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Five Wishes

Roxas watched sadly as Sora and Riku ran up and down the beach, throwing sand at each other, and wrestling. Best friends. He missed having one of those.


Riku looked back, surprised, as Sora stopped dead and put his hand to his chest.

"What's wrong?"

"Roxas." Sora sighed. "He misses Axel."

"I can't see why." Riku smirked, folding his arms. "Axel was a jerk."

"So are you!" Sora shot back, and Riku started at the force behind his friend's words. "I'm sorry." Sora muttered, looking down. "I didn't mean it like that. It's just that, Axel saved my life. If it hadn't been for me, Roxas would still have a best friend."

"But I wouldn't." Riku replied, putting his hand on Sora's shoulder. "I've learned that sometimes it's best not to dwell on the past." Sora just shrugged. Riku could tell this was serious. Usually, when Roxas was sad, Sora countered it with his naturally optimistic personality, but this time…

"C'mon," Riku said, grabbing Sora's arm. "Both you and Roxas need a boost. Let's go find Kairi."

Sora immediately perked up.

"It's time we got back to the main island anyway." He said "The festival is going to start soon."


The Destiny Festival was a tradition as old as the islands themselves. Some legends said that it was to commemorate the day, thousands of years ago, that the paopu fruit first appeared. Others, the creation of the islands themselves, but they all agreed on one thing. Whatever happened during the festival was fate. And Sora and Riku were late.


Where are they? Kairi wondered as she stood in the town square. All around her were colored lights and giant paper paopu fruits. People were dancing and singing, and on every corner, a girl was trying to work fate to her advantage. At that very moment, Selphie's hard work seemed to be paying off, as Tidus handed her a small flower. Kairi smiled and turned, scanning the crowd again. She wasn't superstitious, but the help of fate couldn't hurt. Where was he?

As far as Kairi could tell, Naminè echoed her feelings. Though the two girls, as of yet, had not figured out how to communicate verbally, Kairi could usually tell what her Nobody was thinking from the random floods of emotions that would periodically wash over her. A constant yearning to be with Roxas. Maybe a little sadness at never being able to really live, but mostly wanting to be with Roxas. Kairi could relate. Where the heck was he?

"Kairi!" Sora called, running through the crowd, Riku following behind, a knowing smirk on his lips.

"You're late!" Kairi accused happily.


Riku smiled as he looked between his two friends.

"Well, the festival is going, and it appears fate is calling. I'll leave you two love birds alone." He said, winking at Kairi.

"Riku!" Sora called, but Riku was already gone. Sora shook his head. "C'mon," he exclaimed suddenly as he grabbed Kairi's hand. "I know the perfect place."


Ten minutes later, they lay on a hill. Below them, the other inhabitants of Destiny Islands were happily watching the electric night parade, cheering loudly for each well lit float as it passed by, but Sora and Kairi were more interested in the stars.

"Oh, look!" Kairi exclaimed "A shooting star!"

Sora began to hum, quietly at first, then singing.

"When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are,

Anything your heart desires,

Will come to you."

He looked over, noticing Kairi's inquisitive stare.

"I learned it from Jiminy. Evidently, it's not just a useless tradition. A star wish is the only reason Pinocchio has a heart."

"Then be quiet so I can make a wish!" Kairi laughed.

Sora chuckled, then turned his attention back to the sky.

All those worlds up there. He thought. I met so many people, and made so many friends. Sora looked over at Kairi as she lay on her back, eyes closed. I wish she could meet them all.

Kairi opened her eyes and looked over at Sora. He's been through so much. She reflected. And he's saved so many people. I just wish I could be more help.


Riku sat on a bench, entertaining himself by watching the crowd go by. It wasn't working very well.

"Look, Mommy, a shooting star!" a little girl cried, and Riku looked up just in time to see the thin streak of light disappear.

After everything that's happened over the last two years, it's hard to make the transition back to slow island life. These people live their lives, never having seen anything dark. Most of them never even saw a Heartless, because the attack was at night. I've seen so many things, and made so many wrong choices. I just wish I had a chance to be a hero too.


I'll admit, Naminè thought, Life is better now more then it ever has been, but I miss being able to do things for myself. I wish I could hold Roxas's hand. Just one more time.


Any wish? Roxas wondered. I don't even have to think about it. I wish for my best friend back.


All too soon, the night was over, and it was time to head home. Together, Sora and Kairi walked to Kairi's doorstep.

"I had a great time tonight, Sora." Kairi grabbing his hand. "I wish it didn't have to end."

"Me too." Sora replied, quietly. They stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do. It's now or never! Sora thought. Somewhere inside him, Roxas agreed, and Sora leaned forward, catching Kairi by surprise as their lips met. Quickly, Sora pulled back, somewhat afraid of what Kairi's reaction would be.

"Don't stop." Kairi whispered. They kissed again. Kairi looked at her watch. "12:30!? Oh, they're going to kill me for being this late, even if I am just outside our front door!" She pecked Sora one more time before pulling the door open. "Night." She whispered as the door slid closed.

Sora stood there for a few seconds, letting everything that had just happened sink in. He'd done it! He's finally kissed her! And she didn't mind! She actually kissed him back! Sora smiled giddily as he walk down the sidewalk. I need to find a paopu fruit!


Worlds away, in a place closer to the dark than light, someone looked at himself in a mirror. Calculating green eyes? Check. Flaming red hair? Check. Tear shaped marks? Check. He was all there. Now, as Demyx always said, it was time to boogie.

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