, and Jun Manjoume was from the prestigious Manjoume family, famed for its charity works around the globe, so it was no surprise that those two entered the Obelisk Blue dorms. Daichi Misawa was easily the top of all the applicants accepted into Ra Yellow, and what little he lacked in practical dueling skills he more then made up in his abstract skills. The only hiccup that Chronos could find was Shou Marufuji, who despite being the younger brother of Ryoko Marufuji had some of the lowest scores in the history of Duel Academia; clearly this was a fluke. Still, now was the time to welcome to their glorious new lives

"WAIT! I STILL NEED TO DO MY APPLICATION DUEL!" Chronos De Medici jerked his head around as he looked to the source of the insubordinate noise. Who could possibly be so rude as to interrupt such an important ceremony among duelists; these were the thoughts running through Chronos' head as the boy came running into the dueling arena. Once he crossed the boundary, he stopped to catch his breath. Chronos stepped in front of the boy, and waited for him to look up.

"Young man, you'd better have good reason for why you've interrupted the induction ceremony; we duelists are a proud lot, and we do not tolerate interlopers." The boy looked at Chronos, and started giggling.

"Man, I was worried I'd managed to run into the wrong place. Imagine how embarrassed I'd be if this were a regular High School, right? Still, now that I'm here we can get started on my application duel. So, who's my opponent? Whoever it is, I hope they're strong!" Chronos couldn't believe the arrogance of the boy; he barges in, interrupts the ceremony, and now he's demanding a duel! Chronos heard the whispering of his new students, and knew that he would have to take control right now.

"Listen, dropout boy, if you wanted to become a duelist you should have gotten here on time! As it is, your rude and insubordinate behavior do not merit being given a second chance." As far as Professor Chronos De Medici was concerned, that should have been the end of it, and it would have been too, had it not been for the appearance of his associate, as announced by the impertinent boy.

"Miss Hibiki! It's been forever!" How did this boy know Professor Midori Hibiki? It was inconceivable! In fact, it looked like the boy was about to hug her, and only just remembered proper decorum.

"Judai, it's good to see you too. Now be honest, you overslept again, right?" As inconceivable as this 'Judai' knowing Hibiki was, the reverse was even more so. Judai started laughing again.

"Yeah. I really didn't mean to, but I was so excited about today I couldn't get any sleep last night. But I'm all fired up now and ready to…" Judai paused as he absorbed what the strange looking professor had told him. "It's not really too late for my application duel, is it?" Professor Hibiki gave Judai a warm smile.

"Of course not; Professor Chronos, would you please contact the entry examiners and have one of them come back?"

"That won't be necessary, Professor Hibiki! I, Professor Chronos De Medici, will handle this myself!" Seemingly from out of nowhere, Chronos produced a dueling coat and placed his deck into the appropriate slot. "Dropout boy, I will make sure that you learn the penalty for tardiness, laziness, and attempting to use nepotism to get around the rules." Judai had only one thing to say in response.


Judai was the first to admit that he thought on his feet and not with his head, but it still seemed like Professor Chronos went out of his way to use much bigger words than he had to. Still, watching the professor draw his cards, he could definitely feel an aura of power coming from the odd looking man.

"Dropout boy, since you were so eager for this duel, you may go first." All right! Now was the chance for Judai to show the world what he was made of!

"I draw my card, and next I summon Elemental Hero Lady Heat." A woman with a lean build and light red hair appeared before Judai, clad in white and red with gold accessories. She had an attack power of 1300 and a defense of 1000. "Next I set two cards, and during my end phase Elemental Hero Lady Heat's effect activates; for every Elemental Hero on my side of the field, you take two-hundred points of damage." The heroine gathered a small ball of fire in her hands and tossed it at Chronos for 200 points of damage. "Now my turn is over."

"Wow, Judai did damage on the first turn! Isn't that incredible Mr. Misawa." A short, blue haired boy dressed in Osiris Red addressed a tall boy with sharp black hair dressed in Ra Yellow.

"Well, there are several ways to deal damage on the first turn, but I'll admit it surprises me that this guy could do one of them. He might be someone to pay attention to."

Judai looked over at his soon to be classmates and flashed them a smile.

"Thanks guys! I'll be sure to win this one for you all!" Chronos glowered at Judai as he drew his card.

"Don't be so presumptuous, Dropout boy. You may have gotten a lucky pot shot off, but that's all you're going to get! First I summon Boot-Up Soldier Dread Dynamo." A brown robot with a large gap in its body and a smaller gear shaped gap within it appeared on the field. Most of the audience was confused that Chronos had summoned the monster in attack mode, since it had a 0 attack power and 2000 defense power. But for Midori and a few select others, they knew what was coming up. "Next I play Machine Duplication, which allows me to special summon two more Dread Dynamos from my deck to the field." The first robot was joined by two identical partners, a veritable wall of machinery. "And now I play Double summon, which allows me to perform an additional normal summon, which I use to bring Yellow Gadget onto the field." A strange Yellow Robot with large gears sticking out the sides of its body appeared, and rushed to each of its companions, jamming a gear into the gear shaped gaps.

"Woah, what's that little one doing to the big ones?" Chronos waved his finger at Judai while tsk-tsking the boy.

"Do you really have no idea, do you dropout boy? While Dread Dynamo normally has a zero attack power, when a gadget monster is on the field the Dread Dynamos gain two-thousand attack points! Furthermore, by summoning Yellow Gadget, I can add Green Gadget to my hand. Not that it matters, since this duel is already over. And to make sure that you understand that you never stood a chance against me, I play Limiter Removal to double the attack power of all my machines!" Electric sparks started to run across all the robots, and while they didn't look like they would last for much longer, their new-found strength meant they didn't have to.

"Well, it looks like the new guy isn't going to win this one. I guess Professor Chronos really had it in for him. What do you think, Asuka?" The black haired boy, proudly dressed in Obelisk Blue, turned to the blonde girl next to him. She was looking intently at the eager duelist, who faced his enemy without any fear.

"If he is doomed, he sure doesn't seem to know it. Let's wait for the rest of the turn to play out before passing judgment, Manjoume." The black haired boy nodded at Asuka as Judai looked over at her.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence…" His voice trailed off; He'd seen the Obelisk Blue girl somewhere before, but damn if he could remember from where.

"Dropout boy, you might want to get your head back in the game; after all, it's not every day you get delivered such a devastating defeat! Dread Dynamo, attack Elemental Hero Lady Heat!" Dread Dynamo smashed through Lady Heat, who turned to ash as she died, and the robots fist carried through into Judai, knocking him back for 2700 points of damage. But rather then be discouraged, Judai was smiling.

"Wow Professor Chronos, you're really strong! Duel Academia must be really tough." Chronos chortled at the young boy.

"You've no idea, and you never will. Attack him directly, my second Dread Dynamo!" As the second robot rushed towards Judai, he welcomed it with a grin.

"I activate my facedown card, The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh and special summon Winged Kuriboh from my deck to the field." A tiny fur ball of a creature with even tinier wings showed up. Dread Dynamo struck the Winged Kuriboh with a fist that was larger than its entire body, but something kept the blow from connecting with Judai. "It's Winged Kuriboh's effect; when he gets destroyed in battle, I suffer no more battle damage for the rest of the turn." There was a loud gasping sound from the assembled students, with the lone exception of a certain young lady dressed in blue.

"So he has Winged Kuriboh?" Asuka whispered this beneath her breath, making sure that no one would hear her. She didn't have to, since Chronos was drawing all the attention to himself.

"You might think that you've pulled one over me, but that's where you're wrong. I activate my spell card Confiscation; by paying one thousand life points, I get to look through your hand and force you to discard one card of my choice." Judai's hand was now recreated in giant holograms that allowed everyone to see what his cards were; Elemental Hero Woodsman, Elemental Hero Stratos, and Elemental Hero Ice Edge. Professor Chronos formed a sinister smile on his face.

"Very well; I choose Elemental Hero Ice Edge. Then I set one card, and end my turn." The moment the words left his mouth, all his machines exploded, leaving his field empty.

"I can't believe that Professor Chronos is letting Judai get to him like this." Hibiki thought that she'd been speaking to herself, but a sudden voice revealed that someone had been listening.

"Really? I'm not that surprised; you know how he gets when someone proves him wrong, and even though your Judai hasn't won yet, he's certainly no dropout boy." Professor Midori Hibiki looked over at Professor Daitokuji; this wasn't the first time that the man had seemingly appeared from out of nowhere, but it was still unnerving. Of course, the effect was ruined by the fat tabby cat that he had with him at all times.

"My turn, draw!" Judai called out, drawing all attention back to him. "Now I summon Elemental Hero Stratos to the field!" A man in a sleek suit of futuristic armor that featured large metallic wings with powerful fans built into them flew onto the field. "And now I activate his first effect to destroy one spell or trap for every Elemental Hero I have on the field." Chronos laughed, a loud harsh sound.

"As interesting as that would be, you won't get to, because summoning that brute activated my trap card, Trap Hole, which sends your monster to the grave before he can activate his effect." Judai smiled right back at the professor.

"But not before I chain my trap to yours! I activate Elemental Recharge, which lets me recover one thousand life points for each Elemental Hero on the field, and that's not all! Because we started a chain, I can special summon Winged Kuriboh Level Nine from my hand." As Elemental Hero was sucked down into the grave, he launched a burst of energy at Judai, rejuvenating him of some of the damage he'd taken, and the moment that the Trap Hole sealed itself, Winged Kuriboh appeared on the field, now clad in red armor. "Winged Kuriboh Level Nine's attack power is equal to the number of spell cards that you have in the grave times five hundred, so that makes fifteen-hundred points of direct damage headed your way!" The tiny creature seemed to squeal as it attacked, knocking Chronos back several steps with a swipe of its claw. "End turn." Chronos returned to his previous position and sneered at the boy.

"You were really lucky to draw that card when you did. But while luck might win a battle, it takes skill to win the war that is known as a duel. I won't let some dropout boy like you sully the good name of dueling. Draw!" Chronos looked down at his card, and smiled. "You see boy, I've allowed you to think that I'm vulnerable to open you up for this assault. First I summon Green Gadget, adding Red Gadget to my hand, and next I activate Premature Burial, allowing me to special summon a monster from the grave at the cost of eight hundred life points. The monster I choose is, of course, Dread Dynamo!" As the fallen machine clawed its way from the grave, Green Gadget assisted it back up, and gave it a power boost once again. "Dread Dynamo, destroy that eyesore! Green Gadget, attack directly!" Between the assaults of the two machines, Judai was left with only 400 life points to Professor Chronos' 500. "That will be all for this turn."

"So much for Judai's comeback; I guess that boy will have to give up on being a professional duelist, right Momoe?" Her companion, a fellow girl clad in Ra Yellow, smiled at her friend.

"Absolutely Junko. It's a real shame too, since this could have been history in the making. Plus, he is sort of cute, if you look at him just right."

"My turn, draw!" So beating Chronos would be history in the making? All right! Judai just wanted to duel a strong opponent, and he lucked out into one who'd help him become a legend, just like Yuugi Mutou! "I now summon Elemental Hero Woodsman in defense mode, and then I set one card to end my turn." Elemental Hero Woodsman was a large green skinned man whose right arm and leg appeared to be made of old hard wood.

"Stalling tactics, eh boy? Not very impressive, especially in the face of my latest card; I now sacrifice Green Gadget and Dread Dynamo in order to summon Ancient Gear Gadjitron Dragon!" As the two machines fell apart, a new monster descended onto the field, a dragon-like creature made of old fashioned gears, wire frame, and metal. Despite its decrepit form, the machine had 3000 attack points. "And don't think that being in defense mode will help you, dropout boy. When Green Gadget is sacrificed to Ancient Gear Gadjitron Dragon, his attack penetrates your defense. Say goodbye to your life as a duelist!" The mechanical dragon roared and breathed out a stream of green corrosive force at the hero.

"I activate my trap card, Hero Barrier, negating your attack!" Chronos scoffed at the boy.

"So you've bought yourself another turn; it doesn't matter though. It would take a miracle for you to win against me at this point." The crowd was silent, watching intently as Judai drew his next card; although most of them hadn't believed that Judai could win against Professor Chronos when the duel started, now there was no telling how this duel would turn out.

"First I activate Elemental Hero Woodsman's effect, allowing me to add Fusion from my deck to my hand. Next, I activate my spell card Graceful Charity, which allows me to draw three cards, so long as I discard two afterwards." He looked over the three cards, and sent Elemental Heroes Voltic and Knospe to the grave. "Now I activate Fifth Hope. By returning five Elemental Heroes from the grave to my deck, I can draw two more cards." Judai looked at the cards he just drew and let out a cheer. "All right, I've won! Now I play fusion, combining my Elemental Hero Woodsman with my Elemental Hero Ocean to fusion summon Elemental Hero Earth!" For a moment Elemental Hero Ocean appeared on the field, a blue skinned man with a shark's fin on his head and wielding a lance in his hands. As the two other heroes vanished, a towering figure crashed onto the field, rising up to well more then ten feet tall. It had skin made of sheer white stone, with purple gemstones on its shoulders and head, and a red one on its chest. It also possessed spikes on its hips and shoulders.

"So you have that card do you? It doesn't matter though, since with only twenty-five hundred attack points it still isn't strong enough to defeat my Ancient Gear Gadjitron Dragon!"

"Right now it isn't, but here's the miracle you said I'd need, or should I say Miracle Fusion! By removing from play Elemental Hero Ocean and Elemental Hero Woodsman in my grave, I can fusion summon another Elemental Hero Earth. And by sacrificing the second Elemental Hero Earth to the first, he gains attack power equal to the second Elemental Hero!" As the second Elemental Hero Earth vanished, the first began to glow like magma was flowing through its veins, and it removed the spikes on its hips, revealing that they were the hilts for magma swords. Now possessing 5000 attack points, it cut the wings off of the mechanical dragon, dealing more then enough damage to defeat Chronos, who only narrowly avoided getting hit by the remnants of his monster.

"And you said that this would be boring, Ryoko. See, that kid just defeated Professor Chronos, and that doesn't happen very often." The brown haired senior looked over at his companion, a woman with teal blue hair.

"He might have potential, but it'll take more then one duel to reveal just how far he can go, Fubuki."

"You…YOu…YOU…" Professor Chronos was fuming, and that was when Professor Midori came over to Judai and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"I knew you could do it Judai! Now you're on your way to making your dream come true. Now why don't you go over to your classmates and introduce yourself." As Judai went over to the others, Professor Chronos marched over to Hibiki.

"Did you slip that boy powerful cards to give him an edge? It's obvious you two know each other from somewhere, and we both know how rare Elemental Hero Earth is! The only person I've ever heard of who even had those cards was…" Hibiki acknowledged the look of realization in Chronos' eyes with a nod.

"Kouyou Hibiki, my brother. He gave his deck to Judai shortly before retiring. And as for how we knew him, we were friends of the family and used to baby sit for him, and we've come to think of him as a little brother. So please, try not to go too out of your way to make things difficult for Judai."

"Yes, of course."

As for Judai, he'd just finished introducing himself to Shou Marufuji, who'd instantly taken to calling him bro, and to Daichi Misawa, who'd regarded him as a "potential rival of great potential", and even to Jun Manjoume, whose sum contribution to the conversation was that he would enjoy crushing judai. When it came to Asuka however, Judai found himself staring at her, more certain then before that he had seen her from somewhere before.

Now, as he was digging through his memory, Asuka sighed internally. She was afraid of this; yet another boy was convinced that he was in love with her, and she had no doubt the next thing that came out of Judai's mouth would be a request for a date.

"I've got it! You're the girl from the brochure. I think the reason I had such a hard time realizing it was because your uniform doesn't look anything like the one on the brochure." Asuka opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

"What brochure?" Judai put up one finger as he reached into his back pocket and produced a Duel Academia brochure, the front of which had a prominent picture of one Asuka Tenjouin.

"This brochure, see?" He handed it to her, and for a moment she glared at it, like she had a special ability where all she had to was to look at something to destroy it. Then her face turned soft and gentle, along with her voice.

"Fubuki, could you come over here a minute; there's something I wanted to talk to you about." Almost immediately a brown haired senior came bounding from the back of the crowd, his face full of light and joy.

"Yes my darling sister? Have you perhaps fallen for what may be Duel Academia's newest rising star?" Ignoring his question, she shoved the brochure into his face and offered a question of her own.

"Fubuki, there's no doubt in my mind that you're responsible for this…thing! What I want to know is what you were thinking? This uniform you have me wearing looks less like a school uniform and more like something one of the girls from your magazines would wear." She had a point; the uniform on the brochure had among its features ankleboots, a distressingly small miniskirt, and a tight sleeveless shirt that while flesh concealing served to emphasize the figure in a way that only occurred in poorly made anime. This was all in contrast to the actual uniform, which aside from having a slightly lighter coloration was just like the male uniform.

"Well, you know those guys at the graphics department; you tell them to touch up the picture a little, and they completely morph it into something else. Believe me, I would never let anything like this happen if I'd known they would go this far."

"Is that so? Well, then you should have no problem requesting a recall for the brochures, yes? If you can't handle it on your own, I can ask Professor Hibiki to help you."

"No! I mean, I can handle this myself. There's no need to get Professor Midori Hibiki involved." Fubuki walked away with the brochure, and those nearby could swear they heard him muttering something about "yet another wasted opportunity to get her a boyfriend."

And how did Judai regard this scene between Asuka and Fubuki? He thought it was very funny how different they were from Kouyou and Hibiki, and he knew that he was going to have a great time at Duel Academia!